What Is Considered a Good Airbnb Booking Rate?

The Airbnb booking rate is an indicator that defines how many of your listing visitors make bookings. In other words, it’s a percentage that shows your success in turning online visitors into actual clients. The higher the Airbnb booking rate, the higher chance of getting more new reservations. So, it’s a precious number for hosts and somehow can distinguish the professional and successful hosts from the beginners and unsuccessful ones. The hosts who are very serious about the business want to improve their business and take it to another level, trying hard to raise this rated number.

The following paragraphs will talk more about calculating the Airbnb booking rate and what you can do to improve it.

How to Calculate My Airbnb Booking Rate?

The Airbnb booking rate implies the number of monthly bookings on your listings, so you should use the data of activities on your listings within 30 days. To reach your Airbnb booking rate, you have to divide the number of bookings on your listings by the total visitors who just checked your listings and then multiply it by 100, and here is your booking rate! Well, now I’ve reached the number, is it good enough or not?!

A satisfying and good Airbnb booking rate usually ranges between 1 to 3 percent. Any number between these two ranges can be considered an adequate booking rate. Let’s make it more clear with an example. Imagine 350 people have visited your Airbnb list, and you made ten bookings out of these 350 visitors; put the number in the formula, and the final number will be about 2.8 is in the acceptable range.

Clearly, any Airbnb booking rate under 1 percent shows that there is a severe problem that you have to figure a way out of it and revive your business before it’s too late! Stay tuned to find out how!

How to Improve Your Airbnb Booking Rate?

You probably got it so far that the Airbnb booking rate is an item that shows your success in converting visitors to guests. This number also matters the most to you as a host cause, it represents your listings’ rank on Airbnb. The higher position, the more bookings! So, if you’re asking about improving your booking rate on Airbnb, I tell you to improve the rank of your listings so they can appear on the first results page.

Increase rankings on Airbnb by following these tips!

The fact is most visitors don’t even check more than one page when they’re searching on the Airbnb website. The listings appear on the first page and send this message to the visitors, “we’re better than others; you have to book us!” And believe it or not, the visitors get this message and make their booking! So, the first step to raising your Airbnb booking rate is to make your listings come up on the first page. Here are some tips that can help you through this.

1. Photos Are the Keys!

Airbnb uses multiple algorithms for appealing search results for visitors, and one of the essential algorithms is the quality of your photos. You can’t imagine how high-quality and attractive images grab more attention and can effectively raise your booking numbers cause they’re the main item of your listing that the guests rely on.

taking photo from bedroom

To take better and more attractive photos, follow these tips:

  • Capture in the daylight: natural light makes your photos look more professional, represents the actual color of your furniture, and also makes your property look more delightful and bigger. So always capture your pictures in natural daylight.
  • Corners are better than flat walls: it means it’s highly recommended to capture photos that show the corners and angles too. The corners, angles, and curves add dimensionality to your photos, make them more inviting, and show your property’s size better.
  • Panoramic shots: panoramic shots help you grab more attention and show a room in a single photo. It also raises your visitors’ trust by showing them you’re not trying to hide anything in the house.
  • Show off the unique features: if your property offers superior and special features like a jacuzzi, pool, or amazing backyard, don’t hesitate to take lovely photos of them.

You can also read this Step By Step Airbnb Photography guide to take flawless photos that can significantly raise your Airbnb booking rate and also use these Photo Editing Apps to make them even more attractive!

2. Description

Your listing description should tell everything about your rental property. You should ideally mention every detail about the exact location, neighborhood, ways of access, amenities, prices, and every other tiny detail in the description. Most visitors don’t like to ask multiple questions to get more information about the place, so make sure you input all they might need to know in your descriptions.

3. Respond as Quickly as Possible

Another important factor that impacts Airbnb’s ranking system is the duration between reviews or comments submitted on your listings and the time you respond to them. So, if you want your listing to appear on the first page and raise your Airbnb booking rate, you must lower your response time as much as possible.

4. Promoting Listing Leads to Higher Airbnb Booking Rate

Promoting your listing on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter not only helps you to earn a higher rank on the Airbnb website but also helps your rental property to be discovered by different search engines. It eventually brings you more bookings via these social media platforms.

improving Airbnb booking rate by promoting on facebook

5. Try to Earn more Good Reviews

Nothing can improve your Airbnb booking rate and bring more guests better than other happy guests and their good reviews! You must improve your hosting skills to offer more satisfactory service to your guests. There are various valuable articles and tips you can get help from to improve your hosting skills. It may take a lot of time and effort, but it prevents bad reviews Airbnb, brings you many good reviews, and can take your business to a whole new level, so it’s definitely worth it!

Final Words

As an Airbnb host, your final and primary goal is to make sufficient high income and profit out of your listings. Due to that, you only need to increase the number of your bookings or, in other words, raise your Airbnb booking rate. If you really want that, let me warn you that it’s not an easy-peasy one, just like becoming successful in any other job! It’ll take a lot of time and require more effort and financial investments. The tips and guidelines in this article can help you so much in this journey, but it’s not all of it; you need to read more, work more and experience more to upgrade your hosting skills and business; it’s totally on you!

If you have any questions, related information, or experiences, do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

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