Airbnb Co-host Income 2023

How much money does an Airbnb co-host make?

Have you ever heard of Airbnb co-hosts and wondered how much the Airbnb co-host income is?
Before answering that question, we need to know more about the co-hosting business on Airbnb and become more familiar with Airbnb co-hosts’ duties.

Is Airbnb’s co-host income worth applying for the job? Stay tuned because we’re going to answer all of these questions.

Who is an Airbnb co-host?

People may have different rental properties assigned to their Airbnb listings as hosts. Most hosts don’t have time to take care of these rental properties, and can’t handle being in different places simultaneously.
Even an Airbnb host with a single rental option might need a hand in managing all the tasks and duties related to hosting, Airbnb key management, cleaning, cooking, and other stuff associated with giving the best services to the guests.

Here is when an Airbnb co-host comes to the ring! The co-host could be one of the primary hosts’ family members, friends, someone they trust, or even one of the applicants who have sent their resumes for the job. Airbnb co-hosts’ income depends on their duties, and the primary host’s obligations are given to them, which you will read about in the following section.

Airbnb co-hosts responsibilities

Airbnb co-host income

I know you wish to get to the best part (Airbnb co-host income)
but since the Airbnb co-hosts’ income is not a specific amount (as I mentioned before), we need to know the duties and responsibilities to answer the question of “how much does an Airbnb co-host make?”.
The range of one Airbnb co-host’s responsibility could be very distinct from another, but here are some of the primary duties that are expected of co-hosts to take care of:

Creating and managing the Airbnb listing:

A co-host can create an Airbnb listing, write accurate and interesting Airbnb listing descriptions, take photos of your Airbnb and upload them on the Airbnb website, and also come up with Airbnb pricing strategies in consultation with the primary host.

Updating calendar and pricing:

All the information about pricing and availabilities submitted to a listing should be updated weekly or even daily. The prices should be changed to increase in high seasons and to get reduced for weekly discounts. Trying to keep the listings constantly up to date could take so much time, so that’s when hosts can pass this duty to their Airbnb co-hosts.

Handling Airbnb reservations:

Co-hosts can review potential guests’ requests, check their profiles and reviews, and then decide whether or not to approve the Airbnb guests.

Being in touch with the Airbnb guests:

In the next step, co-hosts can answer the guests’ questions and coordinate their check-in and checkout times.

Making the space guest-ready:

Co-hosts must check the place and ensure all the Airbnb amenities are prepared, and the house is ready to welcome its’ new short-time residents.
The Airbnb co-hosts can create or download an Airbnb amenities checklist to ensure they don’t miss anything.

Welcoming the Airbnb guests in person:

A person in charge must be at the house before the guests’ arrival to greet them, give them a tour, tell them about the Airbnb house rules and answer their questions. Most of the time, the Airbnb co-hosts take care of these matters.
If the host or co-hosts are not present to greet the guests, they can write an Airbnb welcome letter or prepare an Airbnb welcome package and leave it inside the house.

Helping the Airbnb guests during their stay:

Unforeseen issues may occur during the guests’ stay. The guests may need to be in touch with someone in charge in case of emergencies. Since the primary host may not always be available, the Airbnb co-hosts should take their place in these cases.

Writing Airbnb reviews:

It may take so much time for the primary hosts to write reviews about every guest. So the Airbnb co-hosts write guest reviews on behalf of the primary host through their own accounts on Airbnb.

Get support from Airbnb:

As mentioned before, the hosts are not available in all their rental properties. So, in case of any booking and reservation issues, co-hosts can ask for Airbnb support and solve the problem.

Coordinate cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning is not the duty of Airbnb co-hosts, and there should be a professional cleaning service team who cleans the place up after the guests’ checkout. However, the co-hosts must manage cleaning time and be in touch with the cleaning team. Also, they can even clean the house using an Airbnb cleaning checklist. Of course, Airbnb co-hosts can ask for extra fees for services like cleaning, repairing, and handling home maintenance.

Airbnb co-host income

Airbnb co-host income

How much is an Airbnb co-host’s income? is it worth it?
The Airbnb co-host fees can be very varied based on different factors. There is a direct connection between the co-hosts’ income and their responsibilities.
But the co-host’s responsibilities are not the only indicators of Airbnb co-host income. The size of the rental property and its’ location matter too. On average, co-hosts usually charge between 10 to 20 percent of each night rate. So, if an Airbnb rental property earns $20,0000 per year, the Airbnb co-host’s income is approximately between $2000 to $4000 per year.
But it’s only an Airbnb co-host income with regular duties and responsibilities without giving extra services. A full-time Airbnb co-host’s income is much more! Suppose a co-host is hired to take care of everything, including guests checking in and out, cleaning, property management, and guests’ experience.

In that case, they can charge up to 25 percent of an Airbnb yearly income, but it still totally depends on the contract between the listing host and the co-host and the final agreements. In other words, the more duties, the more income!


Being a co-host is one of the best ways to make money from Airbnb, especially when you don’t have a rental property. Airbnb co-host income could be pretty satisfying, but it requires work and self-devotion. If you’ve decided to become an Airbnb co-host, make a good resume and send it to the hosts. You can work with multiple hosts in more shifts to earn more income from being a co-host.

Have you ever had an experience of co-hosting or getting help from a co-host to take care of your guests? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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