Airbnb Interior Design: Simple Tips and Tricks

Over the past years, Airbnb has been very much popular among travelers. There are more than 5 million rentals, and almost 400 million people are using this platform. Therefore, there is a very competitive atmosphere for hosts. You need to be outstanding in order to be successful in the Airbnb business. One significant thing for you to consider is the design of your property. There are many tips that can help you improve your Airbnb interior design. Here I have mentioned some of them that may come in handy:

  • Start with basics.

  • Make your space more comfortable.

  • Do not be insecure about creativity!

  • Windows matter!

  • Make it green!

  • Make use of the small unused spaces.

  • Use different colors.

  • Pay attention to the children’s room.

  • It is all about quality!

  • Get help from a professional designer.

Start with basics

Do not forget the basic things about your Airbnb. Keep everything clean, check the water pressure, see if any of the lights are out of order and fix them, and check the Wi-Fi. Check if you have enough dishes, and make sure they are not broken. If anything has any problems, fix it. This is the first step you need to take before doing anything about your Airbnb interior design.

Make your space more comfortable.

After providing all the basic needs of the guests, try to offer some additional things that would make their stay more comfortable. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on this purpose. Some small stuff like coat stands next to the door, extra hangers in the closets, additional sheets, and even some tiny recipes in the kitchen so that they can cook delicious new food.

Do not be insecure about creativity!

Are you a fan of eccentric pictures? Big, colorful paintings? It is ok! Use them in your interior design! Hang the photos and paintings on the wall. Decorate your place with your favorite sculptures and figures. It is true that not everybody will love your taste, but creativity is always attractive. The guests will be excited. Just remember, do not overload your house with your weird stuff!

Windows matter!

First of all, check if the window glasses are broken. If they are, repair them as soon as possible. Then, instead of using boring roller blinds, buy high-quality, beautiful curtains made of good fabric. It will undoubtedly make your interior design pop.

Make it green!

Do not underestimate the impact of plants and flowers on how your property would appear to the guests. They will make the place look lively, fresh, and energetic. So buy some plants and grow them, and before the guests’ check-in, get some fresh flowers and put them on the living room table. This is an effortless way to elevate your Airbnb’s interior design.

Make use of the small unused spaces.

Some corners in your place might be empty and left unused for a while. You can use them now, for a lot of things. Decorate them with a plant, a light, a figure, or anything else you like. You can also buy a small bookshelf or a table, and put it there. Please do not leave them empty at all. Take advantage and improve your interior design.

Use different colors

colorful bathroom design

Big, totally white walls are straight-up boring! Use wallpapers if possible. Hang some pictures, or use posters. You can paint the walls in different colors. Or use wallpaper for one wall, and paint for the others. When choosing furniture, do not get all-white ones. They look beautiful, yes. But not so energetic! And imagine some guests are having dinner on your white couch, and they spill their food and drink and leave a big stain on it. How will you clean it?! Use darker colors here and there to decrease your cleaning bill! Although it should be mentioned that it is better to choose white bed sheets. Psychologically speaking, it conveys a sense of cleanness and relaxation, and the guests will have a better sleep.

Pay attention to the children’s room.

If your property has a separate bedroom for children, it needs to be child-friendly. Do you remember your bedroom when you were a child? Colorful wallpapers with cute pictures on them, a brightly colored bed, a small desk, and of course, a closet full of dolls, toys, and games to be entertained. Provide the same for your guests. They will love it and will give you an excellent rating.

It is all about quality!

Nothing is cheap without reason. Of course, everyone likes to spend less money, but is it always the smart choice? It may be difficult for you to buy expensive furniture and appliances for your property, but it’s worth it if you try. Expensive things look much better, work much longer, and will not break easily. We are not asking you to spend your last dime, but just a little more, and you will see a significant change in your interior design.

Get help from a professional designer.

These people have studied and trained for designing. So, of course, it does not matter how much you try; they most probably will do a better job. If you can afford it, ask one of them to help you design your place. It will be great.
Keep these tips in mind, be creative, and look for more inspiration online. You can even look at other Airbnbs to better understand what to do. Best of luck!

Source iGMS Forbes
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