Common Issues Airbnb Guests Face and Need Help with

The fact is perfect world where everything is always flawless doesn’t exist! So it’s pretty normal to sometimes face some challenges and issues on a daily basis or even during our holiday plans. Most Airbnb hosts try their best to provide an excellent experience for their guests; no one wants a disappointed guest and bad reviews (6 Reasons Your Guests Are Unhappy) on the checkout day. On the other hand, the visitors who choose an Airbnb to stay in during their holiday want to be in a pleasant clean environment that is worth the money they’re paying. Airbnb guests and hosts often face property or interpersonal issues, leading to unpleasant situations. In this article, we’ll discuss expected Airbnb guest issues and the best ways to address them.

If you’re an Airbnb host, it would be a great help to know more about Airbnb guests’ issues to be prepared for and prevent them. As an occasional Airbnb customer, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with common guest issues to better handle potential situations.

Most Common Airbnb Guest Issues

If you’re an Airbnb host, it would be a great help to know more about Airbnb guest issues to be prepared for and prevent them. As an occasional Airbnb customer, familiarizing yourself with common guest issues can help you handle potential situations effectively.

1. Dirtiness

When guests pay for a rental property, they expect the place to be at least as clean as an upscale hotel room, if not cleaner. Cleanliness is a matter that everyone is serious about it. Failing to clean the area after each checkout will lead to one of the most common Airbnb guest issues that disappoint and frustrate your guests.

What should hosts do?

It’s not as easy as cleaning your Airbnb rental property. sounds. To achieve perfection, it goes beyond basic cleaning tasks like garbage disposal and floor vacuuming. It entails addressing sink rust stains, carpet wine stains, and ceiling cobwebs, and thoroughly polishing surfaces in the bathroom and toilet area. If you can’t do it all by yourself, hire an assistant or a cleaning service team to take care of everything.

clean Airbnb living room

What should guests do?

First, in the case of a dirty Airbnb, ask the host to clean the area again and solve this problem. If the host wasn’t available or refused to respond, you have the right to ask for a cleaning fee refund or cancel the reservation and get your money back, no questions asked. Don’t worry, and patiently await a reply: Airbnb will step in to help you if your host does not.

2. Inaccuracy of descriptions

Airbnb hosts usually take high-quality and very nice photos of their property to attract more attention. These fancy images represent the property’s only representation and are the main reason for guests’ high expectations. It’s good to take lovely photos, as long as the property actually looks like those photos all the time! Overselling a rental property makes nothing but disappointment and complaints. So what to do if the Airbnb you booked turns out to be less than ideal?

What should hosts do?

First of all, accept the fact that your property can’t be perfect cause there is no such thing as an ideal property. Be honest to avoid creating an unreliable image by lying to your guests. Besides that, they will see the flaws and problems eventually, so it’s not going to work out! Write accurate information about your place, and If there are strict rules, limitations, and out-of-control issues, ensure to maintain them too.

What should guests do?

The good news is that Airbnb’s refund policy covers cancellations. However, the Airbnb guarantee can only be used for significant issues with your booked accommodation. If there are fewer bedrooms than mentioned in the listing or the property is dirty, you have the right to request a refund.

3. Unresponsive host

Airbnb guests face issues, have questions about the property, and may require timely host availability for check-in/out adjustments. An unavailable and unresponsive host can easily piss them off and even ruin their holiday. Yes, it’s true, and unfortunately, it’s not impossible to happen to you either!

What should hosts do?

To prevent Airbnb guest issues, promptly address their inquiries and concerns both before and after their arrival. Leave your phone number, WhatsApp, etc., for quick contact.

What should guests do?

Hosts typically respond within a few hours, considering potential time zone differences and occasional internet limitations. In case you can’t access your host, you can contact Airbnb to find out what to do.

4. Extra Fees

Hosts can include various additional costs in the total price of their Airbnb rental, apart from the displayed standard fee. Hosts typically disclose these additional fees in the property description or notify you promptly after you make a booking. One of the most common Airbnb guest issues is when hosts request undisclosed additional fees.

What should hosts do?

If you’ve considered any extra fees for cleaning services, pet fees, etc., mention it in your rental property listing description and be clear about it. It’s highly recommended to be clear about services and extra fees and consider fair prices. Not being honest and clear about the expenses makes your guests feel they’re getting scammed by you!

What should guests do?

The best way to avoid Airbnb guest issues is to ask specifically about the potential extra fees as soon as you’ve booked the place. If you believe the prices are unfair and unreasonably high, you can contact Airbnb to request a refund.

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5. Wi-Fi Issues

Internet is essential for most people today, especially remote workers or business travelers staying for a couple of days. So a high-speed and secure Wi-Fi connection is one of the initials of Airbnb rentals. But some Airbnb guests might find some difficulties connecting their digital devices to the Wi-Fi or working with its settings or passwords.

What should hosts do?

To avoid Airbnb guest issues, create a detailed house manual including router location, reset instructions, and login credentials. Besides an online house manual, it’s better to provide a printed version and give it to your guests on their check-in day.

What should guests do?

If there is a house manual, read it; you’ll probably find the answer to most of your questions. If you can’t find any house manual on the property listing or in the house, contact your host and ask how to fix your Wi-Fi problem.

Final Words

Many Airbnb guest issues can be prevented through host consideration, effort, and guest flexibility. Suppose you’re a host; remember the fact that it’s impossible to make each and every guest satisfied. Be prepared to occasionally receive one or two complaints. In the next step, make an effort to respond in a way that is both apologetic and sympathetic. In addition to that, make the necessary adjustments to solve the Airbnb guests’ problems.

Have your guests ever had any complaints? How did you manage the situation? What did you do to prevent Airbnb guests’ problems? Please comment below.

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