Popular Airbnb Hacks: Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

How to host an outstanding Airbnb?

These days Airbnb listings are becoming more and more favored by people worldwide. They are becoming an alternative to hotels for numerous travelers, and the business is growing rapidly. With so many hosts renting out their properties, the competition is pretty serious. As a result, for the sake of being a successful Airbnb host and earning good money, you need to make sure that your Airbnb is outstanding. There are a lot of ways to get better. All you need to do is stay committed, take your job seriously, and put some effort into it. Here are some tips that can help your property become a popular Airbnb:

Take professional, high-quality photos.

There is no doubt that good photos attract more guests. Have a professional photographer take pictures of your place if you can afford it. If not, try to use a good camera. Remember to take photos of all the rooms. Also, since lighting plays a crucial role in photography, try taking your photos during the day (unless you have professional lighting tools). You can also enhance your photos’ lighting with the help of some easy to use photo editing apps.

There is something else you can do here to impress people: Stock your cabinets and shelves, pile up some clean sheets and towels and upload a photo of them as well. Nobody hates a well-stock space. Remember that you do not need to capture every detail. Showing your home as a whole and highlighting the main features is enough. Beautiful photos can make your Airbnb popular among potential guests.

Keep your listing accurate, honest, and up to date.

When describing your property, the worst thing you can possibly do is to promise facilities and services that you cannot provide. Be honest, and show what you have as it really is. Include every necessary information in your description. It is a good idea to add some addresses that might come in handy, like the nearest grocery store, emergency room, restaurant, pharmacy, etc. Every now and then, update your listing. If you have added any new features to your property, put them there. An accurate listing will lead to a popular Airbnb.

Make an impressive profile.

How a host appears to the guests is as important as the place itself. One way people can get to know you is through your profile. First, take a good picture of yourself that suits your job, and set it as your profile photo. Then, in the description part, write a brief introduction about yourself. Try to seem friendly, polite, and charming. Remember that an outstanding host runs an outstanding Airbnb property.

Keep your response rate as high as possible.

Being available to respond to all the guests’ messages before, during, and after their stay is a key success factor. Always be available, and answer them in a polite manner. Be helpful, and provide them with all the information they need. Everyone always favors fast repliers.

Welcome your guests nicely.

Airbnb living room

If you are there when your guests are checking in, dress up nicely, put a smile on your face and welcome them. If you cannot be around, leave them a welcome package, some drinks, and maybe a small gift that will make them feel good. A good welcoming strategy will lead to a memorable stay, and they will remember your home as a unique Airbnb.

Offer them a tour around your town.

Travelers would love to get around the town, and what better than a local guide to show them around? Let them know that you would be happy to take them sightseeing, visiting exciting places and other attractions of your town. If you cannot do that yourself, you can ask somebody to do it. A personal tour guide can make you very popular.
Be there for special occasions.

Imagine your guests coming to stay in your place for their anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. You can let them know that they can ask you to decorate the house, get them cakes, balloons, and anything needed for a celebration. This will make you a very attractive host.

Final words:

All in all, there are a lot of options for travelers on Airbnb, from small studios to mansions. However, working in this competitive environment can be challenging, and you might face some difficulties. In order to keep your Airbnb outstanding, try to be the best version of yourself, and think about what you would expect from your host if you were the guest.

Source Airhost academy Architectural digest
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