How to Prevent Bad Reviews on Airbnb

One of the biggest problems hosts face is guests’ bad reviews on Airbnb. Guest reviews are crucial because people usually read them before renting a room. As a result, if they are negative, your bookings will decrease. Although receiving no bad reviews is impossible, there are so many ways to help reduce them as much as possible. Here are some tips that can be helpful.

  • Provide an accurate listing

  • Give clear direction and instructions

  • Be generous

  • Take a look at previous bad reviews

  • Keep your place clean

  • Avoid charging too much


Provide an accurate listing

You should write your Airbnb listing description in great detail. The number of rooms, TV, facilities, furniture, bathrooms, and location should all be mentioned and written about. Moreover, you have to note the downsides of your listing. Some think it is better to leave out the cons. However, if the issues take your guests by surprise, you are more likely to receive a bad review. All in all, do not offer things that you cannot provide and be as accurate as possible.

Give clear direction, instructions.

No matter how fantastic your property is, you will probably get a bad review if you are unclear on the location. Provide information on how to get to the destination, both by car and public transportation. It is also essential to give instructions on using devices and items in the house. You can provide an Airbnb house manual, in the form of a small notebook, and put it in the living room. This way, things will be straightforward, guests will know how to use everything, and they will be satisfied.

Be generous!

Guests will never forget your acts of generosity, even if they are small. You do not need to spend a fortune to make their stay more welcome. Instead, give them little gifts. For example, leave candy on the table, some fruit in the kitchen, or a few drinks in the fridge. You can even make an Airbnb welcome package. This will provide a very positive impression, and as a result, there will probably be fewer complaints.

Take a look at previous bad reviews

No matter how excellent a host you are, you might always leave out some things. If your previous guests have written bad reviews for you, take a look at them. It is always beneficial to know the reasons why your guests may be displeased with your Airbnb. So, please read them carefully, and see what dissatisfied your guests. Then, try not to repeat those actions, or if there are problems with your property, fix them as soon as possible.

Keep your place clean

It is unmistakable that cleanness is one of the essential factors in this business. Try to come up with a good cleaning check-list for your Airbnb. Always clean the rooms after the guests leave. Change the sheets, wash the bathrooms, do not leave the sink dirty, sweep the floor, and dust the walls and windows. Furthermore, it is best if you try to keep your Airbnb allergen-free. This can reduce your bad reviews to a great extent.

The first thing that guests notice when they walk into a room is whether it is clean. If they see your place is a mess, be sure you will get a very bad review.

Avoid charging too much

Nobody likes overpriced rooms. When you are setting a price, take a look at other Airbnb listings and their price so that yours can be reasonable. If you are new to Airbnb, starting with a slightly lower price would be good. Your price should be in harmony with what you are offering. Time to time discounts and special offers will also positively affect the guests.

All in all, negative reviews are inevitable. But if you follow these steps and create a proper Airbnb hosting routine, you will prevent getting them often.

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