Airbnb House Manual 2023

Create the perfect Airbnb guidebook for your guests.

Create your Airbnb House Manual!

Most of your potential Airbnb guests are likely visiting your space for the first time. So it’s a whole new world to them! They’re unfamiliar with your Airbnb amenities, how to use them, or even where to find them. Here is when providing an Airbnb house manual becomes essential!
Great! but what’s the Airbnb house manual, by the way?

What’s the Airbnb House Manual?

Airbnb house manual is a document that can be provided in digital or printed format, containing all the necessary information about your property and its amenities, instructions for use, and all the related information that can help improve your guest’s experiences. Your Airbnb house manual should contain everything from the best access ways and public transportation to the best-recommended restaurants and tourist attractions.
Some of you may already have an Airbnb house manual, but you can still improve it. So keep reading this article until the end. Some others still need to learn how to write one or why they should do so! Till the end of this article, you’ll be an Airbnb house manual writing master! Let’s go!

Why Should You Write an Airbnb House Manual?

Before taking any action, it’s better to fully understand the importance of creating and providing an Airbnb house manual and realize how much it can make your hosting business easier and enhance your guests’ experiences:

To prevent confusion

Imagine entering somewhere wholly new and wanting to take a quick shower, but where is the thermostat? Oh, it’s different from yours? Now how to use it? Which remote does what? How can you set the temperature of the air conditioner? What’s the wifi password? It can take ages for new visitors to discover the answers to these questions, especially if you are hosting an Airbnb smart home. It confuses the Airbnb guests and wastes their time which can be very unpleasant and lead to bad Airbnb reviews, and that’s what we don’t want here! Preparing a printed or digital Airbnb house manual that explains all the possible challenges prevents all this mess and confusion!

To prevent damage and possible financial losses!

If there is no printed or digital Airbnb house manual, the risk of damage to your appliances gets enormously higher, and you may have to pay a lot of money to repair or replace them. If you want less Airbnb hosting challenges, help your guests make the best use of your property and navigate them through it by providing an Airbnb house manual. You can also be sure that your house appliances and amenities are used correctly.

To avoid misunderstandings

The best Airbnb house manual is one which includes your Airbnb house rules. So, reserve a part of your Airbnb house manual to explain the house rules and local regulations. It makes the rules of the property and local norms pretty clear to guests, especially ones from different nations and cultures. It’ll make it easier for you and your guests to avoid many misunderstandings and possible conflicts!

It improves your image as a host.

Consider your Airbnb house manual list as your first impression as a host; since it is the first item that guests get access to after the reservation, especially if there is a digital document on your Airbnb listings. Your guests may even see your house manual list before they meet you. Providing a printed and digital catalogue for them with all the necessary information from A to Z improves your image as a thoughtful and responsible host. This alone can significantly improve your Airbnb ranking and your chances of success as an Airbnb host. It can even make your Airbnb hosting routine easier.

It’s a massive time saver.

You can get rid of rewriting the text messages, resending the instructions, and constantly answering the guests’ questions by giving them all the answers to their possible questions at once.

How to write the Airbnb house manual perfectly?

Now that you understand how essential an Airbnb house manual is and how much it impacts your reviews and rates, it’s time to take action. But how can I create an Airbnb guidebook? How should I start? What should I include in my house manual?
Here are the top 10 things your Airbnb house manual should consist of.

1. An Airbnb Welcome Letter

Nothing is a better start than writing a lovely and warm Airbnb welcome letter. Let your guests know you’re pleased to have them in your place and appreciate their decision to choose you. Keep it short and sweet. After that, tell them in the following lines, you’ll explain all the necessary information they might need, and if they have any questions, this manual will help them.

2. Contact info

your guests may need to contact you several times during their stay. The built-in Airbnb chats are helpful, but it’s still possible that some guests don’t have smartphones or are not so familiar with this feature. So it’s essential to input all your contact details in your Airbnb house manual. It would be better to input different contact forms such as phone number, email address, or WhatsApp id.

3. Check-in and Check-out Time and Instructions

Write the check-in and check-out times in bold and reasonably sized font so it’s legible for everyone. Write down the exact time of check out and the proper actions to take before checking out, such as locking all the windows and doors, switching off the lights, or where to place dirty towels.

4. The Best Tourist Attractions

Most guests prefer to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel room to experience local life and customs. So it’s better to give them what you know about the area as a local person, such as the best sights, restaurants, bars, museums, parks or even walking tracks nearby. However, most travellers are familiar with google Maps and can use it, but you can offer something not shown on the maps, right?

5. Shopping Centers and Malls

For most guests, shopping is the most delightful part of their travel, so it doesn’t matter if they stay in a hotel room or an Airbnb. So, they’ll be delighted if you list the best and nearest shopping centers and malls for them. Also, most Airbnb guests prefer to cook instead of eating in fancy restaurants; it’s better to mention the best and cheapest shopping options for buying groceries and cooking products. Of course, you can always make things easier for them by stocking your Airbnb kitchen properly before your guests arrive.

6. Public Transportation

A list of public transport options is a vital feature of your Airbnb house manual. This is doubly true if your house is far from the city center. For example, there might be a subway station near your area, so make a note of the nearest station and provide a picture of the station map. Include the stations close to shopping malls, stadiums, and tourist hotspots.

7. Instructions

In all likelihood, this is their first time staying at your house. So they must become familiar with the arrangement and operation of all amenities and equipment. Start from the kitchen. Give them directions to the trash cans and tell them where to get the soap and sponges they’ll need to clean up the place. Write down the instructions for using the stove and other home equipment. Inform your guests that they are responsible for doing the dishes after the meal. While it may seem like these items need no explanation, please take my word that mistakes may be made in each of these areas.
Better to keep things simple. Include the instruction on how to work with the TV and the DVD player. Explain thermostat or heaters locations and define the correct form of using them. Remember to leave the passwords if your television has Netflix or Hulu. Tell your guests where to find extra bedding in the bedrooms, such as pillows, blankets, and towels.

8. WiFi Details

Don’t forget to mention the WiFi details, such as username and password, boldly and legibly, so it’s clear and readable for everyone

9. Parking

If you have parking on your property, you should certainly include it in your Airbnb guidebook. The parking option certainly gets included on your Airbnb listing profile, but it would be better to mention this in your manual just to be sure.
Guests will likely know if they can park their vehicles at your estate or if off-street parking is charged. If you are in a capital city with restricted parking conditions, you must be clear about it. Include maps and information on any local parking garages and 24-hour fees.

10. Emergency Details

People frequently forget to mention emergency information in their Airbnb house manuals. Always include the contact info for the nearest hospital, doctor, pharmacy, and medical center. Having this knowledge will make your guests feel more comfortable.

Final Words

One of the most crucial things you can do as an Airbnb host is to give guests a property manual. A proper Airbnb house manual will simplify your life, enhance your Airbnb guests’ holiday, and increase the chance of receiving a positive review. Remember, it’s always better to provide printed and digital versions of your Airbnb house manual. You can leave a physical, well-designed copy of your Airbnb guidebook at your property and send a digital one via Airbnb messaging. Although a digital house manual has its own advantages, we realize that not all visitors are comfortable with it. So, how did you write your Airbnb house manual? Please share your related experiences with other readers and us in the comment section below.

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