Airbnb Scams 2023: Can Hosts be at Risk?

Airbnb Scams Hosts May Face

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of Airbnb hosting, but there isn’t much information out there about Airbnb scams. One of the main challenges an Airbnb host might encounter is getting scammed on Airbnb. So, It is essential to familiarize yourself with the potential ways Airbnb hosts can get scammed by their guests.

Undoubtedly, the Airbnb market has developed economically during the last decades, and there are many ways to make money on Airbnb. Many people are running successful businesses thanks to this platform. While the truth is, the more a market grows, the more it becomes possible to get scammed.

Airbnb scams can happen from both the guests’ and the hosts’ sides. In this article, we focus on the guests-side Airbnb scams to warn hosts of the possible risks because ignorance can burn your hosting career to ashes! So if you want to start your Airbnb business, do yourself a favor and stay tuned till the end of this article.

Common guest-side Airbnb scams

No one likes challenges in their career, but facing them is inevitable. Unfortunately, there are always people out there making trouble and looking for ways to scam others. However, complaining about the shortcomings of humanity doesn’t make Airbnb scams disappear. Instead, you must increase your knowledge to protect yourself and your Airbnb business.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn more about the most common type of Airbnb scams.

Private contact Airbnb Scam

This one comes first because it’s the most common Airbnb scam! It doesn’t matter whether you’re the host or the guest in this scenario. Never accept the request to communicate with others off the Airbnb platform.

You may see many messages from strangers who claim they want to contact you via WhatsApp or other private messengers because it’s more convenient. They may create reasonable and genuine stories, but they’re all part of an Airbnb scamming plan.

Some hosts may get tempted by the idea of personal contact with the guests to avoid paying Airbnb taxes and fees. But at a glance, they find themselves in huge trouble! So please don’t waste your time on these requests and decline them; report and delete them as soon as you receive one!

Payment by check Airbnb scam

Airbnb scams

Sometimes the Airbnb guests ask to pay by check. In this case, we recommend not accepting payments by check because this one is another method on the Airbnb scam list! Does this mean all the guests who want to pay by check are Airbnb scammers? Absolutely not! But there is also no guarantee!

In most cases, the scammers come to you with a made-up story that their company or an organization they work for will send you a payment check. Their story may get you to agree to receive a check instead of cash. After that, you’ll receive a payment check and notice its’ amount is much more than it should’ve been. Now you’ve fallen into the trap! They will ask you to refund the difference immediately. So, you’ll refund them in cash, hoping the check will clear in a couple of days, but it never will! So, here you are, scammed and robbed!


Freeloaders are people who take advantage of the hospitality and generosity of others to receive free services without paying a dollar! As professional Airbnb scammers, they know that in case of any complaint about damages and cleanliness, Airbnb will take the guests’ side and refund their payments. So, in most cases, these Airbnb scammers will make some kind of trouble so that they can blame it on the Airbnb host and get a refund. They usually do this on the last day of their stay. You can disable the instant book option on your listing to avoid accepting these guests. Review the guests’ profiles, check their information and read their previous reviews before accepting their reservations.

Bad review threats

This Airbnb scam is much similar to the previous one. in this case, the guest books only to make a dispute on the last days and ask for a refund. If the host disagrees with refunding, the guest starts to threaten them by writing bad reviews. Believe it or not, bad reviews impact your career as a host and can change other guests’ minds about booking your Airbnb. Keep all the information, evidence, and threat messages to prove your side of the story. Remember that preventing bad Airbnb reviews plays an essential role in the success of your Airbnb business.

Credit card fraud

Airbnb scams

This Airbnb scam happens when someone books and pays with a fake credit card that belongs to someone else. Stay away from all future problems by keeping all the records and documents.

Sneaking extra people in

Sometimes, guests book for one or two people but sneak extra individuals into your Airbnb later. To be more accurate, it’s not a severe Airbnb scam. It’s just a thing people do to save more money! To prevent this scam, it’s necessary to set up security cameras in your outdoor area and be clear about the Airbnb house rules and policies.

Final words

This article discusses what Airbnb hosts need to watch out for to prevent Airbnb scams from ruining their business. Of course, it’s essential to be more cautious in your business. However, Don’t let previous examples frighten you and turn you into a suspicious and bad-tempered host. Instead, keep your eyes open and check all the information before approving your Airbnb guests to reduce the risk of Airbnb scams.

Have you ever felt that a guest is trying to scam you or been scammed by a guest? What actions do you take to prevent any troubles with your guests? We’ll appreciate it if you share your experiences and ideas with other readers and us in the comment section.

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    I’ve had guests sneak extra people in so many times that I ended up installing a security camera in my outdoor area. It’s honestly such a pain to deal with these things! ??‍♀️

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