Displeased Airbnb Guests: 6 Reasons Your Guests Are Unhappy

If you have decided to rent out on Airbnb, you should probably be ready for some displeased Airbnb guests. While it is almost unavoidable not to receive any bad reviews, you need to do your best to make them as rare as possible. These bad reviews can scare away many potential guests and can negatively affect the visibility of your property.
The good news is that it is possible to prevent these bad reviews to a great extent. The essential step in avoiding these bad reviews is being aware of the common complaints. So, here are some problems which were repeated most in complaints from displeased Airbnb guests:

  • Issues with cleanliness

  • Problems about Wi-Fi connection

  • Lack of communication

  • Deficiency of amenities

  • Shortage of supplies

  • Difficulties with access

Issues With Cleanliness

You can probably guess that the most complaint mentioned in the reviews is about cleanliness, and you’re right. Cleaning your property to a satisfactory level that the guests expect is never an easy thing to do. Most guests expect your space to be as clean as a deluxe hotel or even more pristine. So, what is the solution?

It is very challenging and time-consuming to clean your house to that satisfactory level all by yourself. However, you can always hire professional teams to do that job for you. You just need to make a thorough Airbnb cleaning checklist to ensure they won’t miss a spot. Also, make sure to check their work every once in a while. Especially now that extra measures are needed because of the Corona Virus pandemic, it is best to monitor their job quality.

Problems About WI-FI Connection

These days a good and stable connection to the internet is a basic need. Without a good internet connection, there will be no online streaming services, social media, or even online working. Thus, you need to ensure that your guests can easily access a good connection.

Make sure to leave the username and password and other necessary instructions in your Airbnb house manual. If you are aware of an issue your guests may face, let them know beforehand and inform them about the possible solutions. If you still face a complaint regarding the internet connection, ask your guests for specific details so that you can fix the problem and prevent upcoming complaints.

Lack of Communication

Stressed woman looking at her cellphone

No matter how thorough you are in your guiding list, there will likely be more questions before the arrival, during the stay, and even post-stay. Consequently, you need to be very responsive and answer your guests’ questions as soon as possible. In addition, it might be a good idea to give them your phone number or other social media accounts like WhatsApp for better communication.

However, it might be an issue to be available all the time to respond to questions. Therefore, it might be a good idea to co-host with another person. Each of you takes responsibility to communicate with the hosts at certain hours or on certain days. You can ask some professional companies for help too.

Deficiency of Amenities

Always be careful with malfunctioning amenities. When your guests choose your property for staying, the amenities you have enlisted are part of the reason they have chosen you. Therefore, if an A/C or a washing machine in your listing doesn’t work properly, prepare yourself for some negative reviews.

If you don’t want to be often surprised by the defective amenities in your property, ask your turnover crew for help. They can check the functionality of the amenities one by one according to your checklist. On the checklist, prioritize your major systems, such as A/C or heater. Then, if they are not functioning well, fix them as soon as possible and replace them while being repaired.

Shortage of Supplies

It can be a real pain in the back to run out of toilet paper or be short of towels and blankets. If you don’t want any displeased Airbnb guests because of a lack of supplies, always ask your cleaning crew to layout everything more than enough.

You should be considerate of your property’s situation as well. For example, if your house is located in an icy city, make sure to leave a lot of extra blankets. Or, if you have included a pool in your property’s listing, leave many extra towels, just in case your guests want to use it multiple times. It is also very recommended to have someone from the neighborhood, for buying extra supplies if needed.

Difficulties With Access

The majority of your guests will come to your property from long distances, and the last thing they want to face is getting stuck behind the entrance or garage door. Thus, make sure that your guests can enter the house effortlessly and write the complete instruction in your guidebook.

However, if you want to choose between traditional keys or the new key-less smart locks, we recommend the latter. If you’re going to rent your property on a short-term basis, then it might be difficult for you to hand the key to the guests every time they arrive. However, with the help of smart locks, you can control the entrance wherever you are with just a phone and even change the pass-code if necessary. You can also reset the pass-code after your guests have left your property.

The Bottom Line

You can avoid many complaints with the proper Airbnb hosting routine and some extra effort. However, there will always be some displeased Airbnb guests, but the important thing is how you react to them.
Try to be very apologetic and empathetic in your tone. But, more importantly, fix the problem as soon as possible. If you respond to the issues immediately, certainly there will be less displeased guests, and the ones who face a problem will be less harsh on their reviews.

Source Million acres Hospitable GreatDwellings
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    Having guests be displeased with your Airbnb is always so frustrating ? this can kind of be like a little ” what to do and what not to do” checklist to make sure you don’t mess up haha

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