Transform Your Airbnb into a Luxury Haven

As a professional Airbnb host, you must choose your target customers, and there are plenty of customers who prefer to stay in a luxury Airbnb rather than a typical one. If you’re trying to target these kinds of customers, you have to create a reason for them to make them choose your rental property instead of a standard hotel room. Of course, the prices are much more affordable on Airbnb than on hotels, but the price is not the only factor that impresses customers looking for a luxury Airbnb. To make your Airbnb more luxurious, you have to compete with the elegant hotels and learn from them. You have to challenge your hosting skills and your guests’ services constantly.

What more services should I offer than other Airbnbs and typical hotels?! You should constantly ask this question yourself. Luckily, there is no need to do complete overhauls and constructive changes in most cases.

In the following paragraphs, we teach you how to upgrade your house to a luxury Airbnb by doing some simple tricks.

Tips to Make Your Airbnb Feel More Luxurious

Some tips can upgrade your house to a luxury Airbnb. The good news is none of these tips and tricks are super expensive, and you can quickly execute them without getting bankrupt. However, it’s necessary to spend some pennies, but it’s totally worth it. The following tips are affordable, but they’re not effortless at all! But no pain, no gain, right?!

1. Keep Your Luxury Airbnb as Clean as a New Pin!

First things first, it’s essential to keep the rooms very clean, organized, and neat, and not only the room, but you also have to remove each and every sign of messiness and spots in the whole place. That is what the hotels are best at! Whether you have a professional cleaning team or you and your cohost do the cleaning yourself, a checklist is always needed. The cleaning checklist (Airbnb Checklists) helps you not forget to clean and organize everything. The point is to remove all the signs and traces of the previous guests. New guests shouldn’t feel that they’re staying in the very same room that someone else was. It has a negative impact on the guests. You have to make them feel they’re the first users of the room. How? By cleaning the area up!

2. Let Your Guests Sleep on Clouds

luxury airbnb bedroom

Believe it or not, your guests spend most of their time in your Airbnb sleeping. Most people sleep at least 8 hours, especially when they’re traveling. So there is no surprise that most reviews on Airbnb are related to sleep quality and Airbnb sleep equipment. If you’re trying to be remarked as a luxury Airbnb, you need to invest in your guests’ sleep quality. Provide high-quality and comfortable mattresses for each bed in your place. Choose high-quality cotton for bedding which has the highest thread density. It’s recommended to put two big pillows and two smaller ones on a double-sized bed. Make sure that every bed sheet is well-washed and fragranced with a relaxing scent.


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3. Invest in Smart Techs to Upgrade Your Luxury Airbnb

Modern amenities are one of the influential items that represent a luxury Airbnb. It’s time to modernize your amenities and replace some of them with the smart version. Where to start? You can start by upgrading the heating and cooling system and also lightning. It’s recommended to use the BMS system for your place. However, it seems a bit expensive at first glance, but it’s financially profitable and prevents a lot of maintenance costs in the future. Furthermore, the guests can customize the temperature and lighting of their room to their own desire. Trust me; the BMS system can take your Airbnb to whole another level.

4. Food Always Matters


Mini bars are items that most Airbnb hosts don’t care about as much as they should. Stoch the mini bar with some chocolate bars and some beverages is not enough if you’re trying to have a luxury Airbnb. You have to go beyond other Airbnb and stock the mini bar with high-quality and healthy food. You have no idea how much your guest will be grateful in the middle of the night when they’re hungry and looking for a great snack in the minibar. You can supply chilled quality liquor like wine and champagne to give a more luxurious sense.

5. Let the Bathroom Talk!

The bathrooms are relaxing spots for most people, so make sure to design them like a spa. If your bathtub and shower need to be replaced, don’t waste a second and change them. Put some candles and aromatic aloeswood sticks and ensure you’ve supplied all the required products, including skin care products, makeup remover, soap, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer, and shaving cream.

6. The devil’s in details

choosing patterns

You have no idea how much the elements and details you never think matter impact the guests’ experience. Paying attention to small details is what distinguishes a luxury Airbnb from another typical one. For example, it’s better to choose the pattern of the curtains close to the sofas and chairs fabric patterns. If you don’t have matching flatware & cutlery, consider purchasing one. Trying to make every little detail look perfect makes you seem caring and thoughtful in the guests’ view; that is every host’s wish!


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And Your Luxury Airbnb Is Now Ready to Go!

By turning your place into a luxury Airbnb in fact, you guarantee your place to become one of the most popular destinations for many travelers. I mean, who resents getting hotel services and paying less rental fees?! No one! The tips and tricks recommended in this article are the most affordable ones you can do to brand your place as a luxury stay. Yes! You may have to spend some of your savings but consider it a very profitable investment. You can make your guests have a more enjoyable and delightful experience by offering more and better services.

Tell us about your target customers as a host. Have you ever considering to make your Airbnb more luxurious? Do you think it impacts on hosts’ income or not? Please write your ideas and experiences down in the comment section below.


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