Earn Airbnb Badges and Impress Guests

Curious about Airbnb Badges? Whether you’re an experienced host or just starting, these badges can help you stand out in the fast-paced world of short-term rentals. They’re like digital badges of honor, emphasizing your dedication to outstanding hospitality and your property’s distinctive features. In this article, we’ll explain what Airbnb Badges are, why they’re significant for both hosts and guests and how they may help you gain credibility and bookings. So, let’s dive in and see how Airbnb Badges may elevate your hosting experience!

What Are Airbnb Badges?

Airbnb Badges are digital badges of honor that hosts can obtain based on their outstanding performance and the distinct charm of their properties. Consider them as small awards that recognize your commitment to hospitality and showcase what makes your home unique. Whether you’re known for your peaceful cabin in the woods or your dynamic city apartment with skyline views, these badges inform potential guests that your property is worth visiting.

These badges are more than just recognition; they also function as trust signals for guests seeking great accommodations. They help travelers navigate the enormous assortment of Airbnb listings by highlighting hosts who consistently go above and beyond. Each emblem symbolizes a commitment to delivering memorable stays, from maintaining sparkling cleanliness to providing local insights and prompt responses. Hosts looking to enhance their hosting standards and qualify for Airbnb Badges can visit our website for valuable information and tips to improve their skills.

Types of Airbnb Badges

Earning these badges is about more than just being recognized. it’s about upholding the high standards of excellence, community, and hospitality that distinguish Airbnb hosting. Every badge tells a story of compassion, devotion, and a promise to make each guest feel valued and welcome. Whether you’re striving for Superhost rank, supporting humanitarian causes, or leading your local host community, these badges demonstrate your impact and commitment to providing exceptional stays for visitors all around the world.

Superhost Badge

The Airbnb Superhost badge is like a virtual gold star awarded to hosts who consistently go above and beyond to create memorable guest experiences. It’s not just about meeting standards; it’s about exceeding expectations with a touch of hospitality magic. This badge serves as a trust signal for guests navigating the vast array of Airbnb options, highlighting hosts committed to exceptional cleanliness, local expertise, and responsive communication. Hosts aiming to achieve this prestigious recognition can visit our website for valuable information and tips to elevate their hosting skills and earn Airbnb Badges.

Airbnb Superhost badge

Superhost Badge Criteria

To earn the Superhost badge, hosts must consistently meet rigorous criteria that showcase their dedication to hospitality excellence:

  • High Ratings: Maintain an average rating of 4.8 or above based on guest reviews.
  • Prompt Response: Respond to guest inquiries within 24 hours, demonstrating attentiveness and reliability.
  • Minimum Stays or Nights: Host a minimum of 10 stays or 100 nights over the past year, ensuring a consistent hosting presence.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Uphold a commitment to guest satisfaction by minimizing cancellations and providing exceptional service throughout every guest’s stay.
  • Additional Tips: Regularly update your listing with accurate information, ensure cleanliness, offer thoughtful amenities, and provide local insights to enhance the guest experience. These efforts not only meet but exceed guest expectations, setting the stage for positive reviews and increased booking opportunities.


  • Increased visibility in search results, helping your listing stand out to potential guests.
  • Priority support from Airbnb’s customer service team, ensuring quick resolution of any issues.
  • Invitations to exclusive events and workshops hosted by Airbnb, offering opportunities for networking and learning.

Airbnb Plus Badge

The Airbnb Plus badge is your ticket to hosting with style and sophistication. These listings have been meticulously vetted to ensure they meet Airbnb’s high standards for quality, design, and comfort.

Airbnb Plus Badge

Plus listings are meticulously evaluated through a comprehensive 100+ point inspection process. This thorough assessment covers every detail, from cleanliness and comfort to amenities and design aesthetics. It ensures that Plus listings provide a luxurious and memorable experience for guests seeking upscale accommodations. Hosts interested in achieving this prestigious designation can visit our website for valuable information and tips to enhance their hosting skills and qualify for Airbnb Badges.

Airbnb plus badge

To prepare your listing for the Plus badge inspection:

  • Focus on Cleanliness: Ensure your property is spotless and well-maintained. Pay attention to details such as fresh linens, tidy spaces, and immaculate bathrooms.
  • Upgrade Amenities: Enhance guest comfort with high-quality amenities such as premium bedding, luxury toiletries, and state-of-the-art appliances.
  • Enhance Design Aesthetics: Consider modern decor, stylish furnishings, and thoughtful touches that elevate the guest experience.
  • Review Guest Feedback: Incorporate feedback from previous guests to address any areas for improvement and enhance overall satisfaction.


  • Recognition for commitment to providing top-notch accommodations.
  • Increased visibility in search results, attracting guests seeking luxury stays.
  • Enhanced credibility and trust among potential guests.

Guest Favorite Badge

The Guest Favorite badge is awarded to listings that consistently receive rave reviews and high ratings from guests. It’s a testament to the exceptional experiences hosts consistently deliver.

Guest Favorite Badge Criteria

To earn the Guest Favorite badge, listings must consistently maintain an outstanding average rating and receive glowing reviews from guests over a specified period. This badge recognizes hosts who consistently deliver exceptional experiences and exceed guest expectations. It serves as a powerful endorsement for guests seeking memorable stays, highlighting hosts known for their impeccable hospitality, thoughtful amenities, and dedication to guest satisfaction. Hosts striving to earn this esteemed badge can visit our website for valuable information and tips to enhance their hosting skills and qualify for Airbnb Badges.

guest favorite badge

  • Consistent Communication: Maintain open and prompt communication with guests throughout their stay to address any concerns promptly and enhance their experience.
  • Personalized Touches: Add thoughtful gestures such as welcome notes, local recommendations, or small amenities that resonate with guests and leave a lasting positive impression.
  • Quality Assurance: Regularly inspect and maintain your property to ensure it meets high standards of cleanliness, comfort, and functionality.
  • Feedback Integration: Actively seek and incorporate feedback from guests to continuously improve and refine your hosting practices.

Benefits of the Guest Favorite Badge

  • Acts as a beacon for guests seeking reliable and exceptional stays.
  • Builds trust and confidence among potential guests.
  • Encourages more bookings and increases repeat visits.

Airbnb.org Supporter Badge

The Airbnb.org Supporter badge celebrates hosts who open their hearts and homes to support Airbnb.org initiatives, providing free or discounted stays to individuals and families in need.

Airbnb.org Supporter Badge Criteria

To earn the Airbnb.org Supporter badge, hosts actively participate in Airbnb.org programs, demonstrating compassion and solidarity with individuals and families facing hardships. This badge recognizes hosts who generously open their homes to provide free or discounted stays during times of need, such as disaster response or refugee support initiatives. Hosts aspiring to achieve this badge can visit our website for valuable information and tips to enhance their hosting skills and support efforts to earn Airbnb Badges.

  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on Airbnb.org initiatives and programs to understand how you can contribute effectively during times of crisis or need.
  • Offer Support: Volunteer your property to support Airbnb.org initiatives, offering temporary shelter to those displaced or affected by emergencies.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with local community organizations or Airbnb.org partners to explore additional ways to support humanitarian efforts.
  • Share Your Story: Share your experiences and initiatives with guests and the Airbnb community to inspire others to contribute to meaningful causes.

Benefits of the Airbnb.org Supporter Badge

  • Makes a meaningful impact in local and global communities by providing safe havens during challenging times.
  • Embodies the spirit of giving and solidarity with individuals and families in need.
  • Enhances the host’s reputation as a compassionate member of the Airbnb community.

Host Advisory Member Badge

The Host Advisory Member badge is awarded to hosts who actively participate in Airbnb’s Host Advisory Board. Members provide valuable feedback and insights to help shape Airbnb’s policies, products, and services.

Host Advisory Member Badge Criteria

The Host Advisory Member badge is invitation-only and awarded to hosts who actively contribute to the Host Advisory Board, shaping Airbnb’s policies and initiatives.

  • Engage Actively: Participate in discussions, surveys, and feedback sessions hosted by Airbnb to provide valuable insights and suggestions.
  • Share Expertise: Draw from your hosting experiences to offer practical advice and solutions that benefit the broader host community.
  • Stay Informed: Keep updated on industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices to provide informed feedback.
  • Network Effectively: Connect with fellow Host Advisory Members and industry experts to exchange ideas and collaborate on enhancing the hosting experience.

Benefits of the Host Advisory Member Badge

  • Recognition as a trusted advisor within the Airbnb community.
  • Opportunities to influence platform developments and policies.
  • Access to exclusive networking events with industry leaders.
  • Educational resources to enhance hosting skills and knowledge.

types of Airbnb badges

Community Leader Badge

The Community Leader badge celebrates hosts who foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among fellow hosts in their local or online communities. They organize events, share knowledge, and create a supportive environment.

Community Leader Badge Criteria

To earn the Community Leader badge, hosts must make aggressive efforts to engage and encourage other hosts, building a strong sense of community both locally and online.

  • Organize Events: Hold meetups, workshops, or social gatherings to bring hosts together and facilitate networking.
  • Share Information: To assist other hosts, and share ideas, best practices, and insights through blog posts, forums, or social media platforms.
  • Provide Support: Mentor new hosts, answer questions, and aid them in becoming successful on Airbnb.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Partner with local businesses or organizations to deliver value-added experiences for both guests and hosts.
  • Encourage Input: Actively seek host input to address their concerns and advocate on their behalf within the Airbnb community.

Benefits of the Community Leader Badge

  • Recognition for contributions to the host community.
  • Increased visibility and influence within the Airbnb community.
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded hosts.
  • Promotion of camaraderie and support among hosts.


What Are Airbnb Badges?

Airbnb badges are virtual accolades that recognize hosts for outstanding hospitality and guest satisfaction.

How Can I Earn Airbnb Badges?

You can earn Airbnb badges by meeting specific criteria such as maintaining high ratings, hosting a minimum number of stays, or participating in Airbnb.org programs.

Why Are Airbnb Badges Important?

Airbnb badges enhance credibility, increase visibility in search results, and signal to guests that hosts provide exceptional stays.

What Benefits Do Airbnb Badges Offer Hosts?

Airbnb badges offer benefits such as increased bookings, guest trust, and opportunities to participate in exclusive events and workshops.

How Can Hosts Improve Their Chances of Earning Airbnb Badges?

Hosts can improve their chances by maintaining cleanliness, offering great amenities, responding promptly to guests, and engaging in community and Airbnb.org initiatives.

Where Can Hosts Learn More About Earning Airbnb Badges?

Hosts can visit Airbnb’s website for guidelines, tips, and resources to help them qualify for and maximize the benefits of Airbnb badges.

Final Words

Lastly, Airbnb hosts who embody the values of hospitality, community engagement, and guest satisfaction are ideally positioned to earn recognition through Airbnb Badges. Hosts who engage in initiatives such as Airbnb.org support programs or the Host Advisory Board not only elevate their hosting standards but also contribute significantly to local communities and the platform as a whole. These efforts enhance credibility, foster guest trust, and ultimately result in increased bookings and improved guest experiences. For hosts aiming to achieve these milestones, our website offers valuable information and tips to enhance their hosting skills and expedite the path to earning Airbnb Badges.

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