How to Turn Your Property Into a Pet-Friendly Airbnb?

As a professional Airbnb host, you probably want to expand your business and make more income by developing your property and business strategies that eventually attract more guests to your rental property. One of the best ways to increase your booking rate on Airbnb is to turn your rental property into a pet-friendly Airbnb. But is it worth it? Why a pet-friendly Airbnb is always better? How to do that? These are the questions were going to address in this article. Stay tuned till the end.

Why a Pet-Friendly Airbnb is Better?

So many people travel with their entire family, including their pets. They usually can’t leave them alone for days at home, especially on long-term holidays. According to the American Pet Products Association and its UK counterpart %68 of American families and %, 46 of British families own one or more pets. That’s why the pets allowed options are the most required amenities guests look for and have priority for the Airbnb website search engine.

Benefits of Having Pet-Friendly Airbnb

a small dog hiding in a suitcase in a pet friendly Airbnb

Attracting a Wider Range of Guests

The fact is that pet-friendly vacation rentals attract more guests. As a result, your chances of a wholly booked vacation rental increase as your customer groups expand.

You Can Charge Higher!

Pet-friendly rentals often charge more per night because pet owners prefer to pay extra and be with their pets instead. Raising your nightly fee increases your total income. But how much you should charge your guests for the Airbnb pet fee?

Better Guests Experience

A pet-friendly Airbnb improves its guest’s experience. It means the world to pet owners to let them bring their pets. So it makes their vacation more memorable and delightful. As a result, your guests will be more likely to leave excellent feedback and suggest your home to other pet-owner travelers.

It Helps You to Leave the Competitors Behind

Allowing owners to bring their pets to your rental gives you an advantage online. Airbnb’s platform includes a filter that allows customers to filter their search results for pet-friendly rentals. By enabling this filter, you will be competing against fewer rentals and will be able to get more bookings.

Despite all the benefits and advantages a pet-friendly Airbnb can have, many Airbnb hosts may not be able to accept pets for various reasons, including the inability to install specific amenities (like fences), space limitations, or intense allergic responses.

Tips to Make Your Airbnb Pet Friendly

Cute dog and suitcase in a pet friendly Airbnb

As mentioned before, every host can’t accept guests with pets. If you’re considering greeting these fluffy adorable visitors, you need to make your place more pet-friendly for your guests and their pet’s comfort and joy. The following suggestions will help you through that aim:

Add Pet Rules to Your Pet-friendly Airbnb Manual

First, if you don’t have a guidebook or house manual, make one right now; they’re a big help that saves your time and business! After adding all the necessary information and rules to your Airbnb house manual, it’s better to add the rules related to the pets to avoid any possible misunderstanding and issues. But what rules should I add? You may ask. Well, it’s better to mention the off-limit areas, remind your guests to control their pet noises, such as barking, and report any damage caused by their pet as soon as possible. These are the basic rules, and it’s up to you if you need to add more but don’t make it too strict and complicated.

Define the Pet Areas in Your Pet-friendly Airbnb

To keep the pets from entering the restricted areas and rooms, you will need to put up barriers such as fences and gates. To stop them from digging garbage, make sure the trash cans and bins are out of their reach at all times.

Don’t Forget about Amenities and Supplies

It’s recommended to place food and water bowls for cats and dogs, as this will improve the experience for both the guests and their pets. It’s vital that you provide a litter box for cats in addition to a scooping tray for dogs. It would be wonderful if there were some entertaining toys for pets to keep themselves entertained with. We highly recommend you use our pet-friendly checklist to make sure everything is set and prepared!

Pet-Friendly Fabrics

When you have pets, they will leave behind a lot of fur and stains on your furniture and other surfaces, both of which can be quite difficult to remove. It is recommended that you cover both your indoor and outdoor furniture with fabrics that are more resistant to stains and animal furs, such as microfiber or canvas.

Install Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

It is strongly recommended that rugs and carpets be avoided, especially in areas that are frequently traversed by pets. Place them in the bedrooms or other places of the house that are not accessible to pets if they are a part of the design of your property. Consider installing wood and tiles on most of your property surfaces, which are the two types of surfaces that are the least difficult to clean.

Final Words

By a bit of analyzing, you can see that making your rental property pet-friendly is worth it. Since it has lots of benefits and no challenges to make your property more welcoming to these adorable furry creatures, it makes perfect sense to become a pet-friendly host in a pet-friendly Airbnb!

Is your property pet friendly too? Tell us about your related experiences in the comment section below.

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