Turn Your Airbnb Into a Business Travel Destination

People use the Airbnb website for different reasons, from finding a last-minute place while traveling to renting a house long term. One of the newer reasons people use Airbnb is for business travel. These listings are optimized for people who want to travel for work. They provide guests with an ideal and comfortable space. In this article, we will cover:

  • Why you would potentially like to host a business travel destination

  • The requirements for Airbnb to list your place as “Business Travel Ready”

  • Some helpful tips for running a business-oriented Airbnb

Why host a business travel destination?

Each different guest has a unique set of expectations, and for people who travel business, these expectations can be quite hard to match. This is why people tend to put a lot of time and effort into choosing the perfect environment for their business trip. Below are a few of the reasons you should consider hosting a business travel destination on Airbnb:

Longer-term, more reliable bookings:

Those booking a place for work tend to stay longer than your average tourists or travelers. This is usually due to the serious nature of their trip, and that long-term rentals provide more comfort and ease of mind.

Being able to charge more for your place:

The fact that business standards are tough to meet on Airbnb is no surprise to anyone. Hosts that are able to meet such standards, however, can charge extra for providing an ideal environment for guests to work in.

Ease of mind:

There are certain assurances when renting your property for business travel on Airbnb. People traveling for work tend to travel alone; therefore, there are usually no pets or children, which may cause property damage and extra hassle. People who travel for work also tend to be more professional and formal.

Airbnb’s list of requirements as well as tips to maintain a good business-ready listing

Airbnb has a rather strict set of requirements for listing your place as a business travel destination. Ticking all of these boxes and more is essential in achieving the business travel destination badge and optimizing your listing. Now we will cover the requirements as well as some essentials to help attract guests looking for business destinations:

Provide a workspace:

There must be suitable furniture in your place for work. You cannot simply expect guests to work on an armchair. Having a desk with a chair, and a reading lamp is ideal. It is also beneficial to make sure the furniture is comfortable for long-term use and ergonomic for work such as typing or reading.

Business Amenities:

Provide key essential business amenities such as high-speed WiFi, a wired Ethernet connection, and guaranteed key access. We recommend also including some useful items such as international plugs and charging stations for laptops and phones as well as a small office printer or scanner. Having a washing machine in the house or a laundromat close by also helps attract more long-term guests. And last but not least, make sure you have a Coffee machine ready to go!

Responsive hosting:

The host should be fast at responding to booking requests and solving any problems that the guests might have. At least 90% of the booking requests must be answered within a day or less.

Quality reviews:

Businessman and business woman talking to each other at the airport

If you’re going for that business travel destination label, you must pay close attention to your guests’ reviews. Properties labeled as such by Airbnb must have at least 60% of their reviews be five stars with a minimum of 3 reviews. One of the best ways to achieve this requirement is to encourage guests to leave a good review near the end of their reservation.

Provide stability and assurance to the guest:

Last but not least, don’t forget that confirmed business reservations may not be canceled within seven days of the reservation, so definitely plan ahead.

All in all, maintaining a business travel destination is hard work. But as discussed, this hard work can have many advantages and upsides. Therefore, we hope that with the information in this article, you can decide to host or not host a business-specific Airbnb and that if you do, it goes perfectly!

Source GuestReady Business Insider Rocketrip
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    Knowing your Airbnb is a top choice for business travelers is so so satisfying. To me, being chosen by them means that I’m probably doing so many things right lol.

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