How to Prepare an Airbnb Welcome Package 2023

Preparing the Perfect Airbnb Welcome Package for Your Guests:

As a host, you need to do everything you can to make sure your guests aren’t displeased when staying in your Airbnb. Apart from cleaning your Airbnb thoroughly and providing facilities which everyone does, you can go beyond and be more creative. Nothing says you care more than preparing an innovative Airbnb welcome package. It shows that the guests are important to you, and they will feel more at home. This simple act will create a good memory for them, and as a result, you can improve your Airbnb ranking. There are many things you can do to make your perfect package. In this article, we will help you with it.

  • What should you include in your Airbnb welcome package

  • How to make your Airbnb welcome package memorable

  • Some ideas for the present

What should you include in your Airbnb welcome package?

The items you can put in your basket are so variable. You just need to remember that it should be something welcoming, memorable, practical, and useful at the same time. Here are the things you can include:

A welcome note:

Write an Airbnb welcome letter, preferably in your own handwriting, to show intimacy. Introduce yourself in the beginning. Tell your guests about yourself, your background, career, age, and whatever you think fits. Knowing the host makes people feel less like strangers. After that, thank them for choosing your property, for staying, and let them know how much you appreciate it. Tell them that they can contact you in case of any emergency, and wish them an enjoyable stay at the end.

A guest book:

A guest book plays the role of a complete guide in your Airbnb welcome package. You can make some copies of it and put one in each package. In your guest book, you need to include some necessary information:

  • Emergency numbers
  • The host’s contact info
  • Necessary addresses (such as the closest emergency room, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.)

You can also write some pages about interesting local places they can visit like museums, parks, historical buildings, etc. Finally, if you are hosting an Airbnb smart home add some instructions about the devices you have on your property, and explain how to use each.

A small present:

Who would not like to get a gift? It shows your generosity as a host, and it is the surprise part of your Airbnb welcome package that the guests will love. The gift you want to purchase can be anything. You do not have to spend a fortune on it. First, decide how much you want to spend on it. It is a good idea to get some information about your guests and buy the gifts accordingly. Things like their age, gender and possibly profession might help you get a more suitable present.

How to make your Airbnb welcome package memorable

Airbnb welcome package

Personalize it.

Personalized things stick in mind. Can you make handicrafts? If yes, you can make your own boxes and your own gift. Do you have a logo? Print it on your Airbnb package. It will make you look more like a professional host. Personalizing your Airbnb package can make a great impression on people.

Decorate your package.

After putting in all the necessary stuff, it is time to show your creativity. Get a pretty basket or a box, whichever you prefer, and put your things in it. If any special occasion is upcoming, take it as an advantage.  For example, if it is around Christmas, include some Christmas cookies and ornaments, and try to use the colors green and red more.

If it is Valentine’s day, do not forget hearts. Heart-shaped cookies, chocolate, soap, candles, anything. Something that can make your welcome package beautiful is flowers. Buy some fresh flowers and put them in the box. After you are done, you can use some wrapping papers and ribbons to gift wrap your pack. Finally, you can watch some videos for ideas.

Some ideas for the present:

As mentioned before, you can choose so many things as your gift. Here are some popular items:

A bottle of wine

A bottle of wine looks very classy, and most people can enjoy drinking it after a long trip.

Something from local shops.

If your area has local shops that sell handmade things that are special for your region, it will be an exciting gift to put in your Airbnb welcome package.


It is economical and popular. Buy some chocolate, cookies, bottles of juice, and anything that you think is delicious. They will love it.


Small bottles of shampoo, soaps, lotions, creams, and body mists will convey a sense of cleanness, and they are always a perfect present for everybody.

There are various ways in which you can provide a perfect Airbnb welcome package. It is not obligatory, but it helps increase the chances of success in your hosting career more than you think.

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