Airbnb Cleaning Fee: All Hosts Need to Know

A cleaning fee is a charge that you, as hosts, can add to the overall price of renting. It is optional, but most hosts have it. It helps you provide better cleaning services and keeps you financially more stable. The Airbnb cleaning fee does not change by the number of guests or the number of nights they are booking your place. However, you need to consider some points about the cleaning fee:

  • What does the Airbnb cleaning fee cover?

  • Is the cleaning fee refundable?

  • How do you set an Airbnb cleaning fee?

  • How can you change the cleaning fee?

  • How do you benefit from the cleaning fee?

  • Is it negotiable?

  • A suggestion

What does the Airbnb cleaning fee cover?

It mainly depends on the host. But usually, the cleaning fee is for these things:

  • Buying cleaning supplies, shampoos, and soaps
  • Providing clean towels, changing sheets, toilet paper, plastic bags, and washing the dishes
  • The costs of hiring a cleaning service

Is the cleaning fee refundable?

The cleaning fee is refundable if the guests cancel their booking before checking in. However, they will not get a refund if they do it afterward.

How do you set an Airbnb cleaning fee?

Setting a reasonable cleaning fee is very important, just like setting the right booking price. In order to do it, you need to consider some factors. See what you are offering and how much the products you buy cost you. If you hire somebody to clean your place, the amount of money you pay to them also affects your cleaning fee. The size of your home is likewise an essential factor. Logically speaking, the fee for a tiny one-bedroom apartment should not be equal to a huge mansion with multiple rooms. If you need some clues, you can search for the places that are more or less similar to yours and see how much they are charging.

How can you change your cleaning fee?

It is not recommended to change your cleaning fee constantly. However, sometimes you need to do it because of the change in prices. Changing it is quite simple. You need to log into your account, go to your listing, click on Pricing, choose editing, next to the Cleaning fee, and enter your desired amount.

How do you benefit from the cleaning fee?

One of the benefits of a cleaning fee, as said before, is to help you pay for your cleaning and supplies. Also, you can use it to encourage guests to more extended stays since it does not change with the number of nights. For example, imagine if your cleaning fee is 80 dollars. If someone wants to book a one-night stay, they will have to pay 80 dollars for one night. But for an eight-day stay, it is 10 dollars each night. This sounds reasonable to guests, and they might book your place for a more extended period.

Is it negotiable?

It is totally and entirely up to you. Guests can ask you to charge less for the cleaning fee by offering to clean the place at the end of their stay. Although, it is not recommended to negotiate it. Because you do not know what kind of people your guests are, and you do not know if they keep their promise. The best way is to tell them that you are sorry and that the amount you are charging is already the minimum amount, and you cannot lower it respectfully.

A suggestion:

If you are planning to start your Airbnb business soon, one great way to attract guests to your place is to avoid setting a cleaning fee, just for a while, until you improve. This way, they will be more likely to rent your space.

One great way to become a professional host is to set your cleaning fee reasonably. By taking the points mentioned earlier, you can do it very smoothly. Remember that it is your right, do not be ashamed of taking it, and do not overcharge. This will keep guests away from your place.

Source Hospitable Airbnb iGMS
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