How to Market Airbnb on Instagram?

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses across various domains. Welcome to the world of Instagram, where visual storytelling and digital engagement unite to Market Airbnb on Instagram and showcase your vacation rental like never before. For Airbnb hosts and property managers, understanding and effectively utilizing platforms like Instagram can significantly impact their property’s visibility, guest bookings, and overall success in the competitive market.

In this article, we’ll unlock the potential of Airbnb Instagram Marketing, unraveling strategies and insights that can help you optimize your listing, captivate potential guests, and elevate your vacation rental business. Whether you’re new to Airbnb hosting or a seasoned professional looking to boost your property’s reach, join us on this journey as we explore the art and science of promoting your Airbnb listing on the popular platform, Instagram.

Airbnb Instagram Marketing Strategy

With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram presents a significant opportunity for extensive business growth, and Airbnb is no exception. With one in every eight people worldwide having access to Instagram, the potential reach is substantial. Consider leveraging Instagram for effective Airbnb social media marketing, whether through paid promotions or utilizing it as a free advertising source, and we’ll guide you on how!

First Things First: Filling Your Bio

The first thing you need to do is to complete your bio. You should mention where your Airbnb property is located and some of the basic descriptions of your property. More importantly, you should put a direct link to your Airbnb listing so that guests can reserve your property whenever they want (You can put the link in the “website” section).

Also, it is good to know that if you use the word Airbnb in your name section, your account can be shown to them when people search for the word Airbnb.

Link your listing

When creating an Airbnb property profile, remember to insert a direct link to your Airbnb listing in your profile bio. This makes it effortless for potential guests to book their stay after being captivated by your property’s stunning visuals. A well-placed booking link ensures that your guests don’t lose interest in trying to locate and book your property when they’re ready to Market Airbnb on Instagram.

Having a clear and accessible booking link is like providing a direct path for guests to take action. It streamlines the process from admiring your beautiful photos to securing a reservation. This simple yet effective strategy not only enhances user experience but significantly boosts the likelihood of turning interested viewers into actual bookings.

Give Them a Tour of Your House

One of the most crucial factors in Airbnb Instagram Marketing is showing your house to them. Before showing your home through posts and videos, take your time to turn your home into its best version. After making your house ready, it is best to take a thorough video from your house’s interior or exterior parts and explain everything. Besides the video, take some eye-catching photos from different house parts and share each one in separate posts.

Also, it’s better to use the same size for all of your posts. Since the standard size for Instagram is a square (1080 x 1080) size, try to focus everything in the middle. Using templates can make your page look unique as well. There are a lot of free templates and tutorials on how to use them on the internet.

Show the Attractions of Your Neighborhood

The main Airbnb target guest group you will attract on Instagram is tourist travelers. Indeed, these tourists won’t book your Airbnb property just because they like your house, and they want something beyond that as tourists. For successful Airbnb marketing on Instagram, you need to attract tourists to your neighborhood. If there is a beautiful natural sight scene near your house or any other popular tourist site, post pictures and videos from there. Make sure to mention how your guests can access the place and how far it is from your house.

Another thing you need to show is the beautiful parts of life in your town or village. It can be a cozy café or bar with friendly people or restaurants that serve delicious local foods. Always have your general audience in mind. When you are in the neighborhood, think about the things that can attract them to your community.

Use Captivating Captions

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Airbnb Instagram marketing is more about showing than telling, but that does not undermine the importance of captivating captions. A good caption that can connect to your followers doubles the effect of a good photo or video.
For example, imagine posting a picture taken from your house’s window displaying the sunrise above some green mountains. You can write something like: “Imagine waking up to this view in the morning while drinking a hot coffee.” This way, your followers will imagine themselves in your room doing the things you recommended in the caption and will want to be in there more than ever.

It is also important to know that Instagram only shows the first line of your caption, and the rest will be shown as three dots. Therefore, do your best to make that first line attractive so that your followers want to read more!

Don’t Forget About Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best tools for Market Airbnb on Instagram. They introduce your page to thousands of people who don’t know you, but what kind of hashtags should you use? First of all, don’t forget to use tags from your location. They can be tags from the town your property is located in or other nearby areas if they are close to your home.

Then, you can use other related hashtags such as #traveling, #touristSites, #hosting, #renting, #Airbnb, etc.
However, if your page is new and has less than 10k followers, it is best to use a variety of different hashtags listed below:

  • Extremely famous with thousands or millions of posts! (Extremely general)

    #Travel #Airbnb #Italy #BeautifulDestinations

  • Less famous with not more than a few thousand posts! (Not so general, not so unique)

    #TravelingDestinations #AirbnbPlus #VeniceFood

  • Least trend with less than a few thousand posts! (Very Unique)

    #TravelAirbnb #VeniceAirbnb #AirbnbRentals

Now you might wonder: why would I use such unique hashtags that people may rarely think about, and why shouldn’t all my hashtags be very general and trending? The answer is that those trend tags have millions of posts and the chances that your post would be shown in the hashtag is very slim since you have few followers. The more unique the tags become, there is less competition, and you have a chance. However, generally, all these trends and unique hashtags are essential, and you should use all of them.

Also, never copy and paste a fixed set of hashtags. If you do that, Instagram will recognize you as a bot, and there will be many consequences (The same goes for the caption). Always take time to write unique captions and hashtags before posting.

Use Instagram Stories

Stories are probably the first thing users check when they open their Instagram. Therefore, the importance of stories cannot go unnoticed. One of the good features you can use in stories is adding your posts to your stories to ensure that your followers won’t miss them. However, stories are not limited to just promoting your posts. They are a significant part of Market Airbnb on Instagram.

While your posts can be less personal and mostly about your property and neighborhood, your stories can be way more personal. You can share some interesting stories with your guests or ask them to share their memorable moments in your house. Also, you should advertise why your property is suitable for different kinds of people. You can even announce some limited events on your stories like discounts, tours, etc.

Collaborate With Influencers

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Collaborating with other influencers is one of the best ways to attract followers and possible guests. The best influencers for Airbnb marketing on Instagram are travelers (influencers who travel to different parts of a country or world to introduce tourist sites and their experiences). The followers of these influencers are fond of traveling. If these influencers advertise you, it can be a massive boost for your page.

You can offer these influencers and bloggers to stay at your Airbnb property for free, and in return, they can promote your Airbnb page. Even if you have to pay some money for their advertisement, it will be worth the money probably!

Interact With Your Followers

Even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers, you should never overlook them and always try to have a good connection with them. Reply to their comments, and do your best to use words instead of emojis. Still, emojis are better than not replying at all. Always check your direct messages and patiently answer them. Remember that since you may not follow back most of your followers, their message goes to the requested part of direct messages. This engagement strategy is vital when aiming to Market Airbnb on Instagram effectively.

Therefore, make sure you check requested messages too. Using question boxes and surveys in your stories is also an excellent way to interact with your followers.

Use the Power of Your Guests

If your guests aren’t already your followers, make sure to ask them to follow your page. These guests can be the best advertisers too. Many of their followers may follow you if they tag you in their posts and stories. Therefore, it might be good to ask them to tag you in some of the posts or stories in which they are on the property, helping you to effectively Market Airbnb on Instagram.

Sometimes your guests take some of the best photos and videos. So, ask their permission to share their content on your feed or stories. You can even share their reviews in your caption or stories!

The Last Tips

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Now you almost know everything about Airbnb marketing on Instagram and how to boost your page. Here are some other final tips that you need to know:

  • Don’t post and story repetitive content to avoid losing your followers or getting muted by them.

  • Like and leave comments for other pages to tempt them to check your feed.

  • Link other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter to your page to gain more followers.

  • If you host multiple properties, use a single page for all of them. (This way, the variety of your posts and stories can be much better, and it’s also more manageable.)

  • Inform your followers about the different events in your neighborhood.

Airbnb marketing on Instagram is one of the best ways to introduce your Airbnb property to the whole world. Make sure you don’t lose this opportunity.


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How to Advertise Your Airbnb on Instagram?

Instagram and selling online go hand in hand, both relying on pictures to catch attention quickly. Showcasing your products with great images is crucial. Leveraging Market Airbnb on Instagram, a platform built around pictures, just makes sense.

It’s easy to control where and who sees your ads on Instagram. The ads blend seamlessly with regular posts, so people don’t mind them, giving you access to a lot of interested users without being intrusive. The cost of ‘Airbnb advertising’ on Instagram can vary, but it’s a good investment. There are different types of ads you can use, like videos, pictures, and slideshows. To get started, all you need is a Facebook page, good images, and an Instagram account. In a nutshell, using Instagram for your business is a smart move. It’s like showcasing your best without being pushy, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Final Words

In conclusion, our dive into Airbnb marketing on Instagram has revealed a blend of captivating visuals and engaging digital connections. In today’s internet-driven world, Instagram stands as a crucial tool for all kinds of businesses. For Airbnb hosts and managers, using Instagram effectively can greatly boost their property’s visibility, bookings, and overall success in a competitive market.

To sum it up, Instagram’s massive user base is a golden opportunity to promote your Airbnb property. Whether it’s through a catchy bio, appealing pictures, smart hashtags, or connecting with your guests, each step matters in getting more eyes on your Airbnb. Following these tips, you’re all set to up your Airbnb marketing, telling a great story that invites potential guests to experience the special allure of your Airbnb listing. Happy promoting, and may your Instagram journey bring in a wave of bookings and happy guests to your Airbnb!

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