Photo Editing Apps for Your Airbnb Listing

Edit your Airbnb listing photos like a pro!

This article will introduce four easy-to-use photo editing apps that will provide a much-needed edge for you against other hosts.

The world of hosting and Airbnb is one that highly values visuals. Potential guests make their choice of where to stay based on many different aspects. Photos provided on Airbnb are one of the most important aspects each guest may consider when looking for a place to stay. While Airbnb offers access to professional photographers and photo editors, such services come at the cost of time and money.
However, there is a cheaper alternative in making your Airbnb photos flawless, for which we will highlight and cover four applications:

• Pixlr (for quick and convenient edits)
• Picsart (for making specific edits on mobile platforms)
• Snapseed (for making professional edits on mobile platforms)
• Adobe’s software suit (for professional editing on PC or Mac)

Pixlr (General Photo Editing)

Is that bedroom/kitchen looking too flat or gray? Then Pixlr is what you need!
Pixlr is an iPhone and android app created by the professional software company Autodesk. It focuses on making minor edits to enhance image quality. Primarily suitable for beginners, this free app can help change the colors in your pictures. It can also add details such as stickers or text.
Its most notable features are ease-of-use and wealth of options for free -albeit with on-screen advertisements. However, you can get rid of these advertisements at the cost of $1.99 per month or 11.99 per year.

Picsart (Making Specific Edits)

Climbing up the difficulty ladder of editing photos, we reach Picsart. It is an android and iOS application suitable for novice and professional photo editing. Picsart offers much more fine and granular control over your images than apps like Pixlr; however, it is slightly harder to use. This app is the one if you need to remove a subject from your photos or blur a specific object out.
But, some of these features are behind a paywall, and advertisements can get quite annoying. You can avoid encountering advertisements by paying $11.99 per month or $55.99 for a year of Picsart premium. Picsart is mainly recommended if there are flaws that need to be fixed in an Airbnb host’s photos.

Snapseed (Conservative and Realistic Editing)

Camera, laptop, tablet, and some photos on a wooden desk

Run by the billion-dollar corporation Google, Snapseed is a top of the crop photo editing app available for iPhone and Android users alike.

A significant thing to note about Snapseed is that despite being usually toted as a completely professional editing suite for mobile phones, it is entirely well suited for changing colors and adding vibrance to your photos. It will get your photos looking like you paid a professional to take them for you. The images coming out of Snapseed will look like they were shot that way rather than edited.

One other notable benefit to using Snapseed is that it is entirely free (and devoid of any advertisements to boot). If you’re looking for the closest you can get to desktop performance in editing photos on your iPhone or Android, then Snapseed is your one-stop-shop.

Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite (Professional Grade Editing on desktop devices)

By far the most professional software on this list, adobe’s creative cloud is primarily the industry standard for professional photo and video work.

In the case of Airbnb hosting, it is indeed no different. Mainly recommended for Windows or macOS, Photoshop performs various functions such as adding or removing text from your pictures, balancing color and filters, and various drawing tools. Lightroom also specializes in changing brightness and color in photos and handling large amounts of images at once (for example, say, editing many photos with one click).

Career photographers and editors swear by the capabilities provided by Adobe’s Photoshop and the convenience of Lightroom. Adobes software requires a full-fledged laptop or desktop to run and its functionality on Android and iOS is quite limited. All in all, if you’re looking to go big or go home, then creative cloud is well worth the investment at $52.99 per month in an annual plan.

With the help of a step by step Airbnb photography guide and these amazing photo editing apps, you can make your listing perfect in no time and improve your Airbnb ranking.

Source Tom's Guide Gabriel Campbell
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  1. Erwin says

    I’ve been using Snapseed for years. It’s one of the best free photo editing apps out there. Plus it’s so simple to use. But I might try out some of these other apps as well ?

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