How to Have a Flawless Airbnb Listing

Catching a flight? Where are you going to stay? Many people nowadays would prefer Airbnb to hotels. But with so many options on the Airbnb website, potential guests may become easily confused as to which to pick. In this piece, we will show you how to make your Airbnb listing really pop for guests. Things that we will cover include:

  • Writing accurate and exciting Airbnb descriptions

  • Taking amazing photos

  • Having a good profile

Writing accurate and exciting Airbnb descriptions

The first thing that catches a guest’s attention is the name of your Airbnb listing. We encourage you to mention the key positives in the name to attract more attention. For example, a listing named “apartment in Toronto” may not perform as well as one called “Stylish Colorful Toronto apartment.”
After the title, one of the first things potential guests see on the Airbnb website is a property’s description. In this short section of the website, the host explains why potential guests should choose their place over others. Therefore, highlighting the key features of your place, such as the fantastic view or great lighting, could be an excellent idea. Another great thing to include in your place’s description could be the potential information necessary for the guests to know. For example, if your home has unique plants that may cause allergies, it would be better to include that in the description.

Taking amazing photos

While technically, the title of a listing comes before the photo, most people spend their time browsing photos more than anything else. Therefore, it’s a great idea to take crisp, high-quality photos for your Airbnb listing so that more and more people are attracted to it. If you are wondering how to take photos for your Airbnb listing here are a few helpful tips:

Make sure your space is clean:

Clutter-free images look so much better, and your place is no exception! Cleaning your place before taking photos can go a long way in making sure guests are attracted to your Airbnb listing.

Try to use natural lighting:

As with any photograph, photos taken from your place look way better when there’s lots of natural lighting in them. Taking pictures in the daytime is far preferable to under lamplight. Natural lighting gives your space the organic feeling that most guests prefer!

Hire a professional or use editing software:

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Hosts looking to have a good performing Airbnb listing may want to consider hiring professionals. While these pro photographers don’t come cheap, they will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run, as their photos can really make your listing look fantastic. The more affordable option, however, is to edit your photos yourself with the help of some simple to use photo editing apps. Usually, tweaking the brightness or colors of your images is an excellent way to get them to look better. However, hosts must be aware that over-edited photos may become quite annoying and drive away potential guests!

Having a good profile

Man and woman sitting on the ground holding a laptop that shows the Airbnb website
When a guest is about to finalize their reservation, they might check the general profile of the host to see how well they have performed in the past. We strongly recommend hosts check their profile regularly and use guest reviews to improve their service and fix mistakes. A flawless Airbnb listing pops even more, when the host’s profile matches it. Try to have a profile picture or highlight a few of your hobbies on the host profile page. This will undoubtedly help potential guests see you as a humble person who pays lots of attention to detail.

All in all, making a perfect Airbnb listing is a process that requires practice and dedication. So, while these tips may help you get started, it is primarily dedication that sets different hosts apart. We hope the information in this article helps hosts get their listings off the ground and going so that they can provide an even better experience for their guests!

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