How to Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter 2023

Step by Step Guide to Writing the Best Airbnb Welcome Letter:

Being a successful host is the dream of everyone working in the Airbnb business. But, it is not just about having a clean, nice-looking property. Keeping the guests happy takes more than that. Good communication is the key to satisfaction. One way to show that you care about and appreciate your guests is by writing an Airbnb welcome letter. It is personal, heartwarming, and will make guests remember you as a kind host. Imagine them entering your place and seeing a note from you on the table. It will make them feel more at home. Writing an Airbnb welcome letter is not at all a difficult task. You do not need to prepare an extended essay. Just some tiny points are enough. Here we will give you some helpful tips:

  • What to include in your letter

  • How to prepare the letter

What to include in your Airbnb welcome letter

Airbnb welcome letter is a great thing you can use to be friendly to your guests and give them some essential tips. You can include a lot of things. Here we have mentioned some of them:


Start off by welcoming the guests and letting them know how much you appreciate their stay. Keep a friendly but polite tone. Wish them a great time in your place.

Contact information

Let them know that you are there for them if anything happens or if they need anything. Then, make a list of all the ways they can contact you, including your phone number and email address.

Instructions on door locks

Do this, especially if you are using key cards or smart locks. It might seem simple for you, but many guests have a hard time figuring out how to do it.


If there is anything in your house that requires a password, include it in your letter, like WiFi password.

Your rules

Be careful about this part. Remember that writing an Airbnb welcome letter is for being friendly and close to your guests. When you want to tell them about your Airbnb house rules, try not to seem too strict. Keep a warm and friendly tone, and tell them if they are not allowed to smoke, bring pets, or anything else.

Local places to visit

If there are any attractive places, museums, old buildings, shops, etc., let them know, and give them some details like their directions.

How to use appliances

Write precise instructions on how to work with your devices and appliances. This includes the air conditioner, coffee machine, TV, video player, and other things you have.

Of course, there are other things you can include in your Airbnb welcome letter. To some extent, it depends on you and your property features.

How to prepare the Airbnb welcome letter?

After you have collected and decided on the information you want to include in your letter, it is time to prepare it. Follow these steps:

(Please remember that if you don’t want to take these extra steps, you can always simply email your letter to the guests.)

Design your paper

You can print some letterheads that are customized. For example, if you have a logo, have it printed on your papers. Then, you can use apps or ask a professional to design beautiful, eye-catching pages for you to write your letter.

Be legible

If you want to write it, please be sure you have good, and of course, readable handwriting. If you are typing it, choose fonts and colors that are easy to read. Some fonts might look nice and classy but not legible. Avoid using them.

Write a closing note.

After all the information you have included in your Airbnb welcome letter, finish it by thanking them for their time and write your name in the end.

Use an envelope

Airbnb Welcome letter

Put your letter in a beautifully designed envelope, and put it somewhere you are sure your guests will see it.  You can even place it in your Airbnb welcome package. It will look pleasant, and they will love it.

Writing an Airbnb welcome letter is a small thing to do and would not cost you much. However, it helps you prevent bad Airbnb reviews and become one of the best hosts.

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