Is it Possible to Have a Successful Airbnb Business?

Successful Airbnb business:

If you are planning to start renting your property on Airbnb, you might be wondering if your Airbnb business’ success is guaranteed. Well, the short answer to that is a big no. As with any other business, the success of an Airbnb can never be fully insured. However, there are many things you can do to increase your popularity as a host and make more money. Here are some factors that can affect your Airbnb success.

  • Picture quality

  • Communication

  • Cleanliness

  • Importance of reviews

  • Details

  • Price

Picture quality

What your property looks like is quite important. The guests see your place for the first time in the pictures you have uploaded on the website. So, it is essential to pay attention to the quality and visibility of your photos. Use a good camera, take pictures of every corner, and tidy up your space before taking photos. If you are not skilled at taking photos you can take a look at some step by step Airbnb photography guides. Plus, there is always the option of using photo editing apps to improve your Airbnb pictures. Believe it or not, good photography can bring you closer to running a successful Airbnb business.


The impression you make on potential guests is essential. To impress them:

  • Welcome them warmly (either personally or with an Airbnb welcome package)

  • Act formal but friendly

  • Always be available to answer their questions

  • Be open to their suggestions

Even if everything is perfect about your Airbnb, you are unlikely to be a successful Airbnb host if you cannot communicate with your guests.


When guests enter your property, they expect to see clean rooms. So:

  • Always clean the place when guests check out

  • Take out the trash and wash the dishes

  • Change the sheets and provide clean towels

  • Check if there are toilet papers and plastic bags

  • Try to keep your Airbnb allergen-free

  • It’s best if you use Eco-friendly cleaning methods

  • If necessary, hire somebody to help you take care of the cleaning

If you underestimate the effect of cleanliness, your Airbnb may not be very successful.

Importance of Reviews

Guest reviews are critical. Everyone can read them, and many people decide to rent your place based on these reviews. So it is essential to try to prevent receiving bad reviews on the Airbnb website. Even if you try to do your best, you might leave some important things out or be unaware of certain problems. Reading your guests’ reviews will help you improve. Always pay attention to their complaints and concerns. Then, try to solve those problems and succeed as a host.


To be more successful than others, you need to pay attention to small details which other hosts usually forget. For example, everybody knows they need to keep their space clean and provide comfortable furniture and appliances for their guests. But how many hosts think about their guests’ entertainment and fun? Have a shelf in the living room filled with books, magazines, puzzles, and games. Pay lots of attention to your Airbnb’s interior design. Decorate your place with figures and proper lighting. Put some instant coffee, tea bags, and chocolate on the table. These small details attract everybody. They will love you!


Man holding a phone with an Airbnb logo

How many people are there who ignore the price of the room they want to rent? Almost none! Set your Airbnb price carefully. Do not overcharge people. Be reasonable. The size of your place, its location, the number of rooms, the accommodation, the features, and the services you are offering all affect your fee. If you want to be a successful Airbnb host, you need to pay attention to your pricing. If you are new to the business, start with a lower price. Have some offers for special occasions like Christmas Holidays and extended stays.

Success on Airbnb can never be guaranteed. But the more effort you put into your business, the more successful you will become. It is not impossible. All you need to do is be better and better every day in this competitive business.


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