Airbnb Child-Friendly set-up

How to set up your Airbnb listing child-friendly?

Airbnb child-friendly list setup may sound an unnecessary effort to make, but since finding the proper listing on Airbnb can be challenging for families with children, considering it will help you grow a whole new customer community. That is because many hosts do not consider including child-friendly amenities on Airbnb, which are a huge necessity for such families. With just a little bit of effort, you can make adjustments to your listing to make it more child friendly. Making such changes will undoubtedly get you countless more bookings. Here we will give you a few tips on creating a more kid-friendly environment for your guests.

Why A Child-Friendly Airbnb List?

Families with children, tend to stay at one place for more extended periods rather than moving around from one spot to another. That means longer calendar fill-ups for the host on Airbnb. So, it might not cost a lot to prepare a child-friendly space, but it surely does pay off. Follow these simple steps to prepare your property for a safe and entertaining family booking.

Consider safety on your child-friendly Airbnb listing

Making your listing safe for kids is the first and most crucial step for impressing families with children on Airbnb. Make your space child-friendly by providing safety gates and things like cabinet locks in the kitchen because you would want to keep children from reaching objects that might be harmful to them. Also, make sure that you don’t over-use breakable items such as glass decorations. Locking away dangerous supplies such as cleaning chemicals and extension cords is similarly essential. If you have an outdoor space, make sure it is safe. Use a gate around the pool and clean up the walkways to prevent severe damage if the kids accidentally fall down.

Fun is both Airbnb and children’s thing!

You can arrange some little things to make the experience more enjoyable for the kids. Create a toy box or provide coloring books and pencils for children. Work on your outdoor space, if there is one, and prepare it for the kids to spend some time having fun while being safe. Offer your guests activities suitable for families in your local area. It can be anything from parks and museums to a good restaurant. The internet and TV are also good for parents to unwind after kids go to bed, so make sure they are available. All of the suggested items plus your own ideas will result in a fun, safe, and child-friendly listing that stands out on Airbnb.

Other necessities on a child-friendly Airbnb list

Airbnb child-friendly - happy kids laughing on a sofa

Make sure the washer and dryer work well because children tend to need a change of clothes more than adults. You can also offer free laundry powder and detergent. Prepare an extra portable crib with clean sheets and a high chair for babies to make the parents’ stay more comfortable. You can provide the guests with some basic cooking utensils in the kitchen with some fresh ingredients. Moreover, since families usually travel by car, you can provide a parking space on your property or give them information about nearby parking facilities. It is obvious that you can’t have every one of these amenities prepared, and you might also have some other good ideas that suit your budget and space for assembling an Airbnb child-friendly list.

Highlight your child-friendly arrangements to impress

Remember to call out all the features of your child-friendly listing by uploading high-quality photos and giving a crystal clear description on your hosting page. Families make up one of the largest communities who use Airbnb. So, make sure they know that your property is safe, entertaining, and suitable for a comfortable stay.

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  1. Levi says

    It’s such a struggle when I see guests bringing their small children over to my Airbnb. I have not made any child-friendly changes to my space yet and I have so many sharp corners, glass items, stairs, etc. I guess I should start making some changes soon.

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