How to Turn Your Property into The Perfect Airbnb Travel Destination

The Airbnb rental service has spread in almost 220 countries worldwide, and it is becoming increasingly popular. For many reasons, such as hotels being expensive, especially in high seasons, numerous travelers prefer renting rooms on websites like Airbnb. Nowadays, many homeowners are renting out their places and are trying to improve in order to attract more travelers and make extra money. Of course, listing your home on the Airbnb website is not much of a difficult task on its own. However, becoming a successful host is a different story. To turn your regular home into the perfect Airbnb travel destination means to be the best version of yourself as a host.

So, if you are trying to bring out the best in yourself and your property, stay with us through this article to find out how:

  • Be honest and precise in your listing

  • Do not underestimate first impressions

  • Become a tour guide

  • Prepare yourself for emergencies

  • Do not leave personal belongings in your property

  • Stock your place properly

  • Clean your home like a pro

  • Try out your own Airbnb

  • Try to become a Superhost

Be honest and precise in your listing

Nobody’s perfect, but that’s alright! So, don’t pretend. Do not exaggerate anything about your Airbnb. If there are any drawbacks, mention them in a mellow way. Make your listing description as precise as possible.
Remember that you are trying to act as a fantastic Airbnb travel destination, so try to consider a traveler’s needs. Make sure all your available amenities are in the finest shape possible, so your guests face no trouble and feel at home. Include the details and location of exciting nearby places in your Airbnb house manual. Also, since your guests are unfamiliar with the area, leave them the address of a few good restaurants, cafes, parks, and shopping malls.
Keep in mind that one of your most essential duties as a host is to be helpful to your guests.

Do not underestimate first impressions

Everyone likes a kind host. If possible, welcome the guests personally when they arrive. If not, leave them a lovely welcome basket with a handwritten message. When they talk to you for the first time, try to keep a friendly tone. Trust me; your pleasant behavior will grab their attention. A good travel destination and a delightful stay require a well-behaved Airbnb host.

Become a tour guide

Tourists travel to other countries to go sightseeing and enjoy the uniqueness of the food and culture. They don’t want to spend their whole time in their rooms. Give your guests some information about the tourist attractions around your property. Tell them about your country or city’s traditions, food, and culture. Let them know your country’s cultural dos and don’ts in your Airbnb house manual. In your free time, offer to show them around the city yourself. If you find such activities enjoyable, you can even try your hand at hosting an Airbnb Experience. Airbnb experiences could help you gain more income and learn many things about travelers. Don’t forget that knowing your guests can help you turn your Airbnb into a better travel destination.

Prepare yourself for emergencies

Young man on the phone

Issues are inevitable and sometimes unpredictable. Always be available so that your guests can contact you when something comes up. There’s always the possibility of a sudden problem with the sewer and pipes, so make sure to have a plumber’s number. If it is possible for you, install smoke detectors in your home, and provide a first aid kit. No one likes to deal with problems of such sort when they’re on vacation or visiting a foreign country. So always be responsible and available.

Do not leave personal belongings in your property

Imagine renting a place as your travel destination, opening the closet, and seeing the host’s clothes there. How would you feel? Most probably annoyed. The rooms and empty spaces are for the guests; they need them. Empty all the drawers and closets, and take away all of your personal stuff. This way, you will not cause them any unexpected trouble and save yourself from negative Airbnb reviews.

Stock your place properly

If you want to run the perfect travel destination, you need to become more thoughtful towards your guests. Think about it; certain things are absolutely necessary for every traveler whether they’re traveling for business or fun. So, make a list of those things and stock your Airbnb Kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. I’m sure your guests will be pretty displeased if they’d have to go to the store for every tiny little thing they find missing. If you aren’t sure what to put on your list, here are a few tips:

  • Put shampoos, body washes, soaps, and clean towels in your bathrooms.

  • Place clean sheets on the beds, and make sure to leave extras in one of the drawers.

  • If it’s a cold season, make sure your guests have access to multiple clean, warm blankets.

  • One of the most important parts of your Airbnb is the kitchen. So, make sure to stock it with some necessary things. For example, you can leave some eggs, coffee, tea, water bottles, cheese, fruit, bread, or pasta for your guests.

  • It would appeal to your tourist guests if you also left some of your city or country’s special snacks for them to enjoy.

Clean your home like a pro

Cleaning is not just about changing the sheets and taking out the trash. You need to do more. Wash the carpets, vacuum the couches, clean the walls, dust the tables, wardrobes, drawers, basically everywhere. Also, make sure that your Airbnb is allergen-free. Let’s put it like this: Your Airbnb’s tidiness has to awe your guests. If you cannot do it yourself, try to hire a professional with the help of your Airbnb cleaning fee. There are a lot of cleaning services you can contact and use. Obviously, no one would choose a messy place as their destination.

Try out your own Airbnb

Airbnb gift card

The best way to understand a situation is to be in that situation. Even if you put a considerable amount of effort into transforming your Airbnb into the perfect travel destination, you may still forget some tiny details. Imagine you are a guest and rent your place every now and then. Stay in your home for a few nights, see how comfortable you feel. Does everything seem okay? Is there anything you need that you cannot find there? Is anywhere dirty? Are there any problems? The answer to these questions can help you a lot. Seeing how it actually feels to stay in your place makes you understand the guests’ needs better; therefore, you can improve your Airbnb and your hosting routine.

Try to become a Superhost

If you are an Airbnb host, you probably are familiar with the concept of Superhost. Superhosts are the most popular hosts on Airbnb. They are the most remarkable travel destinations for Airbnb guests. You can be one of them too. You should follow specific rules to be one:

  • Have at least ten trips or three reservations that altogether equal 100 nights of stay in your place.

  • Keep a 90 percent rate of response.

  • Keep cancellations under 1 percent.

  • Your rating should be 4.8 or higher.

It seems a little tricky, but it isn’t impossible. So, don’t be scared and give it a try!

Rental rooms are becoming a popular alternative to hotels for travelers worldwide. If you make wise choices and try hard enough, you will be very successful, and your property will be the perfect Airbnb travel destination.

Source Investopedia Fast Company The Points Guy
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