Who is Your Main Airbnb Target Market Age-wise?

Knowing your guests is the key to maintaining a good business!

One of the main paths to success in the Airbnb business is knowing your audience and identifying their needs. This information can help you optimize your products and services in the most efficient way possible. In fact, many of the reasons why Airbnb guests are displeased with their host is directly tied to this issue.
One way to identify your target markets’ needs and interests is to pay attention to their age range. So stay with Marvelous Host through this article to find out who your potential Airbnb guests might be.

Does Airbnb have an age restriction?

The answer is yes. According to the Airbnb website, visitors must, at least, be 18 years old to create an account on Airbnb and rent houses. That is why signing up on the Airbnb website requires an ID verification.

What age ranges are more likely to rent an Airbnb?

According to research done in the United States, younger individuals are usually more interested in renting houses, and their numbers are on the rise. Research also shows that those younger than 35 seem to play a significant role in renting houses in the United States.

What is the age diversity on Airbnb?

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Based on one of the latest most reliable Airbnb statistics (published in 2017), the guests’ age variety is as follows:

  • 18 to 24 years (15.00%)

  • 25 to 34 years (36.00 %)

  • 35 to 44 years (23.00 %)

  • 45 to 54 years (14.00 %)

  • 55 to 64 years (7.00 %)

  • 65+ years (5.00%)

So as the numbers show, you have to mainly focus your attention on your younger visitors’ needs and interests, primarily those between the ages 25 to 34. However, the other age ranges also make up a decent percentage of the website’s users. That being said, ignoring them would not be a wise choice. So, you are better off if you create a perfectly balanced listing according to your target market.

Source Stratos i Property Management
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