Required standards for Listing Your Space on Airbnb

Booking an Airbnb has become the alternative to hotel reservations for many travelers these days. Therefore, countless people are starting to rent their space on Airbnb. Since online house renting is a competitive business, you need to check if your place meets the required standards. There are several strategies for keeping up with your rivals. It is not very complicated. All you need to do is follow a basic set of rules. We will mention a few of those in this article:

  • Commitment

  • Photography

  • Cleanliness

  • Accuracy

  • Communication

  • Pricing strategy


Stay committed

If you want to meet the required standards, the key is to be committed. For this purpose, remember always to upload the bookings and all the check-in information on time. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid canceling the guests’ reservations unless you have a perfect reason. To avoid potential problems, make sure you know all about the Airbnb cancellation policy.

Take good photos

There are no specific or complex rules for the photos you upload on the website. All you need to do is tidy up your space before capturing pictures and take them with a good quality camera. The more specific and detailed photos you upload, the better. This way, you have met one of the required standards. For more information you can check out our step by step Airbnb photography guide.

Keep things tidy

Living room with modern interior design
Cleanness is a necessary standard for all Airbnb properties. So, keep your place clean, as well as sanitary. Be careful about pests and molds. You do not want to put the guests’ health at risk. Once in a while, dust and vacuum the rooms. After the previous guests leave, clean the whole place, take out the trash, and check if you are out of toilet papers and plastic bags. If you violate the cleaning terms, Airbnb might suspend you.

Be accurate with your listing

When writing your Airbnb listing description, remember to be straightforward. Consider adding the exact location, room type, amenities, and properties included in your place. Do not have the guests face any issues by surprise.

Be a good communicator

Be available to your guests. If they have any questions, answer them patiently, even if their answer is already in your description. Always be respectful, and keep a friendly but formal tone. If they face any problems and difficulties, try and do your best to solve them. Good communication is absolutely a required standard.

Set the proper price

Although it would be good to gain more money, you do not want to overcharge people. When you want to set the price for your place, be aware of the standard fees. For this matter, you can check other hosts’ rooms and their prices and see which property is similar to yours. Remember that it is best to stay reasonable. That being said, you have to avoid undercharging as well.

All in all, there are various tips you can read about to improve your business, meet the required standards and attract more people. Be responsible, accurate, available, and disciplined, and you are good to go.

Source Hospitable Airbnb
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    This helped me stop over-thinking lol. I’m a student and I live in a very small apartment but i have an extra room and I’ve been wondering if I could make some money by renting it.

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