How to Come Up with a Good Airbnb Title

Creating an attractive Airbnb title is one of the first steps in improving your listing and the secret to increasing bookings on the Airbnb platform. In other words: The more engaging title, the more viewers, higher rank, and booking rates on Airbnb.

But how can we choose the best title?

Take These Following Steps

You need a catchy name for your Airbnb listing that grabs the attention of every scroller on the Airbnb website! Your Airbnb title can highly impact your listing viewers and also booking rate. Choosing an attractive and creative Airbnb title gives potential guests the idea that they can experience a marvelous time in your accommodation.

Your title can be up to 50 characters. So, it must be short but descriptive enough to highlight the best characteristics of your house. How to create the best Airbnb title for my listing? Where to start? What if it sounds ridiculous instead of creative? You may ask. Don’t worry; we’re going to handle it! Just stay tuned till the end and follow the leads!

Choose Your Target Market

Before choosing your Airbnb title, you need to bring up some questions and try to find the best answers.

Who are your target guests, and what they’re seeking?

Instead of trying to attract all types of people, focus on a specific audience. Who are your target guests? What are they interested in? What kind of Airbnb house did you choose if you were in their shoes? A party house or just a cozy, calm place to chill with family?
Think about the wants and needs of your target guests and try to write a title that can resonate with them. It’ll help you to use proper vocabulary. Pay attention to each word in your title and its connection to your target guests. For instance, if your target guests are a couple, using words with romantic context like “love,” “lovely,” “cozy,” “romantic,” etc., in your Airbnb title is the key to enticing couples searching for a vacation destination while these words can’t grab the business travelers’ attention.

How will your property answer guest’s needs?

Can your rental property answer your target audience’s expectations? What amenities are provided in your house that seems attractive for your guests? is it a pet-friendly Airbnb or not? Is there any specific amenity like a hot tub, jacuzzi, fireplace, or outstanding view? Try to mention them in your Airbnb title, then!

Try to Use All the Characters

As mentioned, an Airbnb title can be up to 50 characters. When it comes to appealing to guests, each of those 50 characters counts, so try to use all of them wisely. It might be challenging to keep it brief when trying to include many details in your title. In such situations, shorthand notations like abbreviations and symbols are incredibly useful.

Use Abbreviations and Symbols

It might be challenging to keep it brief when trying to include many details in your title. In such situations, shorthand notations like abbreviations and symbols are incredibly useful. If you want to save more space, we recommend you shorten some words and use abbreviations like:

  • W/ (With)
  • BR (Bedroom)
  • BA (Bathroom)
  • APT (Apartment)
  • AC (Air Conditioning)
  • DT (Downtown)

You can also save some space by replacing words with emojis. To find the appropriate emoji or symbol quickly, we suggest you use an online emoji keyboard like google emoji keyboard, copy the emoji that fits your Airbnb title, and paste it there. Be creative, but stay moderate; guests might not take your Airbnb name seriously if you use too many symbols and emojis.



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Best airbnb title

Avoid Cliches

Inviting words is a must for a successful Airbnb name. If you want to be different from other Airbnb titles, avoid cliches like “nice,” “beautiful,” or “awesome” cause literally everyone uses them! It’s better to use creative, descriptive words in your title. It’s better to use words that specify and describe your property’s character, architectural style, and vibe.

  • Spacious
  • Rare
  • Green
  • Hidden Gem
  • Renovated
  • Secluded
  • Peaceful
  • Contemporary
  • Luxury
  • Glamorous
  • Oasis
  • Resort
  • Couple’s Getaway

Don’t Use Too Many Uppercases

Yes, capital letters are more attention-grabbing, but no one takes an Airbnb title written entirely in capital letters seriously! So if you want to be taken seriously online, only type in some capital letters. Titles written in total capital letters are less likely to entice guests to book a property than those written in lowercase. In addition, titles written entirely in capital letters make visitors think you offer poor quality services or it’s a scam! Avoid using all capital letters and use a title case or sentence case when writing an Airbnb title.

Emphasize Your Property Features

To increase your booking rate and get more attention to your listing, highlight and emphasize your property’s most appealing features and amenities in its title. If you need to learn how to do so, taking the following steps will help you.

  • Review some of the best and highly rated listings and check their titles.
  • Survey to find out what aspect of your rental is most highly regarded by past renters.
  • Consider offering your guests free parking, Wi-Fi, a pool, and a hot tub, and mention these perks in your Airbnb title.
  • In case you have discounts or seasonal offers, make sure to mention them in your title. Nothing makes guests want to hunt you like a good discount!
  • Sometimes there are special events or festivals in the city or the area your property is located in. in these cases, change the title of your listings and include the name of that specific festival or event in your titles.

Did a Renovation? Mention It!

You must constantly update your skills and rental property to survive in the Airbnb hosting business. Remember to include your recent property renovations and new equipment in your Airbnb title by using proper adjectives and then describing it more in the description box. Your potential guests love to know more about your renovations and how these renovations can improve their travel experience. That can amazingly raise the reservations.

Mention Nearby Landmarks

When describing your location, it’s better to refer to a nearby landmark instead of the name of the city or area. Most tourists prefer rental properties near natural attractions and famous sightseeing. Since most travelers pay extra money on rental cars to get to landmarks and well-known places, being close to these places could be your trump card because it cuts down their expenses. So, you can convince potential renters that your property is convenient by pointing out a well-known landmark in the area.

Use These Formulas to Create an Outstanding Airbnb Title

Here are some samples to help you learn how to come up with an excellent title for your Airbnb listing. Here are four ways to create a killer title and increase your Airbnb listing viewers.

  • Adjective + Property Type + w/ + Top Features

Rustic Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View

  • Adjective + Property Type + Near Landmark

Spacious 4 BR Near Eiffel Tower – 7 Min Walk

  • Adjective + Property Type + Perfect for + Experience Type

Luxury Beach House Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaway

  • Enjoy + Selling Point + at + Adjective + Property Type + in/at + Location

Enjoy Sunsets at Fully Equipped 2BR Condo at the Beach


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Create a Catchy Airbnb Title

The Best Samples of Airbnb Titles

Now, let’s check some of the best Airbnb titles and see why they’re more engaging than other ones.

Rustic Private Cottage w/ King Bed + Oceanside View

This fantastic catchy title aims to invite guests looking for a rental property with a unique character. The property’s rustic private cottage gives a sense of its antique and vintage vibe. You can virtually picture the vibe of this melodramatic location without looking at pictures when its title contains the ocean view. The cabin becomes even more fascinating when viewers see the main feature, the king-sized bed, in the title.

Spacious 4 BR Near Eiffel Tower – 7 Min Walk

This title emphasizes the distance from a well-known landmark and advertises the location’s convenience. Travelers looking for a place to stay downtown pay attention to the closeness of the property and the city landmark. Thanks to this location, travelers can finish their sightseeing plans quickly.

Luxury Beach House Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaway

Like other fascinating Airbnb titles, this one is also written for a specific target market: couples looking for a lovely romantic beach house to have a relaxing weekend. This title helped the property to stand out from other similar properties.

Enjoy Sunsets at Fully Equipped 2BR Condo at the Beach

This title immediately grabs travelers’ attention at first glance. A remarkable sunset view takes this rental property to a new level. It also gives all the details about the property, location, and features.


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Believe it or not, an appealing Airbnb title can increase the number of your guests five times more than before. By writing a memorable and catchy title, you can improve the chances of bookings and attract more people’s attention to your place. You can write an engaging Airbnb title by following the criteria and formulas mentioned in this article. You will see the result sooner than expected if you take the steps mentioned. What is the best Airbnb title that you’ve ever seen? If you wanted to choose an outstanding Airbnb title, how would you do that? Share your questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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