Hosting Foreign Airbnb Guests 2023: Tips and Tricks

How to host foreign Airbnb guests?

Airbnb is an international platform, and as a host, you have to be prepared to approve and host  foreign Airbnb guests. Sometimes the differences in cultures, stereotypes, and languages can become challenging for both parties. You must admit that not every one of your guests is supposed to be from your country and behave based on your expectations. The variation in languages and cultures leads to different behaviors and expectations. In addition, foreign passengers and gusts provide most of the Airbnb host’s income. So it’s essential to become the best choice for international Airbnb guests and create the best experience for them if you want to remain successful in the Airbnb hosting business.

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How to be prepared for hosting foreign Airbnb guests

No matter which area you run your business in, It is essential to constantly update your information and knowledge! However, there could be some obstacles to hosting international Airbnb guests. Still, the good news is you can overcome all of them easily by just gathering some practical knowledge and using them in your business.
Here are some beneficial tips and advice to help you through this experience:

First thing first, the languages!

Obviously, the International Airbnb guests’ languages could differ from yours, which can cause some challenges. It’s your job as a host to overcome language barriers as much as you can. However, most international guests and hosts can communicate and speak in English no matter their first language. To be more prepared, imagine that none of your foreign Airbnb guests are familiar with your language. “What should I do next?” Well, glad you asked! Here are recommended things to do to overcome the language barriers.

Start with your listing.

Your Airbnb listing is the first spot where guests virtually encounter you and your property. So first, detect different languages that people speak around your area or languages of the countries nearby yours. Then translate your listings descriptions into these languages. Start with 3 or 4 languages, and translate your Airbnb listing description into them. You can use free translation platforms to get the job done. It’ll make it much easier for foreign Airbnb guests to check your listings, feel more welcome and connected to you, and eventually choose your place between hundreds of other suggestions on Airbnb.

Configure a way to communicate with foreign Airbnb guests to face

International Airbnb guests

Suppose none of you are familiar with each other’s language; in that case, you can use some helpful translation apps and websites like google translate, DeepL, Linguee, etc., for more convenient communication. Provide a simple booklet for your foreign Airbnb guests that teaches them simple phrases and sentences in your language.
Maintain your patience and be encouraging to your foreign Airbnb guests.
Traveling to a new country with an unknown culture and language could be stressful. As a professional Airbnb host, you have to be patient in listening and understanding what your guests ask and talk about. Create a warm and welcoming environment to make them more comfortable and safe.
You can write them an Airbnb welcome letter in their own language and even prepare an Airbnb welcome package.

Greet the guests in person

When your foreign guests just arrive in your town, finding the best way to get to your place might be challenging and make them anxious. Some hosts choose to greet their guests in person and pick them up from the city train station or airport. Believe it or not, it means a lot to your guests and makes them feel safer and more relaxed.
Ensure guests have a clear understanding of your culture and rules
International Airbnb guests are from different races and countries with diverse definitions of culture and manners. So, it’s essential to clearly outline the rules for your guests to avoid any dilemmas and confusion. The best way is to make printed lists in different languages representing the Airbnb house rules and local customs details and give them to your foreign Airbnb guests.

Create a travel guide for your foreign Airbnb guests

Creating a travel guide for your international Airbnb guests can reduce their anxiety and give them all the information they might need during their stay. It’s essential to share all the required details related to local transportation, directions to cafes, restaurants, museums, and natural scenery. You can present your travel guide in three ways: a shareable link or file, QR code, or physical booklet. Translating your travel guide to your guests’ language is recommended to create more straightforward explanations.

Provide all the necessary amenities

Imagine yourself in your guests’ shoes; what do you need to have a more pleasant experience? Then, consider the answer to this question and try to provide the same things for your foreign Airbnb guests. Here are some examples:

  • Provide charger adapters so they don’t have to purchase one just to use for a couple of days.
  • Put some local snacks and drinks in their room to give them a new pleasant experience.
  • Provide high-speed Wi-Fi routers to ensure they can easily access the internet.

We have provided an Airbnb amenities checklist. If you need more information, make sure to check it out.

Design a local tour or host an Airbnb experience

International Airbnb guests

If you want to become a professional Airbnb host with a high income, you have to use your creativity and be able to offer additional services. Consider all the services your guests will need in different areas during their stay. All the previous tips are beneficial and practical, but what’s another thing that most foreign Airbnb guests need?
Yes! A local tour with a local tour guide! Most international Airbnb guests choose other countries to encounter their culture and people and visit their natural or architectural sites. So it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your guests. Design a local tour and offer it to your guests. You can take the responsibility of tour guiding and give your guests the taste of your local culture. If you’re too busy, you can ask your co-host to do that or even hire an expert tour guide to handle it!

Final words

All the tips and suggestions will help you make your place feel more welcoming for your international Airbnb guests who have come a long way to arrive at your doorstep hoping to find peace, joy, and comfort during their stay. But, don’t forget that for most foreign guests, you’re not just a local Airbnb host; you’re a representative of your country, culture, and people in your foreign guests’ eyes.
Have you ever hosted a foreigner? What did you do? Tell us about your experiences and suggestions in the comment section below.

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