Eco-Friendly Airbnb: Tips and Tricks

How to make your Airbnb Eco-friendly:

Airbnb is getting more popular between hosts and guests every day. One of the reasons for this popularity is that guests can have much more personalized choices than hotels, which also requires a smaller budget. Being Eco-friendly is one factor that distinguishes Airbnb properties from each other and even hotels. Based on a report by the Airbnb website, more than 88% of the Airbnb hosts are using Eco-friendly practices for greener houses.

Therefore, if you as a host have environmental concerns or want to attract more guests looking for Eco-friendly Airbnb lets, this article will guide you into having a greener place for hosting.

Here is a list of things you can do:

  • Provide reusable products

  • Provide a recycling or compost bin and label them clearly

  • Use LED Lights

  • Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

  • Provide Canvas Shopping Bags

  • Use Solar Panels for electricity

Provide Reusable Products

A simple step for having an Eco-friendly Airbnb home is removing all the disposable items from your house. These disposable items are mostly made of plastic and will add to the plastic pollution.

Hence, if you want to show your guests that you care about the environment, use sustainable items in your property. Here are examples of things you can do:

Provide Recycling and Compost Bins and Label Them Clearly

Paper waste Recycle bin

Putting solely one trash can in your home does not suffice for an Eco-friendly Airbnb let. You need to put at least two separate bins for recycling and composting. Make sure to label each clearly, so that the guests wouldn’t throw their trash in the wrong bin. It is also good to have multiple recycling bins for different purposes. The guests will surely appreciate your concern in their reviews.

Use LED Lights

It is best to use LED lights due to the various advantages it offers. They consume 90% less energy compared to the traditional fluorescent lights. This reduction in energy consumption will save you money at the end of the month. However, the bigger picture is that less energy usage will result in using less fossil fuel to create electricity. Moreover, LED light bulbs are manufactured from non-toxic materials that are also recyclable, which is why these LED lights are a must-have for an Eco-friendly Airbnb property.
The other good news is that LED lights will last much longer than traditional light bulbs. Therefore they are again more economically beneficial for you, and won’t need as much replacing as traditional lights.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Another essential step into having an Eco-friendly Airbnb rental is to use ecological or plant-based cleaning products. Not only do they help to protect our environment, but they also are safer for you and your guests. You can also go for homemade cleaning products which are safer for the environment and people. Homemade cleaning products also show your guests how much you care about them and the environment with the time and energy that you have put into this work. Such actions will not go unnoticed in your guests’ reviews.
You can find many ecological cleaning products and homemade recipes on the internet.

Provide Canvas Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly Canvas bag

Most of your visitors will want or need to go shopping at one point during their stay. For example, they might be tourists who want to wander in the malls or guests who need to shop grocery. Providing a canvas shopping bag or other non-plastic bags is a great way to show visitors that you care about the environment.

Make sure to put the canvas bag somewhere totally visible and leave a note suggesting using it instead of plastics. Also, it is best to ask your guests to leave it at home when they want to leave, so that you can give it to your other guests too.

Use Solar Panels

Eco-friendly house with solar panels on the roof

Using solar panels to generate electricity is an excellent investment to save money and protect our environment. Since there will be many guests during the month, the electric bill can be pretty expensive for you at the end of the month, but solar panels can save you considerable money. More importantly, solar panels use the sun’s energy to generate electricity, so less fossil fuel is burnt out, which is better for our planet.


Making your house Eco-friendly does not need a considerable investment and can even reduce your cost in the long term, as mentioned in this article. Furthermore, most tips introduced in this article are practicable and straightforward and will benefit you, your guests, and our environment. Consequently, more people will want to rent your house because it is Eco-friendly, leading to a better income.
Making your property Eco-friendly is a choice YOU have to make, but if you genuinely want to be a MARVELOUS HOST, we recommend you to do it.

Source Our Beautiful Planet Ailuna Blue and Green Tomorrow
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  1. Christa says

    I think it would be a very great idea if we all started to slowly change our old habits and become kinder to our environment. I will surely keep these tips in mind and use them in managing my Airbnb.

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