Simple Guide to Airbnb Rental Agreement: Understanding Guest-Host Terms

Renting out your property through Airbnb offers an excellent opportunity to earn income and meet travelers from all around the globe. However, this venture comes with responsibilities and legal considerations. An Airbnb rental agreement is a fundamental aspect that sets the terms and conditions for the rental, safeguarding both hosts and guests.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of an Airbnb rental agreement, its importance, and how you can draft a comprehensive agreement that protects your interests as a host. Whether you’re a seasoned host or considering embarking on your hosting journey, understanding the role of a rental agreement is crucial for a successful and secure Airbnb experience.

Why Is the Airbnb Rental Agreement Necessary?

Airbnb rental agreement, in simple terms, is the document that will save you later in times of trouble. One of the main challenges of Airbnb hosting is the risks it might have for the property. For example, if you host short-term rentals, you regularly allow strangers into your house. Leaving your well-equipped home in the hands of someone you don’t know may scare many people before renting on Airbnb. The solution to this problem is an Airbnb rental agreement.

Airbnb cannot effectively protect you from troublemakers without a written contract. Some guests might not pay attention to your Airbnb house rules. They may throw a party in your house, smoke inside your property, or damage your Airbnb and its furniture. Airbnb rental agreement is precisely that written record that will save you if any trouble occurs.

What Is the Airbnb Rental Agreement?

The Airbnb rental agreement is the documented contract between the host and the renter. This arrangement states everything the host will supply and the regulations that the guests ought to follow. It is crucial that you mention the existence of this rental arrangement before the guests book your property so that they would not be surprised in person. It is best to provide a copy of your Airbnb rental agreement on the Airbnb website so the guests can read it beforehand and make sure they can sign it.

Why Should You Use the Airbnb Rental Agreement?

Airbnb rental agreement

Many hosts might ask why it is necessary to have an Airbnb rental agreement when the Airbnb website already has its terms and requirements. The answer is that those terms are very general and cannot be comprehensive for all the different kinds of properties. For example, suppose your house includes a backyard, pool, or amenities that not all hosts provide. In that case, you’ll need your own unique set of terms, essentially an Airbnb contract, that will allow guests to use your facilities safely.

Moreover, Airbnb’s terms and conditions only inform guests about the rules and what they are expected to do. However, if guests decide not to follow any of those terms, your hands will be tied to a great extent, and you may not be able to take meaningful action. Your guests will be forced to follow the rules by signing an agreement.

If any trouble occurs, you can take legal action and receive compensation for any damages done to your property. What’s more, the guests are aware of what they are signing. Hence, those guests who think they might break some rules such as smoking or having a party inside your house will not sign the agreement. Therefore, you will attract the most suitable guests for your Airbnb, effectively approving Airbnb guests who align with your terms.

What to Include in Your Airbnb Rental Agreement?

It is best to keep your Airbnb rental agreement as concise as possible. Nowadays, no one likes to read a long text with too many details, so avoid mentioning the apparent information.
Here are some details that most rental agreements include:

Include the Names and Your Contact Information

The full name of the host and the tenant must be mentioned in the contract. Also, it is best to provide your guests with your phone number so that they will know how to contact you in case of any problem.

Write the Occupancy Rate in Detail

You need to mention the exact number of bedrooms and the number of beds provided for adults and children. You can also set a maximum number of visitors for your property to ensure that your house is not overcrowded.

Set a Minimum and Maximum Stay

Both short-term and long-term Airbnb rentals have their benefits. Long-term Airbnb rentals provide a more extended source of income with fewer turningovers and cleaning sessions. However, you can increase your Airbnb booking by turning your property into a short-term rental if you ensure guests will keep coming to your rental.
You can set a minimum or maximum stay for your tenants by considering your benefits. Some hosts also charge additional fees if the guests cannot meet the minimum or maximum stay. However, you can take a more positive approach and offer discounts to guests who stay for a certain number of days that you desire.

Set the Terms of Checking In and Out

If you want to host a short-term rental, it is crucial that checking in and out takes place precisely on time to avoid troubles in the transition process between the guests.

Let Your Guests Know about All Your Fees

List all your fees on the Airbnb rental agreement. Some of these fees, such as the Airbnb cleaning fee, are listed as Airbnb fees on the website, but some other costs may be exclusive to your property. Ensure you include every cost so the guests can separate the renting rate and the additional expenses. It is best if the guests know where their money is going and what services they are receiving in return.

Include a Damage Deposit

Suppose you want to rely solely on Airbnb to charge costs for potential damages. In that case, you might face a lot of delays, fights, or not receiving any compensation at all. Therefore, it is best to mention the damage deposit amount, and the time you will return the money to the guests.

Airbnb rental agreement

Here are also some other things to mention in the Airbnb rental agreement:

  • The full address of your house.

  • The number of days your guests will stay on your property.

  • Whether or not a parking spot is available on the property, and if not, where the guests can park their vehicles.

  • The house rules that you want your guests to follow.

  • The amenities that you provide.

  • The signature of you and your tenant on the specified spot, alongside the typed names and the date.


How Do I Add a Rental Agreement to Airbnb?

Hosts can request guests to sign a contract, but the terms must be in the listing and shared in messages.

What Do You Say When Renting Airbnb?

Your message should align with the host’s offerings. Here’s a cheat sheet: Introduce yourself, and mention travel dates and purpose (e.g., visiting family).

What Is the Agreement Between the Hhost And the Guest?

This is the Guest-Host Agreement for the booked Accommodation, following Terms of Service and Booking Confirmation.


Having an Airbnb rental agreement is a necessary measure to shield your property. Without an Airbnb rental agreement, you will have difficulty receiving compensation for the damage done to your property or taking lawful action. In addition, the Airbnb rental agreement, essentially an Airbnb host contract, states all your and your guest’s obligations and saves both parties from confusion in times of crisis. Having all these benefits in mind, be careful not to write such a strict rental agreement that no one would sign. Remember that your first goal is to attract visitors to your property and then to protect it from troublemakers!

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