Automate Airbnb Cleaning, Here Are the 6 Steps!

When it’s about Airbnb and the thrill of traveling, keeping your place super clean is a big deal. With more people loving vacation rentals, having neat spaces matters a ton. And guess what? There’s a cool idea that’s catching on – Automate Airbnb cleaning.

Wondering what it is? This article gets right into it. We’re going to show you how technology can make managing your place’s cleanliness a breeze without any fuss. Interested in Automate Airbnb cleaning? It’s not just fancy words – it’s about making your hosting smoother and guests happier. Let’s jump in to explore how simplicity and smart thinking come together to create a hosting adventure that’s stress-free for you and delightful for your guests.

What Is Airbnb Cleaning Automation?

Automate Airbnb cleaning involves using special tools and simple methods to keep your space tidy. It’s like having a digital helper that ensures your Airbnb shines. It’s not only time-saving but also boosts guest happiness and garners positive reviews.

The Importance and Benefits of Airbnb Cleaning Automation:

Imagine walking into a super clean and tidy Airbnb. Doesn’t it make you feel great and welcomed? Well, your guests feel the same way too. When your place is clean and smells nice, guests are likelier to have a fantastic time. Plus, they’ll appreciate your effort and leave awesome reviews.

The Benefits:

  • Happy Guests: Clean places make guests happy. When they’re happy, they’re more likely to return or recommend your place to others.
  • Less Stress: Cleaning can be a big job, especially if many guests are coming and going. Automation takes away some of that stress, making hosting more fun.
  • Great Reviews: Reviews matter a lot on Airbnb. When your place is clean and well-maintained, guests are more likely to leave positive reviews, which attracts more bookings.
  • Time-Saver: Instead of spending a lot of time cleaning, you can use that time for other things you love.
  • Consistency: With automation, your place gets cleaned the same way every time. This consistency makes your Airbnb reliable and trustworthy.
  • Less Workload: Automation means you don’t have to remember every detail. The tools help you keep track of what needs to be done.

Simple Steps to Make Airbnb Cleaning Automatic

Discover simple ways to automate Airbnb cleaning and make your cleaning routine simpler. By following these steps, you can maintain a clean place without added hassle, saving you time and effort. Plus, it can help you adjust your Airbnb cleaning fee better.

cleaning an airbnb

Simplifying Professional Cleaning Assistance

Don’t want to do all the cleaning by yourself? Get help from a cleaning expert who knows how to make your place shine for the next guest. This choice not only makes things easier for you but also ensures your Airbnb looks great for the next visitor.

Streamlining Booking Dates Sharing

Do you use Google Calendar to keep track of your bookings? Or maybe you have another way. You can show this calendar to your cleaners so they know when to come for each guest. No need for lots of texting back and forth. Turno can even work with your Airbnb, Vrbo, and other calendars. Whenever someone books your place, it’s right away added to your Turno calendar. Share it with your cleaner to make sure everyone’s on the same page and ready for Airbnb automation.

Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning an Airbnb is different from regular cleaning. There are lots of spots that need attention, like baseboards and ceiling fans, to Automate Airbnb cleaning and ensure a clean and dust-free place. How do you make sure your rental is cleaned just right for both you and your guests? Checklists. An Airbnb cleaning checklist is like your guide to making sure every part of your vacation home is really clean and germ-free. If you’re using Turno, you can also use its checklist feature. You can make your own checklist or pick one from a bunch made by experienced hosts. You can share your checklist with your cleaners, and they can’t finish cleaning until every single item is marked as done.

On our website, we offer a comprehensive Airbnb cleaning checklist that you can utilize. It’s designed to help you streamline your cleaning process and ensure nothing is overlooked for a sparkling space.

Efficient Inventory Monitoring

Like Turno’s checklist, it also has a simple way to track what you need. Decide how much stuff you want in your place at all times. For instance, you might always want three rolls of toilet paper. Your cleaner can tell you when you’re running low. This is helpful because you don’t have to keep checking yourself.

Automate Airbnb Cleaning

Automated Deep Cleaning Scheduling

While regular cleaning is helpful, there are times when your space needs extra attention, such as after a busy summer season. Achieving Automate Cleaning Tasks becomes possible with Turno’s help. You can plan deep cleaning sessions to keep your place looking great. Meanwhile, you can go on with your usual tasks as Turno makes sure these thorough cleanings happen automatically, without you needing to do anything.

Instant Compensation with Easy Payment

Did you know hosts spend around 40 hours a year paying cleaning staff? Automation helps you pay your cleaners right away after they’re done. This takes away the work of paying and gives you more time.


How Do I Automate Airbnb Cleaning?

  1. Get a Pro Cleaner.
  2. Share Your Booking Dates.
  3. Make a To-Do List.
  4. Manage Supplies.
  5. Set Regular Deep Cleans.
  6. Pay Quickly Online.

Can You Automate Airbnb?

Airbnb automation makes managing vacation rentals much easier and faster than doing tasks manually. For instance, automating Airbnb messages has multiple benefits.

How Do I Automate Everything on Airbnb?

Electronic locks simplify Airbnb automation. A Smart TV eases guest check-in and reduces queries.


Automating Airbnb cleaning might sound big, but it’s just about making life easier and guests happier. Try these simple ideas and smart tools to keep your Airbnb clean and ready for the next adventure. So, why not give Automate cleaning tasks a try? It’s a clever move with many rewards. Share your thoughts in the comments too!

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