Different Types of Airbnb Rentals

What are the different types of Airbnb rentals?

Airbnb is getting vaster every day. Now guests can choose to stay in the most luxurious homes, cabins in the forests, or even a yacht on the water. These various types of Airbnb rentals allow Airbnb to enlarge its community considerably. As a guest, you have many more choices with these new offerings. As a host, you have more opportunities to invest in different properties.

This article will introduce different types of Airbnb rentals and some services that you need to be familiar with as an Airbnb host.

The Basic Filters on Airbnb!

As a new host in Airbnb, there are some basic filters that you need to be familiar with to decide how you want to rent your property on Airbnb, which are explained below:

Entire Place

If you rent your entire place on Airbnb, guests must have total privacy in indoor areas such as the living room and the kitchen. However, outdoor spaces such as a yard, a garden, or a swimming pool can be shared with other people. Generally, this kind of property is most suitable for people who want to live in another home away from their own.

It is important to note that If you live in the property (ex: you live on another floor), it is best to mention it in the description.

Private Room

If you have an unoccupied room, and you are okay with sharing it with guests, you can use this option. This way, guests can benefit from the privacy of their room and the presence of other locals in the house.

If you want to use this kind of Airbnb rental, you need to be very clear about the house rules and the details. Your guests need to know how many other people may be present on the property. They need to know what parts of the house they can use (ex: kitchen) and how many people they have to share it with.

Shared Room

In this kind of Airbnb rental, the guests will have to share the room they sleep in with other guests. This filter is popular with people with more limited budgets or those looking for extra interaction and new friendships.

Unique Stays

If you want to rent out a space like a houseboat on the water or a cabin in the middle of the woods, make sure to check this box. Hosting unique places attracts many tourists and can be a good source of income for you.


Many guests only choose properties linked to Superhosts because they want the best possible experience, and renting a space from a Superhost is a guarantee.

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What Is Airbnb for Work?

Airbnb rentals: Airbnb for work

With this new service provided by the Airbnb platform, companies can reserve housing for multiple employees. In addition, companies can schedule bookings and keep track of them using the admin dashboard. If you, as a host, want your property to appear more frequently on the Airbnb for Work platform, you need to:

  • Receive excellent reviews from business visitors frequently!
  • Provide a WIFI service with high quality!
  • Supply a well-equipped workstation!
  • Provide your guests with laundry facilities!

And it is best if your property is near the city center or close to the public transportation system.

What Is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb rentals: Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Plus is a collection of properties with the highest quality and the most exceptional hosts. This kind of Airbnb rental is the best option for people who want to feel at home. Therefore, facilities must be of the highest quality. For example, the kitchen needs to be filled with absolutely anything that guests might need. Plus, the supplies and amenities need to be plenty and of the finest quality. To mark your property as Airbnb plus, you need to receive excellent reviews, and an inspector will personally visit your place to see if it meets the requirement.

You can either apply to gain the plus badge or get an invitation to join. However, it is essential to know that applying for Airbnb Plus will cost you some non-refundable money.

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What Is Airbnb Luxe?

Airbnb rentals: Airbnb luxe

After launching the Airbnb plus service, Airbnb took the game to the next level with Airbnb Luxe. This Airbnb rental service is a collection of the most luxurious properties in terms of design and functionality. Inspectors strictly choose these homes regarding over 300 different criteria. Currently, there are only over 2000 homes selected for this service. If you want to be an Airbnb Luxe host, you need to invest a considerable amount of money, however; the income can be fascinating!

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The Final Word!

Airbnb platform has expanded its’ services greatly over the recent years and will continue to do so in the future. This expansion of the different Airbnb rental services is beneficial to both guests and hosts. Guests can have more choices depending on their budget and the kind of experience they’re looking for. Hosts can have more opportunities to start their business or have a better income. Therefore, if you see a new opportunity now that you couldn’t see before, give it a shot!

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