Make your Airbnb Photos Flawless with These Easy Tricks

With a little help you can take the perfect Airbnb photos for your listing.

Why do we need good pictures for our Airbnb listing?

These days, photos play a vital role in any business, especially on listing sites like Airbnb. Therefore, it is essential to have plenty of good pictures of your space. Providing good photos on your Airbnb listing will enable you to grab the guests’ attention in order to rent your property successfully. In this article you will find:

  • The Airbnb policies and rules for adding pictures to your listing

  • Some tips on taking better photos of your Airbnb

How to improve our Airbnb photos?

To optimize your Airbnb pictures, first, you have to know the website’s rules and policies on photos:
The website states that you will need a minimum of 6 photos from every angle to raise a sense of excitement in your potential guests. In addition, the images must meet the website’s standards and requirements. So, you should upload photos with a high resolution (at least 480*720) that are clear, vertical, and bright.
But photos that are simply “acceptable” for Airbnb will fail to enthuse the audience and will not be able to convince them to spend their time in your property. As a result, you have to follow some simple steps to make your space attractive for the guests.

1- Clean your rooms carefully

Before taking a photo of your living room or kitchen, you have to clean the area very well; since messy spaces may negatively impact your audience.

  • Vacuum and mop your floors to make them shine in your pictures

  • Clear out the walls as much as possible so that the colors can stand out

  • Arrange your furniture to make the room look extra cozy and spacious

  • Put unnecessary or personal objects out of sight when you take the pictures; because they might disturb the guests or ruin your photos

2- Bathrooms and bedrooms are extra important

Airbnb photo: white bathroom and clean towels

Yes, you have to clean each room carefully. However, it would help a lot if you put more effort into cleaning the bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Place clean towels of every size inside covers and put them in your bathrooms

  • Make sure that there are no signs of clutter in your bathrooms

  • Take photos while the lights are on so that your clean walls and floors can shine and impress your guests

  • Put clean, preferably white, sheets and pillows on the beds

  • Remember, art will always leave a positive impact on people. So try using some paintings, lovely pictures, or any other type of visual art in the bedroom

3- Take pictures from different angles

It will be easier for the guests to choose after seeing your whole property from every angle. So, give them that advantage. While taking photos of your Airbnb, it is best to stand at one corner of the room instead of standing right in front of the walls. This will:

  • Give your listing photos a visually pleasing, professional look

  • Allow your guests to see the whole room at once

4- Introduce the neighborhood to your guests

Take some lovely photos of the outside view of your Airbnb and the neighborhood. These photos can give your guests an idea of the kind of place at which they will spend their time. Plus, you can include pictures of anything near your house that the guests may enjoy or need, such as cafes, parks, or malls. These facilities may help draw more attention to your Airbnb.

5-Don’t forget to be a professional

Taking pictures with professional photography tools will leave a good impression on your viewers, as such tools will grant you much higher quality and accuracy. So do not lose your chance to try them out if they are available. Remember that good lighting is crucial, so try to find the right tools to help you get the job done. You can also use photo editing apps to enhance the lighting and color in your pictures.

We assure you that using these tips, reading our step by step Airbnb photography guide, and adding your creative touches will improve your Airbnb photos and increase the number of your bookings in no time!

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