Increase Your Airbnb Booking: 10 Simple Tips

Renting rooms and houses on websites like Airbnb is becoming an alternative to booking hotel rooms for many travelers worldwide. Because of this, the business is very competitive, and many people are becoming hosts. If you want to earn good money in this business, you must attract guests. To increase your Airbnb booking, you can take some simple steps. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Have a complete profile

  • Take good pictures of your place

  • Do not set limits for stay lengths

  • Activate the option of instant booking

  • Avoid cancellation

  • Be available

  • Be nice

  • Advertise on social media

  • Do not forget offers and discounts

  • Get good reviews

Have a complete profile

The more information people can have from you, the more they will trust you. Have a good profile picture. Write something short about yourself. Make sure you have verified yourself. If people find nothing about the host, they will probably not book the property. Having a complete profile will help you increase your Airbnb booking.

Take good pictures of your property

When people want to book a place to stay, they decide primarily based on its appearance. So, the pictures you upload on the website are significant. They should have high quality and be clear. If you are not a good photographer, you can always use a step by step Airbnb photography guide or seek help from a professional. You can also use some photo editing apps to enhance your Airbnb pictures. Good pictures can increase the number of your Airbnb bookings to a great extent.

Do not set limits for stay lengths

Some hosts have minimum and maximum days for booking. It is best if you do not do this. Many people only want to stay for one night, and many may want to stay for more than a month. Let them stay as long as they want if possible. You will have a better chance of your place being booked this way.

Activate the option of instant booking

Airbnb booking requires the permission and confirmation of the host. But there is an option called instant booking which you can activate. With this option, guests will not have to wait for your approval and will be able to book your space faster. But be careful, instant booking means you always need to be prepared for guests.

Avoid cancellation

Problems are inevitable in any business. However, as a responsible host, you need to avoid canceling your bookings frequently. If you cancel, the guests will not come back to you again, and they will probably tell their friends about you. It can harm your business. Do not do it unless you really have no other option!

Be available

Always be prepared to answer your guests’ questions. So, answer their calls, reply to their texts as quickly as you can. Also, if they complain about something, make sure to handle and solve it fast. Remember, fast repliers are the best kind of people!

Be nice

Nothing stays in mind better than a person with a pleasant attitude. So be friendly and polite to your guests. Send them an Airbnb welcome package when they check in, ask them if they are enjoying their stay, and talk to them patiently and calmly even if they complain. A friendly host will get more Airbnb bookings.

Advertise on social media

Never underestimate the power of social media in today’s world. People are constantly checking their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. So create an account, post pictures of your space, tell people about your services, and let everyone see what you are offering. As a result, your bookings will increase.

Do not forget offers and discounts

It is good to have some special offers from time to time. For example, you can offer a discount on holidays or special occasions. You can also have some offers for long-term stays.

Get good reviews

When you want to buy something, you most likely check the reviews and comments of other buyers. Remember that, Good reviews encourage more people to book your place. There are many steps you can take to get better reviews. Keep your guests satisfied, and your Airbnb booking will increase.

You can do many other things to get better at this business. Spend enough time on it, put effort, follow the rules, and you are good to go.

Source Keynest Host Tools
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