How to Create a Good Airbnb Profile (With Examples)

Creating a good Airbnb profile is one of the essential factors in representing you as a professional and reliable host. Let’s jump into it!

The first step to starting your business as an Airbnb host is to create a good Airbnb profile. While having high-quality property photos is the first step to attracting potential guests, your Airbnb profile also matters (even more than you might think!). It’s such a straightforward thing that unbelievably impacts the booking rates and listing views. Creating a perfect Airbnb profile takes a couple of hours, so it is definitely worth it! In the following paragraphs, we will explain why making your profile glow is essential and how to do that.

Why It’s Essential to Work on an Airbnb Profile?

According to a recent study, creating a perfect Airbnb profile can significantly improve the hosts’ image and increase their booking rates. In other words, the more information you mention in your Airbnb profile, the more guests trust you and your services. So, creating a perfect Airbnb profile is a must for every host; that’s a secret that Superhosts know very well!

It’s crystally clear that the first impression caused by your Airbnb profile has a significant impact on your income too. If your Airbnb profile can convince visitors to trust you by showing them you take your business seriously, they’ll prioritize you among other options; this leads to more bookings, reviews, rates, and financial benefits; it’s fascinating, right?

But how your Airbnb profile can cause this amount of impact?

  • First, it represents you as a professional host who cares about every little detail and gives all the information potential guests might want.
  • As an Airbnb host, you need to focus on a specific target market based on your personality, the kind of your property, services, amenities, and restrictions. An effortless but super helpful way to attract guests from your target market is to reveal more information about your personality, thoughts, and lifestyle in your Airbnb profile.
  • With all the verifications added to your Airbnb page, guests will feel more convinced that you are honest and that your listing isn’t a scam.

The Airbnb community is expanding all around the world these days, and that’s why it becomes more important than ever to distinguish yourself from other competitors in the market. Creating a good Airbnb profile, something that most of your rivals probably still need to do, is one of the easiest ways to stand out at no expense.


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How to Create a Good Airbnb Profile

How To Create a Perfect Airbnb Profile?

As we mentioned, you need to create a good Airbnb profile to show how passionate you’re about the business and care about the standards of your rental property. Your Airbnb profile should be friendly yet professional; due to that aim, provide sufficient personal information such as your exciting experiences, why you’ve started the Airbnb hosting business, and how you manage that while picturing yourself as a professional host who takes care of guests and their needs by telling them about the services you offer and unique experience they can have by choosing you.

1. Verification

Any traveler using short rental platforms like Airbnb might be a scam target. That’s why most travelers seek verified host accounts to alleviate some of these concerns.

Follow these steps to verify your identity:

  • Go to the setting section of your profile and select the “identity verification” option.
  • Get your verification by clicking on the “Get the Badge” icon.
  • Once you’ve given Airbnb the required information, they’ll add a verification badge to your public profile showing that you’re a verified and reliable host.

To verify your identity, you’ll need to:

  • Upload the image of your ID (such as your driver’s license, passport, or national identity card).
  • Upload a picture of yourself (taken by your computer’s camera).
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Enter the legal address of your property that matches your billing address.
  • Add your phone number and email address.
  • It’s better to link your other accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Remember to double-check all information.

A verified Airbnb account will increase your listing’s legitimacy and reliability. You can take your business to another level by creating a perfect Airbnb profile and getting a verified badge. According to the latest statistics, most guests are likely to book with hosts whose profiles have been confirmed by Airbnb.

2. Write a Good Story

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes, and think about all the details they might want to know about their host, then try to mention these details as much as possible. Make them a good and engaging story based on your life, your experiences, and your personality, but remember to keep it brief and straightforward. Write your Airbnb profile description like a warm and inviting conversation with your close friend. Don’t be shy about letting your imagination go wild. But avoid using the kind of sarcasm or humor that could be misunderstood. The following questions will help you through creating a good Airbnb profile description, so try to include the answers of them in your story:

  • Where are you from originally?
  • What’s your expertise and your primary career?
  • How and when did you decide to become an Airbnb host?
  • What do you like the most about hosting a business?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What places have you been to before?
  • , etc.

3. Pictures Matter the Most

Your Airbnb profile is only completed with your professional photo. Adding a high-quality personal image can significantly increase your viewers and booking rates. To have a better impression, we recommend you smile, wear your casual business outfit, and have a fresh look.

Including a professional-looking photo of yourself is a great approach to put your potential guests at ease. Please send a high-quality photo of yourself that meets the requirements listed below.

4. Add References

When you’re just getting started and still need to get reviews, having references is crucial. However, Using references doesn’t impact your credibility very much, but it also doesn’t hurt. A reference can be requested via email or Facebook (in case you’ve linked your Facebook profile before)

5. Keep It Updated

every little detail and update is essential for increasing your reliability. When prospective renters contact you with questions about your lodging establishment, you must respond with the information in your Airbnb profile. To avoid any suspicions from your Airbnb guests, always be truthful about your identity and recent changes in your property or services. So If there are any changes in your job, city, or property location or if you did a renovation, make sure to mention them in your profile.

6. High response rate

The response rate of an Airbnb host is displayed in their profile. Responding quickly to people when they contact you can help boost your reliability. Remember, if you don’t respond quickly to the guests, another host does!

Your response rate also matters if you want to reach the

Superhost status. In addition, having a high response rate and a quick response time might boost your Airbnb rankings.


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Now let’s check out an example to create a perfect Airbnb profile like professional hosts.

Let’s see what the positive and negative points of this Airbnb profile are:

+ The profile picture is bright, clear, and high-quality, showing the host smiling and enjoying his favorite hobby. This profile picture immediately grabs the attention of Those guests who are passionate about sports and football, so it’s really easy to feel connected with this host.

+ As you can see from the profile description, the host is thrilled to be a part of the Airbnb community and enjoys getting to know new people. This is the most significant positive aspect of a professional and passionate host. The description pictures the kind of hosts guests want to spend time with. He also included his favorite cities, which shows he is familiar with traveling and tourism.

– This host has not included any references in his description. It’s not a big deal, but it only takes a few minutes, so it’s better to include them.

– It would be better if he gave a bit more about his background, such as where he grew up and what he does for a living, for example, in the profile description. Remember, the more you reveal who you are to your guest, the greater the possibility they will be able to relate with you.

Final Words

So many Guests are using the Airbnb platform all around the world to make their bookings because they can experience how it feels to live like a local in the destination they are traveling to. But the fact is they take the risk of staying on someone’s property which they have yet to meet in person. As a professional host, you can help your guests feel they already know you by creating a perfect Airbnb profile. A good Airbnb profile makes it much easier for the guests to trust you and increases the chance of making reservations.

Please write your related experiences and questions in the comment section below.

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