Elevate Your Hosting with Airbnb Automated Messages

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Airbnb Automated Messages! As a host, effective communication is key to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests. In this article, we’ll dive into the realm of Airbnb automation and how it can reshape the way you communicate with your guests. From sending pre-arrival instructions to collecting post-stay feedback, we’ll delve into the advantages, tactics, and top tips to fully leverage this effective tool. Brace yourself to tap into enhanced hosting efficiency and elevated guest happiness, all achieved through the magic of Airbnb automation. Continue reading to unveil the keys to amplifying your Airbnb triumph!

What are Airbnb’s Saved Messages?

In the busy world of Airbnb hosting, where good communication is key, making sure you connect well with your guests is really important. That’s where Airbnb Automated Messages come in – they’re here to make your guest interactions super easy.

Imagine having a virtual assistant that handles messages to your guests automatically or managing Airbnb key management so you don’t have to do it yourself. These messages cover different situations, like answering questions about bookings or saying thanks after a stay. Whether it’s confirming a booking, giving local tips, or showing appreciation, these automatic messages have got you covered.

The awesome thing about Airbnb automated messages is that they’re always consistent. No matter the time or if you’re busy, every guest gets the same friendly messages. It’s like giving everyone a warm welcome every time.

As you continue reading, you’ll discover all the wonderful things that Airbnb Automated Messages can do for you. They save you time and make your guests feel happy. So, let’s explore more about Airbnb Automated Messages and how they can enhance your hosting experience.

The Perks of Using Automated Messages

Using Airbnb automated messages in your Airbnb hosting brings several advantages that can significantly improve your hosting experience. Let’s dive into why opting for automated messages is a smart move for hosts:

1. Save Time

With automated messages, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming task of composing and sending messages individually. Each time a specific event or trigger occurs – such as a booking confirmation or check-in – the pre-written message is automatically sent to your guest. This automation not only saves you precious time but also ensures that every guest receives the necessary information promptly.

2. Keep Things Consistent

Just think about sending custom messages to each guest manually – it can be quite a task and might result in variations. However, the beauty of Airbnb automated messages lies in their ability to offer a uniform experience. Whether it’s sharing important check-in details, providing local recommendations, or expressing your gratitude, every guest receives the same accurate and timely information through Airbnb automated messages. This ensures a dependable and reassuring journey for every guest.

3. Better Guest Experience

Timely and considerate communication, including the use of Airbnb automated messages, plays a crucial role in boosting guest satisfaction. These messages allow you to offer important info exactly when your guests need it. Whether it’s a welcoming message to start things off right or a follow-up message to show your thanks, these automated interactions add to an even better guest experience, showing them you care and value their stay.

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4. Stay Connected

Maintaining a connection with your guests throughout their journey is a hallmark of exceptional hosting. Airbnb automated messages enable you to remain engaged with guests from the moment they express interest in your listing to the point they depart. By automatically sending relevant messages at various stages – from booking confirmations to post-stay follow-ups – you ensure your guests feel supported and attended to throughout their stay.

5. Less Work

Hosting can be demanding, especially during peak periods. Automated messages lighten your workload by handling routine communication tasks. This means you can efficiently manage guest interactions, ensuring timely responses without compromising quality. As a result, you can maintain a high standard of guest communication even when things get busy.

By embracing automated messages, you’re not only optimizing your hosting process but also creating a seamless and delightful experience for your guests. As we explore further, you’ll uncover the practical steps to harnessing the power of Airbnb automated messages effectively in your Airbnb hosting journey.

How to Use Airbnb Automated Messages

Discovering the power of Airbnb Automated Messages is simple and rewarding. Let’s go through the steps to use this tool effectively and make your guest communication even better:

1. Access Your Saved Messages

  • Log in to your Airbnb host account.
  • Navigate to the “Inbox” section and select “Saved messages.”
  • Here, you’ll find a list of default message templates provided by Airbnb.

2. Customize Your Templates:

  • While default Airbnb automated messages are handy, personalizing them is key. Click on a template to edit and tailor it to your hosting style.
  • Ensure your messages are warm and friendly and reflect your unique brand voice.

3. Create New Templates

  • Alongside the default templates, you can craft your own message templates for different occasions.
  • Consider creating templates for booking confirmations, check-in instructions, local recommendations, and check-out reminders.

4. Automate the Sending Process

  • Once the templates of your Airbnb automated messages are ready, it’s time to automate the sending process.
  • Choose the trigger events that prompt each message. These could include booking requests, check-in dates, and check-out dates.

5. Schedule Messages

  • For a seamless guest experience, time your messages appropriately. For instance, send check-in instructions a day before the guest’s arrival.
  • Use the scheduling feature to ensure messages reach guests at the right time.

6. Monitor and Adjust

  • Regularly review your Airbnb automated messages to ensure they remain accurate and up-to-date.
  • Pay attention to guest feedback and adapt your messages based on their needs and preferences.

7. Explore Third-Party Tools

  • While Airbnb’s built-in automated messaging feature is powerful, third-party tools like Host Tools offer advanced capabilities, including rule-based automation and more customization options.

By following these steps, you’ll unlock the complete power of Airbnb Automated Messages, creating a smooth and enjoyable guest communication journey. As you make adjustments to your message templates and triggers, you’ll see that automated messages become trustworthy allies in providing an outstanding hosting experience.

Airbnb Automated Message Templates

Airbnb automation- chat bot

To give you a better idea of how Airbnb Automated Messages can enhance your guest communication, here are some practical Airbnb automated messages examples of messages you can automate:

Initial Booking Inquiry

  1. “Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our place. We’d be happy to host you. What dates are you considering?”
  2. “Hello! We’re excited you’re looking at our listing. Feel free to ask any questions you have about your potential stay.”
  3. “Hey, thanks for reaching out! Your interest in staying with us is appreciated. Let us know your preferred dates so we can check availability.”

Request to Book Message

  1. “Hello! We’re glad you’re interested in staying with us. Go ahead and send your booking request, and we’ll confirm it shortly.”
  2. “Hi there! To secure your dates, simply hit the ‘Request to Book’ button, and we’ll get everything ready for your stay.”
  3. “Hey, thanks for choosing us! Send in your booking request, and we’ll make sure your stay is all setup.”

Booking Confirmation

  1. “Congratulations! Your booking at [Property Name] is confirmed for [Check-In Date]. We look forward to hosting you!”
  2. “Great news! Your reservation is locked in. Get ready for a fantastic stay at [Property Name] on [Check-In Date].”
  3. “You’re all set! Your stay at [Property Name] is confirmed. We can’t wait to welcome you on [Check-In Date].”

Check-in Information

  1. “Hi [Guest’s Name], your check-in details are: [Check-In Time], [Key Location], [Parking Instructions]. Safe travels!”
  2. “Hello [Guest’s Name], we’re thrilled you’ll be arriving soon. Remember, check-in is at [Check-In Time]. See you then!”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], here’s what you need for a smooth check-in: [Check-In Time], [Key Pickup Details]. We’re excited to have you!”

One Day After Check-in Message

  1. “Hi [Guest’s Name], we hope you’re settling in nicely. If you need anything during your stay, feel free to let us know!”
  2. “Hello [Guest’s Name], we trust you’ve had a great first day. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to reach out.”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], we hope you’re enjoying your time here. If there’s anything we can assist you with, just give us a shout.”

Pre Check-out Message

  1. “Hi [Guest’s Name], as your stay comes to an end, remember that check-out is at [Check-Out Time]. Safe travels!”
  2. “Hello [Guest’s Name], we hope you had a wonderful stay. Kindly check out by [Check-Out Time] so we can prepare for the next guests.”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], we hope you had a memorable stay. Don’t forget to check out by [Check-Out Time] tomorrow. Have a great day!”

Post Check-out Message

  1. “Hi [Guest’s Name], we hope you had a fantastic time with us. Thanks for staying! We look forward to hosting you again.”
  2. “Hello [Guest’s Name], we’re grateful you chose us for your stay. We hope you had a great experience. Until next time!”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], thanks for being our guest. Your feedback matters to us, and we hope to welcome you back in the future.”

Review Reminder

  1. “Hi [Guest’s Name], we hope you had a wonderful stay. If you have a moment, leaving a review would be greatly appreciated!”
  2. “Hello [Guest’s Name], your opinion matters. If you enjoyed your stay, please consider leaving us a review. Thank you!”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], we’re glad you stayed with us. Leaving a review helps future guests. We’d love to hear your thoughts!”

Friends + Family Discount Offer

  1. “Hello [Guest’s Name], since you’ve been our guest, we’re excited to offer your friends and family a [X]% discount on their stay. Share the code: [DISCOUNT CODE].”
  2. “Hi [Guest’s Name], we value your stay! Let your loved ones know they can enjoy [X]% off their stay with us. Share the code: [DISCOUNT CODE].”
  3. “Hey [Guest’s Name], as a token of our appreciation, your friends and family can get [X]% off their stay. Just use the code: [DISCOUNT CODE].”

These are just a few examples of how Airbnb Automated Messages can simplify your hosting journey. By automating these messages, you’ll ensure your guests have all the information they need, making their stay memorable and hassle-free.


Using Airbnb automation apps like Airbnb Automated Messages can simplify hosting and heighten guest contentment through seamless Airbnb message automation. These automated messages assist in effortlessly conveying essential details, sparing you from the added effort, while guests experience a sense of attentiveness. It’s a dual triumph that trims time and garners favorable reviews. Don’t forget you can personalize these messages by tweaking them to your liking. Armed with Airbnb automation apps, you’re fully equipped to curate an exceptional guest experience and enhance your journey as a host.

Ready to share your experience? Leave a comment below. We’re excited to hear how Airbnb automated messages are making your hosting smoother and guests happier. Your story might help other hosts too!

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