Airbnb Pool Safety Do’s and Don’ts 2023

How to Ensure Airbnb Pool Safety

Airbnb pool safety is very important, since one of the most popular activities is swimming when the weather gets warm and sunny. Many travelers look for Airbnb properties with swimming pools to enjoy their holidays and relax. If your Airbnb listing includes a pool, you might get lucky during the warm season. It is an option many people love. As fun as it is, we all understand how dangerous pools can be. Anyone, adult or child, might face the risk of drowning and harming themselves in swimming pools. Obviously, you do not want your guests to face any danger, as you are responsible for their safety. You need to take some steps to ensure your Airbnb pool safety so that your guests can experience a memorable stay and give you excellent Airbnb reviews. This article has mentioned some essential factors you need to consider for your Airbnb pool safety:

  • Install fences

  • Forget about the diving board

  • Install alarms

  • Be ready for potential problems

  • Keep pool chemicals out of reach

  • Have proper pool drain covers

  • Prepare a guidebook for your pool


Install fences.

Surround your pool using fences. This simple act will keep children safe and is a big step towards creating a child-friendly Airbnb listing. Although it is not a law, fences are necessary to ensure your Airbnb pool safety. If the parents are inside and the children are playing outside, a fence-less pool can be dangerous for them. Install fences that are high enough to prevent them from entering the pool. The higher your fences are, the safer. There should be enough space between the swimming pool and your fences. The fence entrance should open outward, and they need to be locked. It is not very costly, and you can have someone build and install suitable fences for your Airbnb pool.

Forget about the diving board!

Diving boards are fun and exciting for skilled swimmers. But they are not worth the fun. Firstly, only some know how to dive, but the diving board can be tempting to almost everyone. Secondly, even if they are professional swimmers, there is always the risk of slipping and hitting their head on the edge of the board, which causes serious injury. Skip installing the board. No one would complain, and everyone will be safer. The same regulations apply to swimming pool slides. They are also dangerous, and it is better to avoid having them on your Airbnb property.

Install alarms.

There are different types of alarms that you can use. Some of them will notify you when someone has opened the pool gates, and some other kinds are installed underwater, and they let you know there are people inside the pool. Installing these alarms can make you aware of people coming and going to your pool, and it is a helpful way to ensure your Airbnb pool safety. These alarms can help you improve your Airbnb listing specially if you are hosting an Airbnb smart home.

Be ready for potential problems.

Even if you do your best to ensure your Airbnb pool safety, there is still a chance of facing some issues. For example, someone might get injured or drown in the pool. For this reason, you should always have some necessary pool safety equipment. Purchase a life ring, hook, and a first aid kit. Let your guests know about them and where they are so, they can use them in an emergency.

Keep pool chemicals out of reach.

Chemicals are necessary for every swimming pool. They help keep the water clean and kill the microbes that cause diseases and skin problems for swimmers. But if they are mixed in the wrong way and misused, they can cause serious problems. To avoid this, keep all the chemicals out of reach, for the guests may not know how dangerous these chemicals are.

Have proper pool drain covers.

Once a seven-year-old girl drowned in a pool because of the pressure of suction of an underwater drain in a swimming pool. To avoid this kind of danger and to ensure your Airbnb pool safety, purchase some proper drain covers and check them now and then. If they are broken or out of order, change them as soon as possible, and take it seriously.

Prepare a guidebook for your pool.

Airbnb pool safety

It is always better to prevent problems than to deal with them. You can make a notebook and include instructions on how to use your pool facilities and how to be safer around the pool. Add in your guidebook the depth and the length of your pool, and if it gets any deeper as they swim to a side or if the depth is the same all around it. If you have a separate pool for children, add some information about it for your guests.

Even though everybody knows the basic rules they need to follow in the pool, it is not a bad idea to add these to the list of your Airbnb house rules:

  • Do not run or walk fast around the pool because it is slippery.
  • Diving is only allowed in the deep part or not allowed at all.
  • Do not push anybody or play dangerous games around the pool.
  • Do not swim alone.
  • Do not swim when you get drunk.
  • Do not leave children alone in the pool, even if they know how to swim.
  • Do not throw trash in the pool.

Having a swimming pool on your property can be a significant step to leading a successful Airbnb business, and it can help you earn a lot more money on Airbnb. If you are careful and do your best to ensure your Airbnb pool safety, it can be very profitable for you, and your guests can enjoy a fun stay in your place.

Source NRMA Washington Post The Silver Lining
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