Airbnb Plus vs Superhost: Which Path Should You Choose?

Welcome to your go-to guide for Airbnb hosts looking to boost their business game. If you’re wondering about Airbnb Plus and Superhost status – two ways to take your hosting up a notch – this article is here to help you navigate the Airbnb Plus vs Superhost landscape. We’ll break down the perks of each, so you can decide what suits your hosting journey best.

Want to be a standout host and give your guests an amazing stay? That’s the goal. Airbnb Plus and Superhost recognition offer special ways to show how dedicated you are and build trust. Dive into Airbnb Plus, where great design and extras come together to make your place feel inviting. Alternatively, go for Superhost status by consistently giving guests a fantastic experience. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what Airbnb Superhost vs Plus is all about and be well-prepared to make your Airbnb venture a big success.

All about Airbnb Plus

Imagine elevating your Airbnb listing to a new level of comfort and style with the Airbnb Superhost vs Plus comparison. That’s precisely what Airbnb Plus is designed for. It’s a program that highlights homes with additional charm and meticulous details. If your goal is to provide a stay that envelops guests in a warm embrace, Airbnb Plus might be the secret ingredient you’re seeking. In this section, we’ll delve into the advantages of being an Airbnb Plus host and how it can enhance your business.

Benefits of Being an Airbnb Plus Host

Becoming an Airbnb Plus host opens doors to a world of advantages.

More Listing Views

According to, the impact of being an Airbnb Plus host is undeniable. Airbnb Plus properties receive over 7 times more views compared to regular Airbnb listings. This surge in visibility isn’t a coincidence. The Plus badge signals to potential guests that your listing is a cut above the rest, drawing them in with the promise of a remarkable stay.

70% More Nights Booked

Numbers don’t lie, Airbnb Plus hosts experience a remarkable 70% increase in nights booked. This isn’t just about views; it’s about converting interest into bookings. The meticulous attention to detail and the assurance of quality that comes with the Plus program translates into a higher likelihood of guests choosing your listing for their stay.

Special Property Listing Page Design and Layout

Airbnb Plus doesn’t stop at a badge; it extends to a specially crafted property listing page. Your space isn’t just showcased; it’s celebrated in the ongoing Airbnb Plus vs Superhost competition. The design and layout are curated to accentuate the uniqueness of your place, giving potential guests a glimpse of the experience that awaits them. This attention to presentation helps your listing leave a lasting impression, long before guests step through your door.

Access to Priority Airbnb Support

Navigating the world of hosting can occasionally come with challenges. As an Airbnb Plus host, you’re equipped with a powerful ally – priority Airbnb Support. Whether it’s a technical hiccup, a guest concern, or any query in between, a dedicated support team is at your service. This ensures that hurdles are swiftly cleared, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating exceptional guest experiences.

An Immersive Home Tour

A picture is worth a thousand words, but an immersive home tour is worth a thousand bookings, especially in the context of the Airbnb Plus vs Superhost comparison. Airbnb Plus hosts have the opportunity to provide guests with a 3D tour that goes beyond static images. This interactive experience helps potential guests truly visualize your property, giving them a sense of walking through the space and making them feel at home even before they arrive.

How to Become an Airbnb Plus Host?

Airbnb Plus stands out as an exclusive program, highlighting outstanding hosts and their properties in the context of the Airbnb Superhost vs Plus competition. There are two ways hosts can enter this program: either through an invitation or by applying on their own. If hosts decide to apply, they are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $149 for the application, but it’s important to note that being accepted into Airbnb Plus isn’t guaranteed.

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Before hosts are considered for the program, there are specific prerequisites they need to meet in both the Airbnb Plus vs Superhost evaluation processes. These include:

Impressive Ratings

Hosts must maintain an average rating of 4.8 or higher, which showcases their commitment to providing remarkable guest experiences and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

High Booking Acceptance

Hosts are expected to have accepted at least 95% of booking requests for their property over the past year. This demonstrates their reliability and willingness to accommodate guests.

Cancellation History

Hosts should not have canceled any bookings over the past year, except for extraordinary circumstances that may need to be substantiated. This illustrates the host’s dedication to honoring reservations.

If hosts meet these conditions, their property advances to the next evaluation phase. During this stage, a panel evaluates various aspects of the property in the Airbnb Superhost vs Plus comparison. While Airbnb doesn’t reveal the exact criteria, typical considerations include:

Consistent Design

Properties should exhibit a cohesive design and style, reflecting meticulous attention to detail and visually appealing identity.

Maintenance Excellence

Plus properties must maintain high standards of cleanliness and orderliness, ensuring all amenities are in excellent working condition.

Full Amenities

Plus listings need to offer a variety of amenities similar to what guests would have at their own homes, including a well-equipped kitchen, essential toiletries, towels, electronic items like a safe and a hairdryer, and practical features like a microwave and Smart TV.

Earning the Airbnb Plus distinction goes beyond meeting requirements; it’s about embracing a commitment to exceptional hosting and creating an environment that leaves a lasting positive impact in both the Airbnb Plus vs Superhost realms.

All about Airbnb Superhost

An Airbnb Superhost is a title of distinction awarded to experienced and exceptional hosts within the Airbnb community. It’s a recognition that signifies a host’s commitment to providing outstanding hospitality and guest experiences. Superhosts consistently go above and beyond to ensure their guests have memorable stays.

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Airbnb Superhost Benefits

Being an Airbnb Superhost comes with a range of benefits that reflect your commitment to exceptional hosting.
Here are some Airbnb Superhost advantages:

Increased Visibility

Superhosts get better spots in search results, so more people might see your listing. When more people can see it, you might get more bookings and your place could be filled up more often.

Superhost Badge

The coveted Superhost badge displayed on your profile and listing acts as a mark of excellence. It signals to guests that you consistently deliver exceptional stays, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness.

Priority Customer Support

As a Superhost, you gain access to priority customer support. This means our team addresses any issues or questions you have promptly, ensuring a more seamless hosting experience.

Exclusive Travel Coupons

Superhosts often receive travel coupons that can be used for their own stays or shared with guests. This provides an additional incentive for guests to choose your listing.

Hosting Fee Discounts

Airbnb occasionally offers Superhosts discounts on hosting fees or other promotional benefits, helping you save on the costs associated with hosting.

Quarterly Bonus

Superhosts who consistently maintain their status may be eligible for a quarterly bonus. This reward acknowledges your ongoing dedication to creating exceptional guest experiences.

Enhanced Guest Trust

The Superhost badge can contribute to building guest trust. Guests are more likely to choose listings with the Superhost badge, as it assures them of a high-quality stay.

Exclusive Webinars and Resources

Airbnb provides Superhosts with access to exclusive webinars and resources that offer insights into optimizing your hosting, improving your skills, and staying updated with the latest trends.

Professional Growth

Earning and maintaining Superhost status is a testament to your dedication to hospitality. This recognition can boost your reputation within the hosting community and potentially open doors for networking opportunities.

Personal Satisfaction

Above all, being an Airbnb Superhost is a source of personal satisfaction. It reflects your commitment to creating memorable experiences for guests and contributes to the overall success of your hosting venture.

How to Become an Airbnb Superhost?

To earn the Superhost status, hosts must meet certain criteria over a designated evaluation period. These Airbnb Superhost requirements include:

  1. Response Rate: Superhosts are quick to respond to guest inquiries and booking requests, maintaining a high response rate.
  2. Acceptance Rate: They accept a significant percentage of booking requests, indicating their reliability and readiness to accommodate guests.
  3. Cancellation Rate: Superhosts maintain a low cancellation rate, displaying their dedication to honoring reservations.
  4. Overall Ratings: They consistently receive positive guest reviews, with an average rating of around 4.8 or higher (out of 5).
  5. Experience: Superhosts often provide a unique and hospitable environment that stands out to guests, whether through personalized touches, local recommendations, or excellent communication.

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Which One Is Better?

Deciding between being an Airbnb Superhost or an Airbnb Plus host really depends on what you want, your place, and how much you want to work. There’s no one answer that fits everyone because each choice has its own good things:

  • If you care a lot about guests and how they feel: Being a Superhost might be a good idea. It demonstrates that you’re truly concentrating on providing guests with an excellent experience through effective communication, swift responses, and ensuring their happiness.
  • If you want to show off a fancy place and maybe charge more: Airbnb Plus might be better. It says you’re all about giving guests a high-end experience with a nice design and extra stuff.

Remember, being a Superhost means you have to keep doing a good job with guests and ratings, while Airbnb Plus needs you to spend money upfront to make your place really nice and match their rules.


In the end, both titles, Airbnb Plus, and Superhost, give you important good things when you look at Airbnb Plus vs Superhost. These good things include being seen more, having folks trust you more, and getting help faster. The choice you make depends on whether you want to be a great host who’s good with guests as a Superhost, or if you want to show off a really nice place with Airbnb Plus. It’s really important to think about how you host, how your place looks, and what you want for the future to decide which way is better for you.

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