Necessary first aid equipment for your Airbnb

One of your primary obligations as an Airbnb host is to ensure that your guests are happy and safe during their stay. An Airbnb first aid kit can help you provide such an experience to your visitors while also giving you more peace of mind. If anybody gets a minor injury during their stay in your Airbnb property, you will be regarded as a hero if you keep Airbnb first aid equipment readily available. You can also include a feature in your listing that your rental home is equipped with a first aid kit, which Airbnb encourages the hosts to do so.

The following sections will discuss what your Airbnb first aid kit should include and how to put one together for your rental home.

Tips to Follow Before Buying or Creating a First Aid Kit

Supplying a first aid kit enhances your image as a responsible host, smooths your path toward becoming an Airbnb Superhost, boosts ratings, and prevents bad reviews. You might wonder how to start organizing a first aid kit, what it should include, or how far you should go. There is no specific list of the supplies your Airbnb first aid kit should contain. It depends on the size of the case, the budget you allocated for it, or the number of medical pieces you purchased. You can purchase prepared first aid kits available in drugstores and on Amazon. Another way is to make a homemade first aid kit buy or purchase the pieces separately and organize them in a box or case. Some general guidelines are better to follow whether you prefer to buy or create a first aid kit.

If You Prefer to Arrange a Homemade First Aid Kit:

Airbnb First aid equipment on wooden floor

Although there are a lot of first aid packs to buy, some people prefer to buy the essential supplies and arrange them in a case and create a homemade first aid kit to cut down the budget or any other reasons.

Here are the tips you should consider before creating a first-aid kit:

  1. Your Airbnb first aid equipment should include items commonly seen in almost every house’s medical cabinets but rarely packed on travels.
  2. It’s deeply recommended not to include any medications that must take internally, such as pills or cough syrup. That’s because you should avoid offering anything that could cause an allergic reaction or other damaging reaction in your guests’ bodies.
  3. If any Airbnb guests require medication, direct them to the closest pharmacy.
  4. Your guests generally aren’t familiar with the area, so they probably have no idea what’s available there. Please give them the names and numbers of hospitals, medical centers, animal hospitals, and pharmacies in the surrounding area.

First aid kit essential supplies:

  • Adhesive strip dressings
  • Bandages
  • Elastic (crepe) and non-elastic bandages
  • disposable gloves
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Saline
  • Burn relief cream or gel
  • Adhesive tape

Features to Consider When Buying First Aid Kits

Most First Aid kits will provide your guests with everything they need if they burn or cut themselves. When looking for a kit, search for these features:

They should be easy to use

The more straightforward and easy to comprehend the directions to carry out, the more useful the kit will be for your Airbnb.

Size of the Kit

Since our space and budget are limited the size of the kit is important, and you should search for one that fits in the space you’ve considered for your Airbnb first aid equipment.

The number of your Airbnb first-aid kit pieces

The more first-aid materials a package has, the less you’ll need to buy extras.  However, some medical items like Alcohol swabs and a triple antibiotic ointment will eventually go bad, and you have to replace them with new ones anyway.

The Material of the first aid Case or Box

The material of the box or case that the first aid supplies are kept in is also important. However, it gets the least attention from people. It’s recommended to look for strong and long-lasting materials.

The specific circumstances of the area your rental property is located in

Every different place has its own particular specifics arising from its geographic location. Imagine an Airbnb property in the middle of a forest, so being exposed to insects or mosquito bites is inevitable. In that case, the essential item on your Airbnb first aid equipment will be itch-relief lotions and bug sprays. That’s because the most needed thing in the first aid kits of beach houses should be sunscreen lotion and sprays. See? That’s the point!


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Where Are the Best Places to Locate Your Airbnb First Aid Kit?

putting Airbnb first aid equipment at kitchen cupboard

The location in which you keep the first aid kit is quite essential. You want your guests to be able to find it rapidly and without difficulty. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most typical locations for Airbnb first aid equipment to be kept in a home. Though many searches for first aid supplies in the medicine cabinet, it’s not an adequate storage space for your kit. The space under the sink or in a linen closet is also another popular place to keep first aid boxes. If you place it in your kitchen, you can place it in a cabinet or somewhere visible, like on top of the refrigerator. The case that your first aid kit is kept in is also essential.

In case you need to get more details on how to stock your Airbnb kitchen, click the link and read more.

Final Words

You can always prepare a first aid box for your Airbnb. They are essential to the satisfaction of your guests and can even help you get better reviews. Also, you can find affordable pre-made options on the market. It would help if you remembered the advice and suggestions given above. Does your Airbnb have a first aid kit? What items are included in it? Comment it below!

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