How to Succeed in the Airbnb Ambassador Program?

The Airbnb ambassador program is all about celebrating and supporting hosts who go the extra mile within the Airbnb community. As Airbnb continues to grow, there’s a growing need for hosts who not only open their homes but also actively promote Airbnb’s values.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Airbnb ambassador program. We’ll explain what it means to be an Airbnb Ambassador, outline the perks of the program, and provide guidance on how you can become an ambassador yourself. Whether you’re new to hosting or have been doing it for a while, understanding this program can enhance your hosting experience and offer exciting opportunities within the Airbnb community.

How to Start?

To join the Airbnb ambassador program, ensure you meet the criteria by being a Superhost and maintaining a good account status. Visit the dedicated Ambassador Program page, where you’ll need to agree to program rules and provide reasons for your suitability. Expect an application decision via email within a few days.

Upon approval, you can start referring new hosts, track their progress, and extend support and guidance. You’ll enjoy more substantial rewards compared to non-program referrals when the hosts you refer complete their initial reservation. This booking should exceed $100 or the local equivalent before taxes and fees and must be finalized within 150 days of your referral.

Your earnings for referring and mentoring hosts may vary based on factors like listing type and location, resulting in different payouts for each qualifying referral or host assisted through the Ask a Superhost program.

The Requirements for Maintaining The Ambassador Status

Airbnb reviews ambassadors every three months to ensure they still:

  1. Hold Superhost status.
  2. Keep their accounts in good condition.
  3. Have made at least one referral in the past three months.

If ambassadors don’t meet these criteria each quarter, they can reapply for the program at a later time.

What Does an Airbnb Ambassador Do?

Airbnb ambassadors engage with new hosts in two ways. Firstly, they can refer potential hosts to Airbnb and assist them in creating their listings by answering their questions. Secondly, ambassadors can connect with new hosts through the Ask a Superhost program.

How to Refer a New Host to Airbnb

Referring to potential hosts is simple. Visit your ambassador dashboard, copy your unique referral link, and share it through emails, messages, or social media. When potential hosts use your referral link, they’ll land on a personalized page featuring your name and profile photo, allowing them to create a new property listing.

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Remember, you’ll only receive a reward for the referral if the new host follows your unique invitation link and creates an Airbnb listing during the same session. You can refer anyone new to hosting on Airbnb, even if they have an existing Airbnb traveler account. However, the condition is that they must host an entire place (a house or an apartment) for you to be eligible for a reward, and private or shared-room hosts are not eligible.

How to Participate in Ask a Superhost Program

As an Airbnb ambassador, you have the opportunity to engage with new hosts through the Ask a Superhost program, sharing your valuable knowledge and experience while earning rewards. Your role is completed once the new host’s first booking is successfully done.

Your responsibilities include assisting new hosts in setting up their Airbnb listings, offering guidance on cleaning and photography, and creating a comprehensive house manual. Additionally, you can introduce them to the advantages of using short-term rental software like for streamlined vacation rental management.

Ambassadors have access to a dedicated referral dashboard to monitor connections with new hosts and track their progress, all while helping them become the best current Superhosts on Airbnb.

Ambassador Program Success Stories

Discover how Airbnb ambassadors have made a positive impact on hosts and the platform itself through their dedication and expertise. These inspiring stories highlight the achievements of ambassadors and the success of the Airbnb ambassador program.

1. The Mentorship Maestro

Meet Sarah, an experienced Airbnb ambassador who has guided countless new hosts to success. Through the Ask a Superhost program, she has provided invaluable insights, helping hosts optimize their listings, improve their guest experiences, and enhance their property management skills. Thanks to Sarah’s mentorship, many hosts have achieved Superhost status within months of joining Airbnb.

2. From Newbie to Superhost

John, a novice in the world of Airbnb hosting, was unsure about where to begin. Fortunately, he encountered Airbnb ambassador Rachel, who patiently walked him through the hosting process. Rachel’s guidance, from creating a compelling listing to setting competitive pricing, empowered John to become a Superhost in record time. Today, John’s property consistently receives glowing reviews, and his success is attributed to the invaluable support of the Airbnb ambassador program.

3. The Hosts’ Advocate

Emma, a dedicated Airbnb ambassador, has become the go-to resource for hosts facing challenges. She not only refers new hosts to Airbnb but also actively participates in the Ask a Superhost program. Emma’s advocacy has played a crucial role in improving host experiences on the platform. Her quick responses, helpful tips, and willingness to assist have earned her the admiration of hosts worldwide.

Be Successful in the Airbnb Ambassador Program

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Congratulations on becoming an Airbnb ambassador! Your role as an ambassador is not only rewarding but also essential in nurturing the Airbnb host community. To excel in this role, we’ve compiled a set of valuable tips that will help you maximize the impact of your participation in the Airbnb ambassador program.

1. Embrace the Superhost Spirit

As a Superhost, you’ve already demonstrated your commitment to excellence in hosting. Carry this spirit forward into your role as an ambassador. Your experience and success will inspire and reassure new hosts.

2. Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with the latest developments, policies, and trends in the vacation rental industry. Knowledge is a powerful tool in helping hosts navigate their journey successfully.

3. Be Approachable and Responsive

New hosts may have questions or concerns. Be approachable and responsive when they reach out for guidance. Timely and helpful responses can make a significant difference.

4. Utilize the Airbnb Ambassador Dashboard

Make the most of the ambassador dashboard provided by the Airbnb ambassador program. It allows you to keep track of your new host connections, monitor their progress, and see how your referrals are doing.

5. Share Your Success Stories within the Airbnb Ambassador Program

Sharing your hosting success stories can be incredibly motivating for new hosts. Highlight your achievements and challenges you’ve overcome to inspire others.

6. Encourage Continuous Learning in the Airbnb Ambassador Program

Suggest resources, articles, and workshops to new hosts to help them learn and grow. Encourage them to tap into the wealth of knowledge available within the Airbnb community.

7. Foster a Supportive Community within the Airbnb Ambassador Program

Create a sense of community among the hosts you mentor. Host meetups, online discussions, or workshops to facilitate interaction and knowledge sharing.

8. Respect Diversity in the Airbnb Ambassador Program

Remember that hosts come from various backgrounds and cultures. Respect their diversity and tailor your advice to their unique situations within the Airbnb ambassador program.

9. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Hosting can have its ups and downs. Encourage hosts to maintain a positive attitude and adapt to changes and challenges.

10. Celebrate Milestones

Acknowledge and celebrate the milestones and achievements of the hosts you mentor. Whether it’s their first booking or achieving Superhost status, recognition can be highly motivating.

11. Be Patient

Every host’s journey is different, and some may take longer to find their footing. Be patient and provide ongoing support as needed.

12. Encourage Sustainability

Promote responsible and sustainable hosting practices. Encourage hosts to be mindful of their impact on the environment and local communities.

13. Provide Honest Feedback

While encouragement is essential, don’t shy away from providing constructive feedback when necessary. Honesty can lead to growth.

14. Lead by Example

Set the standard for hosting excellence by leading by example. Showcase your commitment to hosting, hospitality, and community engagement.


In conclusion, the Airbnb ambassador program offers an exciting opportunity for experienced hosts to make a meaningful impact on the Airbnb community. As an ambassador, you can share your knowledge, support new hosts, and contribute to the growth of the hosting community.

If you’re a passionate Airbnb host with a desire to help others succeed, we encourage you to consider joining the Airbnb ambassador program. Ready to embark on your journey as an Airbnb ambassador? Visit Airbnb’s official ambassador program page to learn more and apply. Your expertise can make a real difference in helping new hosts thrive in the world of Airbnb hosting. We also invite you to share your Airbnb hosting experiences with us and our readers. Your insights and stories can inspire others to become hosts and consider joining the ambassador program. Together, we can continue to make Airbnb hosting a remarkable and fulfilling adventure for hosts worldwide.

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