Everything you need to know about Airbnb Superhosts!

Find out all you want to know about superhosts on Airbnb!

In the dynamic realm of vacation rentals, Airbnb Superhosts have emerged as the epitome of hospitality and excellence. As the top-tier hosts on the platform, they embody a level of service that sets them apart from the rest. With their impeccable ratings, glowing guest reviews, and an array of benefits, Superhosts has become the sought-after pinnacle of success in the world of Airbnb hosting. If you’re curious about what it takes to achieve this prestigious title, the perks that come with it, and the secrets to their unrivaled success, this comprehensive guide will unveil all you need to know about Airbnb Superhosts and how they elevate the guest experience to unparalleled heights.

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

Airbnb awards the distinguished title of Superhost to exceptional hosts on the platform who consistently provide outstanding hospitality and deliver memorable guest experiences. Hosts achieve Superhost status by meeting specific performance criteria set by Airbnb. These criteria typically include maintaining high response rates to guest inquiries, keeping cancellations to a minimum, performing positive guest reviews, and completing a minimum number of stays within a 12-month period.

Airbnb Hosts vs. Airbnb Superhosts: Key Differences

In the realm of hosting travelers, both regular hosts and Superhosts play vital roles, yet there’s a clear difference between host and Superhost. Let’s break down the characteristics that distinguish an ordinary Airbnb host from an exceptional Airbnb Superhost:

Airbnb Host

An Airbnb host lists their property or a portion of their home on the platform for short-term rentals. They open up their space to guests, offering a place to stay during their travels. Hosts can be individuals who rent out their primary residence while they are away or invest in properties solely to host guests.

Responsibilities of an Airbnb Host:

  • Creating and managing property listings with accurate descriptions and attractive photographs.
  • Setting appropriate pricing and managing availability on the calendar.
  • Communicating with potential guests, answering inquiries, and confirming reservations.
  • Preparing the property for guests, ensuring cleanliness, and providing essential amenities.
  • Assisting guests during their stay, addressing their needs, and ensuring a positive experience.
  • Handling check-ins and check-outs and managing key exchange or using digital lock systems.

Airbnb Superhost

Hosts achieve an elevated status as Airbnb Superhosts by consistently delivering exceptional hospitality and meeting specific criteria set by the platform. Superhost status is awarded based on performance over the last 12 months and is an acknowledgment of the host’s commitment to providing an outstanding guest experience.

Qualifications for Airbnb Superhost Status:

  • Response Rate and Time: Superhosts must maintain a high response rate, promptly replying to guest inquiries and booking requests.
  • Cancellation Rate: Superhosts must keep cancellations to a minimum to demonstrate reliability and avoid inconveniencing guests.
  • Review Score: Superhosts are expected to maintain a high overall review score based on guest feedback and ratings.
  • Number of Stays: Superhosts should have completed a specific number of stays in the past year to demonstrate regular hosting activity.

Benefits of Airbnb Superhost Status:

  • Visibility: Superhosts enjoy increased visibility on the platform, appearing in special search filters and receiving a Superhost badge on their profile.
  • Rewards: Airbnb may offer exclusive rewards, such as travel coupons, product discounts, and priority access to new features.
  • Trust and Credibility: Superhost status is a mark of trust and credibility, encouraging more bookings from potential guests.

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The Perks of Being an Airbnb Superhost

Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb has several benefits and advantages that recognize and reward hosts for their outstanding hospitality and commitment to guest satisfaction. Let’s explore the Airbnb Superhost advantages:

1. Enhanced Visibility and Trustworthiness

One of the most significant benefits of being an Airbnb Superhost is increased visibility on the platform. Superhosts receive a special badge on their profile, making them stand out in search results and inspiring confidence in potential guests. The badge serves as a mark of trustworthiness and excellence, encouraging more bookings and attracting a broader range of guests.

2. Improved Search Placement

Superhosts enjoy better search placement, meaning their listings are more likely to appear at the top of search results. This preferential positioning increases the chances of their properties being noticed by potential guests and ultimately leads to higher booking rates.

3. Exclusive Business Insights

As a Superhost, you gain access to exclusive business insights and data analytics about your listing’s performance. This data can help you make informed decisions about pricing, availability, and guest preferences, allowing you to optimize your hosting strategy and maximize your earnings.

4. Priority Customer Support

Airbnb prioritizes Superhosts when it comes to customer support. Superhosts receive dedicated assistance from Airbnb’s support team, ensuring faster response times and a higher level of personalized service whenever they need help or encounter issues.

5. Superhost Reward Program

Airbnb may offer Superhosts access to special rewards and benefits as part of their Superhost Reward Program. These rewards could include travel vouchers, discounts on Airbnb experiences, or promotional credits that hosts can use for their personal travel or for enhancing their listing.

6. Continuous Improvement and Recognition

Airbnb awards Superhost status every quarter, motivating hosts to maintain exceptional hosting standards consistently. Striving for Superhost status encourages hosts to continually improve their offerings and services, leading to more satisfied guests and higher ratings.

7. Networking Opportunities

Airbnb often hosts events and gatherings exclusively for Superhosts. These events provide opportunities for networking with fellow hosts, sharing best practices, and learning from others in the hosting community.

8. Increased Bookings and Earnings

Due to the enhanced visibility and trust associated with Superhost status, hosts typically experience an increase in bookings and occupancy rates. Satisfied guests are more likely to leave positive reviews, attracting even more potential guests and leading to higher earnings for the host.

Qualifying as a Superhost

When it comes to Airbnb, achieving Superhost status is a notable accomplishment that shines a spotlight on hosts for their exceptional guest care. To earn and uphold this revered title, hosts need to fulfill the Airbnb Superhost requirements, a set of specific criteria established by the platform. Let’s take a closer look at what these requirements entail and how the assessment process works.

Response Rate and Time

Superhosts must maintain a high response rate to guest inquiries and booking requests. The response rate is calculated based on the percentage of messages a host responds to within 24 hours. To qualify as a Superhost, hosts should aim to respond promptly to every guest query and maintain a response rate of at least 90%.

Cancellation Rate

Airbnb expects Superhosts to demonstrate reliability and commitment to their reservations. Therefore, Superhosts must maintain a low cancellation rate. This rate is calculated based on the percentage of confirmed reservations that are canceled. To be eligible for Superhost status, hosts should strive to keep their cancellation rate below 1%.

Review Score

Guest reviews play a crucial role in determining Superhost status. Superhosts must consistently receive positive feedback from guests. The review score is an average of the ratings provided by guests after their stays. To qualify as a Superhost, hosts should aim for a review score of 4.8 or higher out of 5.

Number of Stays

In addition to meeting the above criteria, hosts should have a minimum number of completed stays within the past 12 months. This requirement ensures that hosts are actively engaged in the hosting community. The exact number of stays required may vary, and Airbnb periodically reviews this criterion.

Superhost Assessment Process

Airbnb evaluates hosts’ eligibility for Superhost status every quarter. This means that hosts have the opportunity to achieve Superhost status every three months. During each assessment period, Airbnb reviews a host’s performance over the previous 12 months to determine their qualification.

If a host meets all the Superhost requirements during the assessment period, they will be awarded Superhost status for the following quarter. On the other hand, if a host falls short in any of the criteria, they may lose their Superhost status and need to work on meeting the requirements to regain it.

Fast Tips for Airbnb Superhost Badge

  1. Respond to guests’ messages quickly and professionally.
  2. Try not to cancel reservations and keep your schedule updated.
  3. Keep your place clean, well-maintained, and welcoming.
  4. Ask guests to leave reviews after their stay.
  5. Clearly communicate the rules and expectations for your place.
  6. Anticipate and meet guest needs proactively.
  7. Add nice touches to create a memorable experience for guests.
  8. Use guest feedback to make improvements.
  9. Be reliable and consistently provide great hospitality.
  10. Keep track of your hosting performance regularly.

Comparing Airbnb Plus and Superhost

While both Airbnb Plus and Superhost are distinctions awarded by Airbnb, they represent different aspects of the hosting experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Airbnb Plus and Superhost:

Airbnb Plus

Wondering about the Airbnb Plus Vs. Superhost? Airbnb Plus is a special program that showcases outstanding homes and hosts. These carefully chosen listings meet specific design and amenity requirements, with inspectors conducting in-person visits to assess quality, style, cleanliness, and comfort. In contrast, becoming a Superhost involves consistently excellent ratings and guest satisfaction across multiple stays.

Airbnb Plus properties must meet a set of strict criteria, including:

  • High-quality and thoughtfully designed interiors with a cohesive style.
  • A well-equipped kitchen with essential appliances and cookware.
  • Premium and comfortable bedding and linens.
  • Essential amenities like Wi-Fi, heating, and air conditioning.
  • A high standard of cleanliness and tidiness.

Airbnb Plus hosts enjoy enhanced visibility and exposure due to the exclusive nature of the program. They receive a special Airbnb Plus badge on their listing, setting them apart from regular listings. This increased visibility often leads to more bookings and higher earning potential. Additionally, Airbnb Plus hosts enjoy priority customer support and have access to professional photography services.

Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb grants the Superhost title to hosts who consistently provide exceptional service and meet specific criteria. Superhost status is based on factors such as response rate, review scores, cancellation rate, and the number of stays. To become a Superhost, hosts must maintain a high response rate, keep cancellations to a minimum, achieve positive guest reviews, and complete a minimum number of stays in the past 12 months. Superhosts enjoy enhanced visibility on the platform, priority customer support, exclusive rewards, improved search placement, and access to valuable business insights. Superhost status is an acknowledgment of a host’s commitment to providing an outstanding guest experience.

The Main Difference Between Airbnb Plus and Superhost Lies in Their Focus:

  • Airbnb Plus emphasizes the quality and design of the listing itself. It is about showcasing high-end properties that meet strict criteria for aesthetics, amenities, and overall guest experience. Airbnb Plus is about selecting standout homes to offer guests a luxurious and curated stay.
  • Airbnb Superhost, on the other hand, is centered around the host’s performance and dedication to providing excellent hospitality. It recognizes hosts who consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences and maintain high responsiveness, reliability, and overall guest satisfaction.

Airbnb Superhost Income

The income earned by Superhosts can vary significantly based on factors such as location, property type, seasonality, demand, and the number of bookings they receive.

Based on data shared by Airbnb, the average revenue generated by a Superhost was 64% higher compared to that of a regular host. Over the period from October 2021 to September 2022, the combined income of one million Airbnb Superhosts amounted to over $23 billion, resulting in an average annual income of $23,000+ per Superhost.

The Best Current Superhosts On Airbnb

Is Airbnb Superhost Worth It?

In summary, Airbnb Superhost status can offer several benefits, including increased bookings, credibility, and priority support. However, it requires ongoing effort and dedication to maintain the criteria and may not be the sole factor driving success as a host. If you commit to providing excellent hospitality and enjoy the potential benefits that come with Superhost status, pursuing it could be worth it.

However, it’s essential to weigh these factors against your hosting objectives and the level of commitment you can afford to invest in maintaining the status.

Do Airbnb Hosts Face Penalties for Declining?

Consistently declining or canceling bookings on Airbnb can negatively impact a host’s Superhost status and search placement. While there is no specific penalty for individual declines, it’s essential to maintain a high acceptance rate and responsiveness to ensure a positive hosting experience and maximize bookings.


Here are some common questions and answers to get you started!

What is a Superhost in Airbnb?

Being an Airbnb Superhost means providing excellent hospitality and being well-rated, experienced, reliable, and responsive. Each Superhost has its own unique style but has earned its status by consistently meeting and even surpassing guest expectations.

What is the difference between a host and a Superhost on Airbnb?

There are two types of Airbnb hosts: regular hosts and Superhosts. Superhosts are hosts who consistently go the extra mile to ensure an outstanding experience for guests. You can easily spot them by the badge on their listing and profile.

What makes you a Superhost?

  1. Host at least 10 trips or have 3 reservations totaling at least 100 nights.
  2. Maintain a response rate of 90% or higher.
  3. Maintain a cancellation rate of 1% (1 cancellation per 100 reservations) or lower.

How much does an Airbnb Superhost make?

Over the period from October 2021 to September 2022, the one million Airbnb Superhosts together generated a total income of $23+ billion, resulting in an average of $23,000+ per Superhost annually.

Is Superhost better than Plus?

Superhost and Plus are different programs. Superhost recognizes outstanding hosts based on performance. Plus, it certifies high-quality listings after a rigorous evaluation process. Both offer unique benefits, and it depends on the host’s goals.

How many hosts are Superhosts?

Fewer than 20% of all Airbnb hosts achieve Superhost status.

How long does Superhost status last?

To retain your Superhost status, which Airbnb reassesses four times a year, you simply need to continue doing a good job.

Can you lose Superhost?

The Superhost qualifications are valid only for the designated period, and failing to meet the standards may result in the revocation of your Superhost badge.

Do Superhosts get discounts?

Superhosts receive a $100 Airbnb coupon annually as long as they maintain their status. Additionally, if they refer a new Host to sign up, they earn an extra 20% on top of the regular referral bonus.

Do you get more bookings as a Superhost?

Your commitment to exceptional service sets you apart as a Superhost, attracting more guests, potentially higher rates, and increased revenue.


Achieving Airbnb Superhost status is a prestigious achievement that sets hosts apart in the competitive world of vacation rentals. Superhosts are committed to excellence, providing memorable stays and exceptional hospitality to their guests. By following the quick tips outlined in this article, hosts can increase their chances of earning the coveted Superhost badge. Remember, consistency, responsiveness, and guest satisfaction are the keys to success in the realm of Airbnb hosting. As you strive to deliver unparalleled experiences, the Superhost badge becomes a symbol of trust and credibility and the mark of a truly exceptional host. So, embrace the challenge, continuously improve, and embrace the rewards of becoming an Airbnb Superhost.

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