How to Write an Airbnb Listing Description

Tips to improve your Airbnb listing description

One of the most important things to consider when hosting your property on the Airbnb website is the quality of your listing description. Better listing descriptions mean more clicks, and more clicks mean more guests and more potential Airbnb income. This article will show you ways to spruce up your Airbnb listing description, an example of a good listing, and how it attracts much more attention.

Improving your Airbnb listing

As we established before, having a flawless Airbnb listing description can go a long way in securing hosts’ more guests. While the task of writing up a description for your place might seem trivial at first, it’s actually something that needs to be done with care and detail. After all, the description is the first thing that will attract guests’ attention to a listing after the photo and the title. We will now go over a few good things to consider when writing up a listing description on Airbnb:

Being Honest and modest:

Don’t over-exaggerate or lie about the features of your property, as this can cause guests to leave bad reviews if the place doesn’t match their expectations. Instead, focus on highlighting the good things about your home in a modest manner.

Try to seem passionate:

You don’t want your guests to think that a computer wrote the description. So don’t be afraid to let the description have a bit of character. Whether it’s a bit of humor or just a warm tone of writing, it can go a long way into convincing potential guests that your place is the bee’s knees.

Keeping it short and sweet:

Most of the time, people tend to scan the listing descriptions or skim them rather than reading in full. This means that adequately structuring your listing is of very high importance. You want the potential guests to find the information they need without much of a hassle. You can do this by keeping the descriptions short and to the point, as well as maintaining a checklist of sorts for the features of your place.

Try to put yourself in their shoes:

The most successful businesses are the ones that make the customer feel at home, and what better way to do this than to think like the customer. When writing your listing description, it is helpful to consider what guests would want to know or read. Then you can include that in your listing.

Don’t be afraid of showing off:

If there are any unique things that make your place great, it’s a good idea to mention them. Whether it be the child-friendly features, smart gadgets, incredible views, good neighborhood, plentiful sunlight, or even being close to a shopping mall, these little specialties are what make guests more inclined to book with you. However, keep in mind not to sound overly braggy because, as we said in the first point, modesty and honesty are vital in maintaining a good description.

Look to other listing descriptions for inspiration:

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The Airbnb website is open to everyone, so don’t be afraid to look up some places with good reviews for inspiration. Don’t outright copy anyone’s description but rather take notes of what makes that particular listing description pop. In the next section, we will go over an example of a good description.

An Example Of a remarkable description:

Nestled in woodland near Marshfield in the South Cotswolds and a 15 minute drive from Bath, this cottage has its own entrance, free wifi, large bedroom and living space, bright functional kitchen.

This listing from superhosts Rebecca and Paul from Airready has a great description. If we look at the text carefully, we can see how they showcase the features such as the short distance to Bath and the well-equipped kitchen and other amenities. The listing is also very modest and honest; it even mentions the lack of a washing machine. The whole description is kept short yet informative and has a great writing tone. It also highlights what any potential guest would want to see in a general skimming.

All in all, we hope that by reading our tips and looking at a few example listings, such as the one we provided, you can host the perfect place. Also, don’t be afraid of experimenting with your Airbnb listing description, as this can be one of the most important ways to attract attention to your listing! Good luck!

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