Step by Step Airbnb Photography

Simple Steps for Airbnb Photography:

Creating a perfectly impressive Airbnb listing has always been a pain in hosts’ necks, especially the newbies. However, no one can deny how crucial the listing is, and probably the most critical part of it is the photo section. The first time the potential guests get a clue of how your property looks is through your photos. So you are basically giving out the first impression. If you have experienced looking for a place to stay, I am sure you have swiped through images before you decide. Considering all these, now you know how much it matters to make your Airbnb photos flawless. In this article, we will discuss how to do your Airbnb photography, from preparing to the uploading part.

  • What to do before shooting.

  • How to take photos.

  • What to do after shooting.

  • Do you need a professional?

What to do before shooting.

Clean up your place.

Before taking your Airbnb photos, it is vital to do a whole-house cleaning. Take out the trash, order the furniture, wash the dishes, empty the sink, do not leave any garbage on the floor, clean the walls, wash the bathroom and toilet, make the beds, dust, vacuum and clean the floor. You can always use a step by step Airbnb cleaning check-list to make sure you won’t miss a single spot. After all,  nobody would like to see a mess in pictures.

Make your place look beautiful and lively.

After cleaning everywhere, it is time to be creative. You have to pay extra attention to your Airbnb’s interior design. To make your rooms look better in photos, use some decorations. For example, put some plants in the corners, books, and magazines on the tables. Turing on some candles in the bathroom would also generate a very good vibe. Also, use any decorative thing you think suits the atmosphere of your house, but remember, too much is not good!

Set your lighting

The best time for doing your Airbnb photography is in the daylight. Start it before it gets dark, and turn your property’s lights on as well. You can also consider using some professional lighting tools for better results. The lighting will make your photos look more professional. It gives a better view to your potential guests, and the cleanness gets bolder.

Prepare your equipment

It is recommended to use a digital camera. They usually have better quality than phones. Get a tripod if possible, and fix your camera on it. It will help you take better pictures. If you are using your phone camera, clean the lenses, and get a stand for it to keep it steady.

How to take the photos.

Airbnb photography: hands holding a phone to take pictures

Get the corners.

Instead of directly shooting the wall, try to take photos facing the corner. It will show two sides of the room instead of one, makes your property seem a little larger, and all in all, would look better. Then, include the key elements in each room. For example, try to show:

  • The furniture in the living room
  • The shower and toilet in the bathroom
  • The fridge and oven in the kitchen
  • The beds and closets in bedrooms, etc.

Get the details.

After capturing all the main parts of your property, do not forget to spend some time on the details. You have to give an overview of your place in your Airbnb photography, but it is also essential to show more minor things. It can actually have a significant effect on the potential guests. If you think some part of your house looks very nice, if you have some artwork, a beautiful garden, or anything that you think might look interesting, it can be helpful for you. Please do not underestimate the details; they will show that your place is warm, cozy, welcoming, and homey.

Use the panorama feature.

Panoramic photos give a view of the whole room altogether in one picture, and it will help people decide if they like your Airbnb or not.

Shoot different angles.

Take pictures from different angles Of each of your rooms when doing Airbnb photography. Of course, you do not have to upload all of them. However, you will check later to see which ones are better looking. Remember to upload at least two pictures of each room on the website.

Do not forget the outdoor area.

After finishing interior photography:

  1. Get out of your property.
  2. Make sure it is still daytime.
  3. Take a photo of your building, the front part of your house, the yard or garden, and your garage.

The exterior design is important to some people when it comes to deciding whether they want to rent a place or not.

What to do after shooting.

Airbnb photography: hands holding a phone to take pictures

Select your best pictures.

You might have taken a lot of images, but of course, you should not use them all. Instead, please look at them carefully, and pick the best ones considering lighting, quality, and other aspects. Remember that it’s totally okay if your photos aren’t flawless; because you can always edit them with some simple-to-use photo editing apps.

Put the photos in categories.

Now that you have chosen your best Airbnb photos, it is time to upload them. It won’t look good if you upload pictures of different rooms in random order. If you categorize them, guests can decide better and not be confused.

Upload the best photo first.

For each of your categories, put the best photo first. It will catch people’s eye, and they will be interested in looking more into details of your property, resulting in a higher chance of booking your place!

Do you need a professional?

Here we have explained some basic tips and rules that might help you with your Airbnb photography. But be honest with yourself, can you really take good photos? If your answer is yes, and you are sure of your skills, do it yourself. But if you cannot do it perfectly, it is highly recommended to ask a professional to do it for you. Remember that your photos say a lot about your place, so they need to be perfect in order to attract people. It might cost you some money, but it will pay off.

Overall, Airbnb photography does not have any strict rules or regulations. They just need to be outstanding so that you will be recognized as one of the high-rated hosts and become successful in your Airbnb business.

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