Airbnb Experiences: All Hosts Need to Know

What are Airbnb Experiences?

In the recent decade, the word Airbnb has become synonymous with fast and readily available places to stay on travels. Continuing this trend, Airbnb launched what is known as “Airbnb Experiences” in 2016. This program aims to do a little more than just rent property to guests worldwide. It allows people worldwide to experience new cultures and fun activities. Moreover, it offers hosts yet another new way of making money on Airbnb. So what exactly makes these tour-like events tick? Read on to answer some of the most common questions:

  • How can someone host an Airbnb Experience event?

  • How much will Airbnb charge hosts interested in the program?

  • What makes an Airbnb experience popular?

How can someone host an Airbnb Experiences event?

Hosts who are interested in joining the program and offering their own events must first be green-lighted by Airbnb. Doing so requires the hosts to sign up for the program online at the Airbnb website. Upon signing up and after a wait time of around two weeks, hosts can offer experiences to guests. These experiences should be something more exciting and different than your average tour.
Hosts with brighter and better ideas usually have higher chances of getting accepted, and they enjoy more success once they get their experience going!

How much will Airbnb charge hosts interested in the program?

So you read all of that, and it sounds like your cup of tea? Airbnb charges around 20% of your experience’s price as its fee for hosting on the website. If an Airbnb Experiences host also has a regular listing on the website, the two will be charged individually.
While this amount may seem quite steep at first glance, it’s actually used to help hosts effortlessly control their experiences. In addition, this amount is partly used for things such as liability insurance or products and services worldwide. However, it must be noted that Airbnb doesn’t charge hosts for social impact experiences and that the proceeds go to no non-profit organizations.

What makes an Airbnb Experience popular?

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So now that we know the functions of these mini-tours, what do they really include? Here’s what an Airbnb experience is often about:

  • It’s a tour-format activity that targets domestic and international tourists alike.

  • Tours are spearheaded by local guides and are therefore much more diverse and interesting than traditional services.

  • They are designed to appeal to a wide audience of travelers as a whole new way to experience the locale.

While they may sound like your average tour from a travel agency, Airbnb Experiences often offer an entirely new experience to guests. It allows the guests to engage with new cultures like they never have before. Two notable things set Airbnb experiences aside from similar services:

  • Airbnb Experiences are usually limited to groups of less than 10. Therefore they offer a much more personal experience than big touring companies do.

  • Airbnb Experiences tend to focus on more local activities rather than tourist traps or landmark sites.

So, if you already have your Airbnb hosting routine figured out and you feel like you have some extra time on your hands, you should definitely try hosting an Airbnb experience. Best of luck!

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