Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Your Airbnb

Today, so many people have environmental concerns and do their best to reduce their carbon footprint. The place we live in can make a massive difference in terms of the carbon footprint we produce. If we opt to live more Eco-friendly, we can make many changes in our house to benefit both the environment and ourselves.

People who live ecological in their own homes want to live in Eco-friendly properties when they travel. Therefore, as a host, you need to be aware of environmental concerns your visitors might have. If you happen to be already concerned about ecological issues, you need no convincing in making your property greener. However, if you don’t have these environmental concerns, you need to respect your guests’ concerns anyhow.

Based on a report in 2017, 66% of the Airbnb guests have stated that the environmental benefits of the property were among the crucial factors for them in choosing an Airbnb home. Surely you don’t want to lose more than half of your possible visitors!

One of the most critical factors in having an ecological home is cleaning. Here is a list of Eco-friendly cleaning tips explained in this article:

  • Get rid of the harmful/chemical products

  • Let the fresh air in

  • Make homemade Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Outsource professional cleaning services

Get Rid of Harmful/Chemical Products!

Suppose you want to opt for an Eco-friendly cleaning process. In that case, you first need to say goodbye to the common chemical cleaning products available in the market. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but they are also dangerous for people. These chemical cleaning products can damage you if you inhale the gas while cleaning your property and even damage your skin over time. The situation can worsen if you or your guests are allergic to these chemical cleaning products.
Instead, go for natural or plant-based cleaning products to avoid those dangers and to have an allergen-free Airbnb property. However, it might be hard to trust every advertisement you see, and you need to do a little research. Checking the comment section on online websites is a great way to ensure that the cleaning product you want to buy is really as green as it claims.

Let the Fresh Air In!

The smell of your property is one of the first things that guests might notice and mention in their reviews. Some hosts choose to mask the bad smell with chemical sprays, air diffusers, or air conditioners. However, the best way to get rid of the odors is to open the windows.
Every time your visitors leave your property and want to clean your house, make sure to open the window to let in the fresh air and let out the scents remaining from the previous guests. Opening the windows:

  • does not cost you a penny, unlike the other non-ecological ways,
  • is safer for the environment and people,
  • does not trigger allergies, unlike the chemical counterparts,
  • and freshen the air better than all the other ways.

Also, if you insist on using air diffusers, use the natural diffusers, and avoid the chemical ones.

Make Homemade Eco-friendly Cleaning Products!

Many homemade cleaning products can be the perfect substitutes for chemical cleaning products. Unlike their chemical counterparts, these homemade cleaning products don’t damage the environment and are safe for you.
Next, we introduce some of these homemade or natural substitutes that can be helpful in an eco-friendly cleaning process.

Vinegar as a Homemade Cleaning Product:

Home-made Eco-friendly cleaning products (vinegar and baking soda)

One of the easiest and most effective Eco-friendly cleaning methods is using vinegar. Vinegar is amongst the best natural disinfectants and can be an excellent alternative for its harmful chemical counterparts. You can use a spray bottle and fill it with a mix of half water and half vinegar. Then, you can clean any surface that you want with the help of the spray and a piece of cloth.
Using vinegar is also a great way to get rid of limescale in kettles or pipes. You just need to soak paper towels in vinegar and leave them in places covered by limescale.
It is important to note that vinegar can damage marble or gold surfaces due to its acidy nature.

Lemon for Various Eco-Friendly Cleaning Purposes:

Because of its acidy nature, lemon can be a very effective cleaner too. Lemon can be used for a lot of different purposes. You can add rock salt into a slice of lemon and scrub it in bathtubs. You can use it as an air freshener due to its very good smell. Also, you can also mix it with other homemade products such as vinegar or baking soda to make new cleaning solutions.

Baking Soda for Different Purposes:

Baking soda is also an ingredient that can be found in every home and can be used in different Eco-friendly cleaning products. It serves all sorts of cleaning purposes, but due to its’ tough nature, you need to be careful in the amount you use.
Since it’s grainy, baking soda can make a decent scrub. It can help you get rid of unwanted scents, and if mixed with water, it can remove rust on the surface. Generally, when baking soda is mixed with water, it can be used as a light multi-purpose cleaner.

Professional Cleaning Services Can Do the Job for You!

Eco-friendly cleaning service

Many hosts on Airbnb are busy doing other jobs, and Airbnb hosting is only a passive, or remote source of income for them. And many others don’t like to be involved in the cleaning process even if they have the time. Fortunately, there are a lot of professional cleaning services that can do the job for you. Most of these services include Eco-friendly cleaning, and they can make the job easier for you. Besides, their staff is probably much more competent than you and do the job much faster.
However, to ensure that an Eco-friendly cleaning process is actually taking place, ask them to give you a list of products they use. Also, check on them without a previous announcement from time to time to ensure the quality of their work and whether they do the job as ecological as they claim.
Be mindful about the guests’ reviews too. The guests probably spend more time on the property than you, and you must pay extra attention to their reviews.

Beware if You Are a New Host!

First of all, you need to know that Eco-friendly cleaning must match the level of cleanness that you achieved before. The guests will indeed appreciate you greatly if you use Eco-friendly cleaning methods. Still, they won’t hesitate to leave you some harsh reviews if your property is not as clean as an upscale hotel. Therefore, test these Eco-friendly cleaning methods at your own home first to get the hang of them and then make the Airbnb property shine!
Secondly, mention the Eco-friendly cleaning fee in your description. If you want to outsource cleaning services, make sure to mention it to your guests. People who care about living in an Eco-friendly property won’t mind paying a little more money.
And lastly, if you used Eco-friendly cleaning methods and other practices to make your property ecological, make sure to mention it in your title and description. Making your home Eco-friendly won’t happen effortlessly. So, make sure that this effort does not go to waste. However, never promise something that isn’t entirely true to avoid negative reviews.


Making your property friendlier to the environment will benefit everyone. An Eco-friendly Airbnb property protects our environment and is safer for you and your guests. Since many people care about reducing their carbon footprint, it can attract a lot of guests to your property.
Therefore, if you have decided to make your property Eco-friendly, now you know where exactly to begin.

Source GuestReady the smart consumer Better HouseKeeper
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  1. Levi says

    I’ve used vinegar and baking soda before. If anybody is wondering they work like a charm!

  2. Zoe says

    To be honest I’d never thought of using Eco-friendly methods to clean my Airbnb untill recently when one of my guests asked me about it. And well, I thought why not give it a try. The steps you’ve mentioned here seem simple and helpful. Thank you. 🙂

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