Allergen-Free Airbnb: Protect Your Guests from Allergies

How to Keep Your Airbnb Allergen-Free

If you host an Airbnb, indeed, you put much effort into cleaning your house so that you would receive better reviews from your visitors. However, you need to bear in mind that the act of solely cleaning your space will not make it an allergen-free Airbnb.
People with specific allergies are willing to pay extra money to stay in a house that will not trigger their allergies. Therefore, both you and your guests will benefit by listing your property as an allergen-free Airbnb. As a result, guests will have more interest in your property, and people with allergies can enjoy an allergy-free trip.
Here are some steps you need to consider to create an allergen-free Airbnb.

Be Careful With the Scent in Your Room!

If you want your guests to experience a better scent in your property, using a variety of air fresheners may come to your mind. These air fresheners can vary from flower-scented sprays to electric devices which release sweet-scented mists into the air. However, it is safer to avoid using synthetic perfumes because there is a big chance that the chemical would trigger allergies in some people.
Instead, you can use organic perfumes such as essential oils or Aromatherapy Diffusers. It is also worth mentioning that if your room suffers from a bad smell, it is best to remove the cause rather than hide it with another scent. Therefore, try to be more careful in the cleaning process to eliminate the bad smell.

Cleaning an Allergen-Free Airbnb Is Not the Same as Other Houses!

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We have already emphasized the importance of cleaning. Still, to have an allergen-free Airbnb, you need to consider some tips.

  • Avoid using products with harmful chemicals for cleaning the surface of your furniture, counter, or windows. Instead, try to find more organic and Eco-friendly products.
  • Always try using a damp piece of cloth to remove the dust because dry dusting would spread all the allergens in the dust into the air and lead to breathing problems.
  • Avoid using too much laundry detergent in the washing machine for your laundry. Instead, look for detergents or laundry eggs which don’t contain dangerous chemicals or allergy-triggering scents.
  • Be careful about the food remnants. Always have a thorough look for any remaining food, such as eggs, nuts, dairies, etc., in the different parts of your home. Remember to use a vacuum cleaner to remove tiny bits of food left on the floor.

Don’t Allow Pets or Smokers in Your Space!

This one might seem a bit strict, but if you want your space to be listed as allergen-free Airbnb, you need to be clear about this Airbnb house rule. It is challenging to completely remove all signs of a pet presence in the house, and it will most probably trigger allergic people. Therefore, you can use outside cameras to ensure that no one would try sneaking in their pets.
Make sure you set a no-smoking rule as well because not only will the scent trigger some people’s allergies, but it will also remain in the space and furniture for very long. In addition, this scent can be annoying even for people who are not allergic to smoke.

Be Mindful About the Furniture You Provide!

If you are more discerning in choosing appropriate furniture, you will have less trouble removing allergens from your space while cleaning. For example, it’s better to replace old upholstered sofas and vintage chairs with furniture made out of wood and leather.
It is also better if you don’t use high-pile carpets because many allergens can get stuck in them that you are not aware of. Therefore, we recommend that you replace them with newer low-pile carpets, or if you have the money to invest, replace them with tiles or hardwood flooring.

Ask Your Guests About Their Allergies!

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By following the steps provided in this article, you can prepare your space to be allergen-free. However, you can never completely guarantee the absence of allergens in your room. Human errors always happen, but you can minimize those errors by simply asking about your guests’ allergies before their arrival so that you can prepare better.

It’s Your Choice!

Listing your space as an allergen-free Airbnb is optional and may even require a little extra effort. However, by making your room free of allergies, you can raise more interest in your space and make more money because of these services.

Source GuestReady His & Hers Magazine
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  1. Hannah says

    Since I have many allergies myself, I’ve always wanted to create a safe comfy place for people who share the same problem. These are great tips. Tho I’m still wondering what products are best to use for cleaning…

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