What Are the Top Ten Airbnb Hosting Tips for Beginners?

Just decided to become an Airbnb host? Here are the best Airbnb hosting tips for beginners!

We’ve discussed different Airbnb hosts’ challenges and how to address them. Still, there are fewer sources for people who aren’t currently hosting but are seriously thinking about this business. Hundreds of people are hosting an Airbnb in different countries, but only a few can run this full-time business perfectly and earn a good income. Accepting strangers and getting rental fees are not the only things you do as an Airbnb host! There is much more to do to become a professional and create an excellent experience for your guests.

The following paragraphs will teach you how to start this business and improve your hosting skills as a beginner.

Airbnb Hosting Tips for Beginners

Where do I even start, you may ask. If you’re not signed up for Airbnb hosting and haven’t created your listing yet, here is where you should start. From the very first step: determine your goals!

Before taking any action, define your goals for being an Airbnb host. Do you have sufficient facilities? Does it even suit you? How much do you wish to make out of it? If you couldn’t find proper answers to these questions, maybe you should reconsider the idea, cause it may seem like a straightforward job, but believe me, it’s not, and it may not be the best choice for everyone!

Anyway! If you know you can handle it and have serious plans, here are the next steps!

1. Inviting Listing

The first tip of our Airbnb hosting tips list is to make your listing stands out! You know after signing up as a host on the Airbnb website you need to create your listing. You have to be aware of the fact there are hundred other options for guests like yours on the website, so why a guest should choose your listing to visit between other alternatives, and how you can grab visitors’ attention to your listing? Try to choose catchy and exciting titles for your Airbnb listing cause the title is the first item guests read about you. Don’t use generic and boring words; instead, use your creativity to write an engaging title that simultaneously excites guests and makes them curious.

Photos are the following items that grab visitors’ attention. It’s better to take professional, high-quality photos from different parts of your rental property. The cover photo is the most influential one! So, it should be taken from your property’s best and most beautiful angel. If your property contains superior features like a pool, jacuzzi, or glorious backyard, don’t forget to insert their photos as well.


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2. Powerful Description

The description is the part that describes all the features you and your property offer. It would be best to mention the basic facts about your place and the services offered to the guests. Writing a good description might require more time and effort challenging. You have to mention all the features, make them look unique, tell the readers about the area, and give them all the necessary information by using perfect words to make a creative and tempting context. Besides all the details mentioned, you must keep the text digested too!

It seems challenging, right? Yup! But it is worth the time you spend on it. Never underestimate the power of words!

3. Make a Local Guide for Your Guests.

However, every guest travels for a specific reason, but most Airbnb guests are looking for a place to spend their vacation or weekends, so they choose new places to experience new adventures. So it’s not surprising that most of your guests are unfamiliar with the area! So it would be great to make a local guide list for them and introduce the best natural sceneries, restaurants, cafes, or unique places in your area. It makes your guests feel more welcome and less stressed. Always put yourself in your guests’ shoes to see what can you do as a host to create a perfect experience for them. It’s the best Airbnb hosting tip that can distinguish you from other hosts.

4. Pricing

Prices are one of the most critical indicators that impact guests’ decisions on where to stay. Airbnb guests are usually looking for more affordable places, so they prefer Airbnb to hotels.

You should be very cautious about pricing. High prices make guests give up on your Airbnb, and low prices reduce your profit. However, it’s necessary to raise the fees on holidays and weekends, but that’s another topic. To choose the best price, check other Airbnbs similar to yours, compare their services, and then choose the Airbnb pricing strategies.

5. Reduce Orphan Days by Using Different Tactics

A common challenge for Airbnb hosts is to fill regular days as well as the weekends. Most guests prefer to book for only one or two nights at weekends and holidays, which makes other days of your calendar empty. To avoid that, you can set a minimum booking period for your Airbnb to reduce in-between days on the calendar and make your guests stay a few more days. One of the most important Airbnb hosting tips is to offer discounts and extra services for guests who book additional days on weekends and tempt them to book more days.

6. Improve Your Customer Services

Your rating is an essential item that indicates your hosting skills and attracts more guests to your property. You have to keep your guests satisfied so they’ll give you 5/5 stars with pleasure and write good reviews about you. For that aim, think about all the services and tips that can take your customer services to a whole new level.

Be responsive to the questions that guests ask about your property on your account, try to answer them immediately, and be very friendly. Don’t hesitate to share all the required information details with the prospective guests. Make a warm, hospitable, reliable, and kind image of yourself in visitors’ eyes to grab their trust and attention.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Reviews

Airbnb hosting tips. poor rating

Good reviews can literally make your day and pump a sense of motivation and energy into your blood, but what about the negative ones? The fact is what can improve your skills and develop your business are not good reviews; the negative ones do it!

Bad reviews show you your flaws and issues, so basically, they allow you to solve them and become better. Don’t be stressed out and panic when a guest writes a negative review on your profile; instead, try to respond to all of them politely and always take their side and promise they’ll never face such issues on their next booking. How you respond to your customers’ negative comments shows how open you are to critics and how responsible and trustworthy you are.

8. Complete Your Airbnb Profile

Ensure you fill in all the initial information for every profile section. It’s one of the beneficial Airbnb hosting tips that establishes more trust. It convinces people to believe that your property actually exists at the exact address and there is a real person with identified information hosting it.

9. Airbnb Management Software

Before being an expert in managing your hosting duties, you may face many challenges. Many things need to be handled, so you may forget some of them or not be able to take care of everything rapidly so you may find yourself in a messy crisis!

Airbnb management software will help you through this. It’ll remind you to deal with repetitive daily tasks such as cleaning, emailing the rules to new guests, checking in and out process, etc. It also gives you a multi-calendar view to reach a clear overview of your bookings.

10. Is Your Property Ready to Receive Its First Guest?

Last but not least item on our Airbnb hosting tips list is to prepare your property!

house under construction. Airbnb hosting tips.

Your place may need some changes to get ready for receiving hosts. Check out the plumbing, heating, and cooling system to see whether they’re working great or not, improve your Airbnb interior design by repairing damaged amenities, replacing the broken furniture with new ones, planting some flowers and furnishing your backyard, and repainting the walls if necessary. Your guests deserve to stay in a calm, clean, and pleasant place. So it’s necessary to drop some coins at this level! But don’t worry, it’ll come back to you very soon, so it is definitely worth your savings.

And Here, The Airbnb Hosting Tips List Comes to an End!

The tips and tactics mentioned in this article will make your hosting path more straightforward. Remember to open up your arms for more challenges and negative experiences cause they carry valuable lessons to get and improve your skills.

If you have any advice for beginner hosts’, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below.

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