Airbnb Smart Homes: 10 Gadgets for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb smart homes

The world of technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and we must keep up with this speed. One of your tasks as an Airbnb host is providing a space for your guests that feels just like their own home, and these days, all sorts of different gadgets can be found in people’s homes. Therefore, hosting an Airbnb smart home can help you create a flawless listing and attract a lot of guests.
However, these technologies are not made solely for your guests. They can give you peace of mind while hosting with the numerous options they offer you. These smart home gadgets:

Here are some of the gadgets you can use in your Airbnb smart home:

Safety sensors

Many guests will stay on your property during the year, and some of them may not be completely careful. Moreover, there are a lot of days that your home may be empty, and you’d be away, and incidents can always happen. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The best way to ensure this safety for your property and the guests is to put smart sensors in your home. These sensors can warn you about possible pipe leaking, the existence of smoke or carbon monoxide gas, etc.
You will probably be the first to notice a danger or malfunction by using these sensors in your Airbnb smart home. Your guests can also feel safer if they know that any possible trouble will be transmitted to you immediately.
These sensors can also help you keep the rules you have set on your Airbnb property. For example, suppose smoking is not allowed on your property. In that case, these sensors can make you aware of the possible smokers in your house.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are probably a must-have if you want to manage your Airbnb remotely. Since your house may be empty for some days during the month, you need to ensure that you are safe from thieves, and installing security cameras is a tremendous precaution for that. Your guests, too, will feel more at ease if they know that you are monitoring the outside of your house. Using cameras in front of your door can also help you ensure that extra guests are not entering your property.
However, it would be best to inform your guests that you have installed cameras outside of your house beforehand. Also, we recommend that you don’t use cameras inside your home. No one likes to be watched inside the place where they want to be comfortable.

Smart keyless Locks

Mobile phone with apps

If you have trouble managing your Airbnb keys, Smart locks are life-savers and an absolute must-have for your Airbnb smart home, and we’re going to tell you the reasons:

  1. You no longer have to deliver keys personally to your guests, which will save a lot of effort from your side.
  2. Guests won’t experience delays behind the door, waiting for the host to deliver the keys.
  3. It removes the possibility of your key being lost, stolen, or copied.
  4. You can check when your guests have arrived at your property and left it.
  5. It is possible to change the password remotely whenever your guests or cleaning service staff leave your property.
  6. You can set different passcodes for different parts of your house and control them by a single app on your phone.

Whether your property is completely smart or not, a smart lock is necessary for your Airbnb property!

Wireless Charger

These days our phones and laptops are amongst the necessities in our lives, and we got to keep them charged at all times. Maybe some guests forget to bring in their chargers, or even the plug type of their charger would not fit in your country. Providing a wireless charger will solve both of those problems and give a unique sense of smart home to your Airbnb property. This way, you will avoid the undelightful scene of messy wires entangled in each other!

Smart TV

Whether your guests are travelers who explore your city during the day, or they are at your place for work or any other reason, they need some time to relax at the end of the day. Watching movies or TV shows is a great way to relax and enjoy your time. These days streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, or Apple TV+ have made watching our favorite movies and TV shows more accessible than ever. Providing a smart TV for your guests allows them to log in to whatever streaming account they use.
Also, it is best to provide an HDMI cable for your guests so that they can connect their laptops to your TV if they want.

Bluetooth speakers

Like smart TVs, most people have Bluetooth speakers in their own homes these days. As mentioned before, we want to create an environment that feels like the guests’ homes. Therefore, providing Bluetooth speakers for your Airbnb smart home can bring a joyful experience for your guests. Many people will need music even more than a smart TV in the house.
However, we suggest you don’t buy speakers that will create too much noise for your neighbors. Also, if you think that the music volume may annoy your neighborhood, ask your guests not to raise the sound too much.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are excellent additions to your Airbnb smart homes. With the help of these smart thermostats, your home will be kept at the perfect temperature in different seasons of the year. Considering that your house may be empty between two guests, you no longer have to check your property personally to see if it’s cool or warm enough.
Moreover, these smart thermostats reduce a lot of costs in your bills. They don’t let your cooling or heating system work more than necessary, and you can use an option that allows you to completely turn off the devices when your guests leave your property.

Digital Guides

Probably your guests don’t plan to stay in your property 24/7 and will want to explore the city. Making a brochure of popular places to visit in your city can prove to your guests that you are such a marvelous host. However, even a guiding brochure can be digital in an Airbnb smart home. You can gather all the information and pictures you need, put them in an article, generate a QR CODE, and place it somewhere visible for your guests. It helps you keep your Airbnb more eco-friendly and will save you time and money.

Noise Detector

Sometimes some guests will take their stay to the next level and invite people to party at your place. A party can cause trouble with your Airbnb neighbors, and a bad reputation for you in the neighborhood. Plus, you may even have to face the police. Surely you don’t want any of those troubles. Noise detectors inform you of any unusual noise level in your house, and you can warn your guests about it.

Bluetooth lightbulbs

Smart home

Bluetooth lightbulbs can bring both beauty and efficiency to your smart Airbnb home. Your guests can change the color of the lightbulbs or turn them on and off simply with their smartphones. However, these Bluetooth lightbulbs are not merely a tool used in your Airbnb interior design. Since you can control it remotely, you can turn off the lights after your guests leave. Also, if you don’t want your house to look empty between guests’ arrival, you can turn them on with your smartphone.


Hosting an Airbnb smart home improves the quality of your listing and saves extra effort and cost. Moreover, many of these gadgets will provide a safer space for you and your guests. The world of technology is progressing with the speed of light; Make sure you’re not left behind!

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